Riddler's Assistant- Genesis

Chapter 9: Enter The Dragon

(Riddle's Narrative)

Harley and I carry 8 hidden cameras each within our bags. I took the right side of the house and she took the left. I volunteered to put a hidden camera in the room where the dragon resides though. Since I was able to survive from it once; I know I can handle the dragon this time. Besides I don't want Harley to get eaten alive on her first day out of Arkham.

When I've finished the right side of the house I ventured down into the basement. No dragon but surprisingly there's a brunette headed man laying on the floor naked and shivering. Just who the fuck left this dude to suffer in the cold? Well I'm here to just put a camera in the room so just get in and get out. Whatever the man done to deserve this punishment, oh well suck it up dude.

Just when I installed a camera right in the corner of the room suddenly the man spoke, "Who's there?" Oh great he spotted me. Looks like now I have to kill him. "Wait, I've seen you before." he said, "Do you remember me?" He suddenly raised up his right hand where a knife wound was visible. This ain't the leader I've stabbed but he seen me before. Could it be?

"Are you the Flame Wyvern's Familiar?" I asked.

"Yes!" he said as he smiled weakly but it contained relief. I wonder, if he's just in his human form now I can easily take him out. "Please you have to help me." He begged.

"Help you?"

"He took me from my home, my family! I'm his captive here!"

"... But familiars can't separate from their masters. Even if you tried to escape from him he will always find you because of the blood bond. If you truly want to be free. I can kill you if you like."

"What? I don't want to die! I just want to go home!" He started crying. "Please don't kill me!"

"Keep on crying like that and I'll kill you just to keep you quiet." He gasp at my threat while looking at me with those wide burnt orange eyes. I sighed and rub the back of my helmet. "Look, you're a threat to not only my partner but to Gotham as well. Sorry but I have to-,"

"Wait a second Riddle." said Edward through my ear piece intercom.

"What's up?" I said.

"Is there a way to break the blood bond?"

"... I'm not sure. I can ask the Organization about it, but why? Do you care what happens to this man?"

"Think about it Riddle. This man is just being used by the Igarashi family. Say if they do capture me and force me to do a blood bond with one of the family members? Wouldn't you want to figure out how to break it?"

"...Alright you have a point. I can't take him with me so he's just going to have to sit tight." I walked towards the man as I kneeled in front of him and said, "Look you're only alive because there's someone else I gotta protect. Don't think I'm doing it out of the goodness of my heart." I look at his still bleeding hand. I sighed and said, "So in order to keep you alive I might as well aid you." I took out a aid kit and started stitching up his hand then bandage it. "I'll try not to hurt you too much the next time we meet. Do me a favor and tell no one that I was here."

When I was about to stand up he grab my arm. He begged again, "Please don't go."

"Dude if I stick around I'll probably won't make it this time. You're just going to have to play the waiting game until we come back."

"But-... Okay." He finally let go. Geez this guy is clingy. Then again I guess I can't blame him. He's scared and in pain. The guy didn't even let him have clothes to be protected from the cold.... Wait a second am I sorry for this dude? Geez I'm getting soft, that really sucks.

I took off my coat and drape it over him. "Stay warm alright?" I said, "Make sure that leader of yours don't see it."

"...Thank you." He said as he smiled slightly.

"What's your name by the way?"


"Well, Aiden. I promise you I'll be back and we'll break the blood bond between you and Han. See ya later."

"Wait, what's your name?"

"Call me Riddle." I left it at that and took off joining with Harley.

"See you're not as cold hearted as you seem to believe." said Riddler.

"Oh shut up." I said.

"Huh?" said Harley, "You said something Riddlekins?"

"It's nothing." I said. Riddlekins? Why on earth did she called me that?

When we got back I immediately called the Organization to find out if we can break the blood bond. With luck on our side, there is a way. In order to break it, another familiar master must challenge the other to the death to claim that familiar. If so, the new master can break the bond to set free that familiar. Except there's just one problem; we don't know any other familiar masters who can challenge Han.

The Organization send me data on how to achieve the power of becoming a familiar master. It's a painful process but I know I can do it. The process to do so, I have to carve a familiar mark over my hear and say some incantations. I then have to find a suitable animal within the spirit realm to transform my familiars. Well they make it sound easy, but let's see how this goes. I went into the training room and took off my shirt. I sat down with a knife in hand and began carving the mark over my heart.

After it was done I began to say the incantation and suddenly drift to sleep. I open my eyes to see myself floating in the beautiful blue skies filled with clouds. Below me is a mirrored filled water as the ground. This must be the place where animal spirits roam. I shout out, "I am Coraline Fury! I'm here to achieve the power as a Familiar Master! Show me my true spirit animal!"

"That's not your name." said a female voice which sounded like my own.


"You know for damn sure that's not your name. You're not Coraline Fury, not Coraline Brooks, not CrimsonGhost, and not Riddle. Say your true name, and I'll show myself to you."

"... Shit, it's been a while I've haven't even spoken that name. I wonder if I even remember it anymore?"

"You remember alright. You just don't want to be called by that name. It's not because you don't like, it's not even the fact you denied it. You just don't feel that you're ready to be called that yet."

"... Until the day I'm worthy to be address by that name. Is the day I change completely.... My name is _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _. Now show yourself to me!"

"Of course." Right before my very eyes, a huge green, black, grey, and white dragon appeared. It roared loudly as it spread its magnificent wings. Holy shit, my spirit animal is a dragon? I've expected it to be a snake actually! Well hey I'm not really complaining. "Are you prepared to take me on, _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _?"

I stood firm in front of my spirit animal and said, "Always. So I defeat you, and then I gain the power right?"


"Then let's get this party started!" We both rushed at each other at the same time. I jump up high to dodge it's whipping tail and kick it right in the middle of its head. It swipe me off but I air jumped and got onto it's back. I ran up it's spine but it took flight into the air. I had to grab the long grey hair growing from the head down the spine to the tail. I climb up to get on the head and punch hard as it roared in pain. It flew down so fast I lost my grip and flown in the air. It came back around to lunge it's sharp tail at me. I air jump again and dash to tackle at its heart. Once I made contact I shouted the final vow to take control of my spirit animal. "I TAKE MY PROMISE TO PROTECT THE SPIRIT OF OTHERS! UNTIL I FIND MY TRUE PARTNER TO FIGHT BY MY SIDE! I WILL MASTER THE SPIRIT OF THE DRAGON!"

Suddenly the dragon burst into green fragments of light. They all flown towards me and entered into my heart; healing the mark I've carved into my flesh. As I drift back to sleep I heard my dragon's voice say, "Fight true, _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _. Don't ever abuse this power you've earned. Never use it for evil."

"... I'll try not to. No promises though so don't get your hopes up."

"Heh heh, you underestimated yourself. I believe in you." .... You believe in me huh? Now what have I gave off that I won't use it for my own insidious needs?

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