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Greek Gods Children


BTS were sired by Greek gods but they do not know that. They know nothing about this since their now parents haven't told them and will never tell them until one day a stranger comes up to all seven of the boys after a concert telling them that they need to go to Greece and that he will meet them at Mount Olympus at the gates. Seven regular girls were sired by the Greek gods and they as well do not know this. All they know is that life basically sucks yet they suck it up for their favorite boys which is BTS. Before leaving the venue where BTS just had a concert the seven girls get stopped outside by a stranger and tells them the same thing he told BTS. All seven of the girls don't know how or why but they manage to get to Greece.

Romance / Fantasy
Usagi Kitsune
Age Rating:

This Is Life

Silver’s POV

Why does the bell seem to last longer in your last class? Because genius it is. I have news for my friends for when we get to Lia’s house. We don’t go to her house all the time after we leave school sometimes we go to Aniya’s and Jaejae’s, Minnie’s, or mine it just depends on how everyone is feeling and whoever actually doesn’t care that day. Since my stepdad is home I’m not going to have my friends at my house because I don’t want them to witness a lot of things and them being part of his disgusting ass attitude.

The bell finally rings, I get up from my desk and heads out of the classroom towards my locker. I put up what I don’t need and grab what I do before heading outside to my car where everyone except for Niya. I unlock the car as I get to it. I hear running so I turn around to see Niya running towards us. Once she gets to us she stops for a minute to catch her breath before getting into the car.

I crank up the car before backing out and heads to Lia’s house. I pull into the driveway and turns off the car. We all get out letting Lia go open the door. Once inside we all head up to her room not paying attention to her dad who sits at a desk in the corner of the living room. When in her room we sit where ever there is any available space. Since we all don’t classes together Niya goes first because she was the last one to get to the car and whoever wants to go next goes and we end with whoever is last.

“Well, my day was, for the most part, boring except for the fight between Bexington and Vick. Vick somehow managed to break his arm but other than that it’s been pretty uneventful. Oh! Wait! During lunch, I was on Twitter and saw that BTS tweeted their tour dates. THEY ARE COMING HERE IN TWO DAYS!!! But unfortunately we can’t go.” She says with a pout.

Do you know how hard it is to not put a giant smile on my face? Very. Since I’ve decided that I’m going last Lia goes next.

“Mine wasn’t eventful like Aniya’s. I didn’t or cared to pay attention to the fight between Bexington and Vick. Vick actually bribed the nurse to say his arm was broke.” Lia says before laying on the floor covering her eyes.

Jaejae just looks down at the ground not saying anything. We all look at her expectantly.

“I didn’t see the fight between Bex and Vick. I just hope that Bex kicked Vick’s ass cause Vick is an ass. You all know how I am so that”s saying a lot.” She says ending with a shocked expression since she doesn’t cuss like most of us.

I think we have corrupted her mind of no cussing, but then again I don’t really cuss much unless you make me severely annoyed and mad, then sometimes it just comes out.

“Mine was pretty much like Aniya’s and Lia’s except in Mr. Bumblemooses class KK and Eason finally told him what happened last week with the whole mixup incident at the dance contest, and I finally got the grade I deserve. Since Mr. Bumblemoose thought Tolla did Mic Drop instead of me so I got an F and she got an A when all she did was dance on a damn pole, not really that’s not allowed and I have nothing against those type dances. Anyways all she did was run around slapping at her face for two minutes. Hell I did better than her I deserve my grade not her. She’s so damn lazy she doesn’t even come to fucking class half the damn time. Now Silver it’s your turn.” Minnie says turning her attention towards me as well does everyone else.

I get up and go over to where I sat my big ass silver purse and takes out an envelope. I turn back towards them and keep the envelope behind my back.

“Well, mine was pretty much normal except for obviously the fight between Bexington and Vick which I went right passed and went on to class since I don’t like being late. anyways I had already known BTS’s tour schedule since they have posted it a few times but not because I wanted to depress myself about the fact I could never go to one of the concerts but because I needed to make sure they are going to be somewhere close by so I already knew they were coming here in two days. Since I have been saving up more than enough money I bought us all front row tickets but unfortunately I could not get backstage passes because I have a feeling we’ll need it for something else but I’m not sure what for anyways these are the tickets. Don’t lose them. Don’t forget where you put them.” I say showing them the envelope before taking out theirs.

The room becomes chaos making Lia’s dad come in the room.

“Silver since your the oldest I figured you would know how to settle them down.” He says to me.

I look at him and shrugs.

“Let them have their happy moments it’s not so bad. Yes, I do know how to calm them down. Don’t you have a job to do? Oh, by the way, I may be older but I’m like them in many ways.” I say to him he looks at me shocked cause I have never talked to him this way.

He leaves closing the door with a shocked expression. I look around at everyone else before Lia bursts out laughing as does everyone else.

When the girls are done having their laughing fit I look at them amused.

“Enough laughing let’s talk about what’s better than Silver telling off my dad. Let’s talk about her getting us tickets to the BTS concert in two days.” Lia says trying to calm herself from laughing again.

“But how did you get more than enough money to buy them? Have you been doing illegal shit?” Niya asks.

“Yes, I have,” I say flatly.

“No, I haven’t been doing illegal shit. Since I have a bank account I deposit my work checks and the checks I get for my birthday and Christmas which is surprisingly a fair amount into my account. I also have a bank card which I used to pay with since it’s linked to my account.” I say before mentally facepalming myself because I used a duh tone, but I shrug.

A knock sounds on Lia’s bedroom door before opening to reveal her dad again.

“Girls, are you staying for dinner again? If you are I’ve already got it ready.” He says looking around to see Minnie, Jaejae, and Niya still contemplating on whether or not.

If they aren’t going to speak now they aren’t going to so I speak for them.

“Yes sir,” I say simply, he just nods and goes back downstairs.

I pick up my purse since it’s the only thing I brought in with me because I had to hide the envelope somewhere. I head downstairs and sets it on the couch. I head into the kitchen to find Lia about to stuff her face with a piece of pizza. I stifle a laugh and grab a plate before placing two pieces of pizza on it. As does everyone else.

When we are done eating and laughing at what Lia’s dad was talking about which reminds me of Jin’s dad jokes which makes me laugh even harder. We clean up everything before Minnie, Niya, Jaejae, and I get our things telling Lia and her dad bye before leaving. We all get in the car after I unlock it and we all get in. I drop off Niya, Jaejae, and Minnie before heading home myself. I finally pull into the driveway. I grab my things before heading inside to find our mom and stepdad arguing before witnessing him slap her to the ground.

When I saw what my stepdad did I open the door again and slammed as hard as I could before throwing my purse on the couch while quickly walking over to them. When they heard the door slam shut they both looked up but my stepdad didn’t have to look up much before I punched him in the face. He knows I will not tolerate him hitting my mom. He knows that I will kick his ass if I do witness it.

“AHHH, YOU BITCH!” He yells out while holding his face.

While he is preoccupied with his nose I take the opportunity to kick him in the balls as hard as I possibly could hoping he can no longer have the ability to get someone pregnant.

“Listen here you fucking ass wipe I may be a bitch but I warned you old man. I FUCKING WARNED YOU. BUT DID YOU LISTEN?”

He mumbles something.


While I was yelling at him my mom had gotten up and called the police.

She warned them of what I did so they will expect him to have a few broken bones in his face, a sore stick and marbles. When the police arrive I had tied him to a chair and duct-taped his mouth shut placed on the front porch with a note taped to the leg of the chair saying

Hi, I’m a woman beater with anger issues, a drug and
alcoholic addiction that I need help with. I’m the person who got his ass kicked by my stepdaughter who hates me with a passion. She told me she’d beat the shit out of me if I did anything to her mother if she found out much less witnessed the act. She tied me in this chair after pulling me by my ears to the front porch after tying my hands together. I am scum of the earth please help me and take me away from her.

One of the police officers read the note and burst out laughing. My stepdad doesn’t know what it said so he gets angry and starts trying to yell at them. But he can’t due to the duck tape. Both me and my mom walk out on the porch and the one who read the note pointed at me.

“You wrote the note didn’t you?” I nod my head, yes, smiling.

“Yes, I did.” He chuckles.

“That was good. I’ve never seen anyone do that. Anyways we’ll take him down to the station and deal with him. Anyways have a nice night you don’t have to worry about him anymore but I would still file for divorce if you haven’t done it yet and for a restraining order.” My mom nods her head before speaking.

“That’s what I was trying to make him sign before he slapped me minus the restraining order.” She says before walking inside.

I go inside after seeing the police officer get into the car as does the others and drives out of the driveway. I walk into the kitchen to see the divorce papers on the table. I know they weren’t signed before but they are signed now but I’m not going to worry about it and go upstairs to my room that I need to repaint.

I take out my phone and look through my notifications to see if anything catches my eye and one thing does. I had tweeted that I got tickets for me and my friends to the concert that’s in two days after buying them but anyways that’s not important what is, is the fact that BTS responded to it saying that they couldn’t wait to see who was there but in the front row.

I know the girls follow me on Twitter they just barely get on. Plus that was my first ever tweet since I don’t use it much due to the fact I’m embarrassed to along with the fact I have no clue what to post. I mostly use it keep up with BTS and that’s pretty much it. I screenshot it and send it to the girls. They all respond in the matter of seconds. I’m surprisingly is calm with the whole thing knowing me I, I thought I would be speechless, screaming, or crying I’m not sure. Once we all decide we need to go. I go over to my dresser and get out what I want to sleep in before going to the bathroom to take a shower. When I’m done I go downstairs to the kitchen to get me a snack before heading back up to my room.

You must be asking why haven’t you done your homework? Well, the answer is simple I did it at school. I don’t like doing anything when I get home from school so whatever studying I do, I do at school when I get done with whatever assignment I had in the class that day and I also do it at lunch. On some days if I don’t finish it I have to finish it the next morning in my first class since I had work the night before. I’m off the day of the BTS concert so I don’t have to worry about asking to take off then plus I’m planning on quitting since my boss is a perverted dick who is sleeping with half the employees. The main reason I want to quit is he is starting to threaten me if I don’t do what he says that is sexual he’ll fire me.

He doesn’t know I know both of his parents and his grandparents who don’t know me as Silver but as Bella and will talk to them if need be. I do eat but I go through periods of time where I eat just fine then there are times I barely eat anything for some period of time and this is where I eat a lot but I do stuff like dancing, running, swimming, etc. I go back upstairs and go to bed after turning off my light and turning on my fan for noise and go to sleep.

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