Greek Gods Children


Silvers POV

On the day of the concert, the girls come over to my house since they don’t have to worry about me being late to pick them up. Since the concert starts in a couple of hours my mom left this morning and dropped off my car in the parking lot with Minnie’s mom following behind in her car so my mom had a way to get home since I know there isn’t going to be any parking spots open when we get there.

Aniya’s and Jaejae’s dad is driving us to the arena since he has a van. My mom is coming along with us so she can tell Niya’s and Jaejae’s dad where to drop us off at which will be where my car is so we would know where it’s at for when we leave. All of us had gotten an ARMY bomb version three for Christmas last year so we make sure to grab that before we leave. We all have on outfits inspired by our biases but the key thing is it’s comfortable and in our style.

After Niya’s and Jaejae’s dad arrives not long after Minnie and my mom both get here. We get what we are taking and get in the van. Minnie’s mom tells us bye and we pull out of the driveway and head to the arena. When we get there thirty minutes later they drop us off at my car I make a mental note on where it is and also turn on the GPS to link it to my phone so we won’t get lost.

Before leaving my car I make sure the girls don’t want to put anything in the car before making sure it’s locked. We make our way to the long-ass line why we waited till now to get here you ask is because everyone is basically assigned to a seat so you can’t go to someone else’s seat and say this is my seat plus I have the row and seat numbers printed off that I paid for it so I got proof. When we got there they had just started letting people in.

I gave Jaejae, Lia, Minnie, Niya their tickets before getting to the door. We get to our seats with the help of not getting stuck in crowds because they were trying to find where their seats were. Not long after everyone was inside waiting for the concert to start the intro before singing Fake Love.

During the whole concert, I could tell the girls could feel it but it felt as if we were being watched. Every time I looked at where Jungkook was I’m pretty sure I looked uncomfortable since he kept looking in the direction we are in. The others did too but not as much. If they could tell we were uncomfortable they didn’t show it which is nice.

Jungkook’s POV

After singing a couple of songs I look in the direction of five girls at first they looked like they were enjoying the show as we went on they looked less comfortable but still enjoying the show. When the boys and I go backstage for an outfit change I ask them about it if they didn’t saw this.

“Hyung’s did you notice the five girls in front who are sitting in one of the front rows who at first looked like they were enjoying the concert at the start and then later when you looked at them again they looked uncomfortable but still enjoying the concert?” I ask.

“I did notice that but I don’t understand why.” Jin hyung says while everyone else just nods before having to go back on stage.

When we are done with the concert we head backstage. All of us get changed and cleaned up before leaving upon leaving we are all stopped outside by a guy.

“None of you know me but I know you I’m Herman. Just before I say anything I’m not a stalker. I d know all of you but you don’t know me. You all need to go to Greece as soon as you can. You all will be meeting a group of five girls who will meet you there. You will recognize them from tonight when you see them when I say you can see them which will be sometime in Greece. You obviously won’t know their names. I will meet you boys and the girls in Greece they will just be wearing things that cover their faces so you won’t recognize them immediately. I must go. I have to tell the girls this.” he says before leaving us stunned.

We all look at PD hyung for help.

“You boys need a break so a trip to Greece won’t be so bad. Plus I knew something like this was bound to happen.” He says shrugging before walking away.

Silver’s POV

When the concert ends everyone starts to get up and file out. I have the girls wait for a while before we get up to leave. When we get out of the arena we are stopped by a man.

“None of you know me but I know you I’m Herman. Just before I say anything I’m not a stalker. I d know all of you but you don’t know me. You all need to go to Greece as soon as you can. You all will be meeting a group of seven guys. You will recognize them since you are fans of them. I will meet you boys and the girls in Greece. They won’t have to wear things that cover their faces so you’ll recognize them immediately. You five must keep your identity a secret until I tell you that the boys can see you which will be sometime in Greece. I must go.” he says before leaving making us confused.

I take out my phone which surprisingly isn't dead and texts my mom telling her that we are just now leaving and is heading home. I follow the coordinates to my car so we won’t get lost. When we get to my car I unlock it and we pile in. I crank up the car before pulling out to leave.

“I knew I was going to need the rest of that money for something like very expensive plane tickets for five people.” The girls just laugh but they know I’m being serious.

They have always known when I have something like this happen it’s something that I can’t really back out of because we all know that it has to be something important.

“Where do you want me to stop to get us food since I already know that you all are hungry because I am,” I say making them laugh before answering me.

“Yeah, I am for sure and I really don’t care,” Jaejae says between laughs.

“Me too, I’m hungry and I’m like Jaejae. I don’t really care.” Minnie says making Lia and Niya nod in agreement.

When we come up to the nearest McDonald’s Drive-thru and get something to eat. Since everyone is tired we all decide that the girls stay the night at my house. I pull into my driveway and park before getting out with everyone else. I lock my car and walk in the house where my mom sits watching a movie that I have no interest nor do the others. We all just head upstairs, they go to the rooms that they have claimed as theirs as I go to my own. I change into my pyjamas after eating. I grab my phone and look for plane tickets to Greece for five people.

Since my mom keeps things from me like let me think, Oh I know my dad and who he is. I have a feeling she’s going to let me go to Greece the same goes for everyone else’s parents. I go ahead and buy the tickets. I get a notification from Twitter. BTS posted that they will be taking a break for a while with the permission of Bang PD but they will be online once in a while during their break. I respond to it saying that I hoped that their break goes better than an unplanned trip to Greece and that me and four of my friends are leaving in a few days. Why I had the feeling to tell them that I’m not really sure of where that came from. I turn off my phone sitting on the nightstand after hooking it up to the charger then doing what everyone else has done which is fall asleep.

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