Greek Gods Children


Silver’s POV

I wake up before everyone else. I get out of bed and grab my phone. I turn it on to see nothing really important until something catches my eye. I got a private message from BTS saying that they are going to Greece and that they are taking a break because their trip wasn’t planned as well. They ask me what my name is. I tell them that it’s a secret and that they will probably find out sometime later. They also asked why I haven’t posted anything. I tell them that my life isn’t all that interesting and that I don’t know what to post so I just don’t. I tell them that I have to go and cook breakfast for my friends who will be waking up soon before turning off my phone.

I just let the girls sleep and walk downstairs and head to the kitchen to cook breakfast. I don’t eat much in the morning but I know the girls do so I fix pancakes, bacon, turkey bacon, and homemade hash browns.

When I’m done cooking and cleaning up what needs to be cleaned up I hear them coming down the stairs with Jaejae being the first to come in the kitchen she loves food and is usually the first one to get to the kitchen. I laugh a little before going back upstairs to my room to get clothes and going to the bathroom to take a shower. When I’m done I go back downstairs to the living room to find my mom up and watching tv. When everyone else is done eating Lia goes upstairs to change as does everyone else after her. When they are done they come back down to the living room.

“Girls, me and your parents know that someone came up to you telling you to go to Greece. You’re all going and we have your passports ready for some time now. You leave in a few days. Silver, I already printed the tickets you bought last night. I know there is a slight chance of them answering but you need to message BTS since they are going to Greece the same day and time you are. You need to message them that they need to come here two hours before going to the airport but they need to call the airport that they are going to be different due to makeup and liquid latex. If you didn’t already know you girls need to wear your face masks so they won’t recognize your faces which I know they will.” She says to us before I take out my phone and do what she told me to do and surprisingly they answer back saying they will.

“They answered back since I had already talked to them before I came down to cook you guys breakfast. They said they will come by two hours before we have to leave. They asked what you meant when you said that they would look different due to makeup and liquid latex. I said you are a makeup artist for movies and tv shows. I told them that you are going to transform their faces so that they aren’t recognizable to ARMY. They thanked me for the explanation then said ok.” I tell my mom and she just nods.

Day they leave
Jungkooks POV

Three hours before we leave we are all packed and in the vans ready to leave. We load up and head to the house of the person who we spoke to on Twitter. They warned us that everyone in the house minus the persons mother will be wearing a face mask or something to compare their face. They are also not allowed to tell us their names. They are allowed to speak to us and we are told that they are going to try and not offend us by politely saying hello in Korean before bowing. This surprised us when they said they would bow since they are originally from here and not used to doing such things out of respect like using honorifics. They must pay attention to little details like that.

When we get to the house of the given address we pull into the driveway. We get out before going to the door and rings the doorbell. A girl about 5′5 answers the door wearing black cat hoodie, black ripped skinny jeans, black square thick-rimmed glasses, and a black facemask that has my name on it answers the door.

“Annyeonghaseyo.” She says as she deeply bows and lets us in.

After closing the door she motions for us to follow her to the living room there are four other girls sitting on both couches. Upon seeing us they get up.

“Annyeong.” The four of them say at once as they bow deeply.

They all wear things that tell us who their bias is. One is wearing a burgundy hoodie with a black facemask that has Mang on it, one is wearing a yellow hoodie with a picture of Taehyung on it with a white facemask that has a colourful version of our logo, another is wearing a Shooky hat with a plain black face mask, and the last girl is wearing a black Jimin hoodie and a plain black face mask.

We’re not complaining about the fact we know whose bias is whose. We think it’s adorable. I think they forget we were supposed to come here since they look absolutely embarrassed except for the first girl that we saw and wonder where she went cause she is nowhere to be seen. The four girls leave the room. I look around to see where pictures should be there are none. Then it hits me that they put up everything that had a picture of them in it. Then the first girl comes back in the room talking to her mom as she sets whatever she was holding on the floor.

“Mom, your the one who told us we couldn’t let them see our faces until after we get to Greece and talk with Herman. You said this yesterday. I’m not changing that, so do your magic to make them look absolutely different so we all won’t get attacked at the airport.” The girl says patting her mom on the shoulder before walking back out of the room.

I want to follow her and from the looks of it so do the others but we yield ourselves from doing so. The girls mom sets her things where she wants them to be before turning to us.

“Who is going first?” She asks as she looks at me the whole time.

I look around at the guys who shrug making me roll my eyes and decide to go on and get it done with.

“I’ll go first since no one else will,” I say shrugging before sitting down in the chair that she had set up.

The guys take upon of the couches watching as she starts working on me.

“I’m guessing you boys are doing the business class flight?” She asks making the guys nod their heads yes before Namjoon answers.

“Yes, we are. Bang PD told us that the girls will be with us because he made tickets for the five of them and he had seen that someone had got all five of them after he put them up. He didn’t actually take your daughter’s money as soon as she bought them the money went straight back into her account.”

“Ah, that’s why when I checked her account it didn’t look like anything had been taken out.” She says.

“Bee, come here for a minute.” She yells to her daughter before looking up.

“Don’t call her that. She doesn’t like being called that. She’s just used to me saying it because I’ve called her that since forever.” She says as her daughter comes into the room.

“Yeah?” She asks.

“You girls are flying with them.” Her mom says simply.

The girls eyebrows knit together in confusion before her eyes go wide.

“Seriously?” She asks looking at the six who are sitting on the couch, they all nod.

She just nods before leaving. When her mom is finished with me she shows me my transformation before looking at the others expectantly as I get up from the chair. Tae gets up from where he’s sitting and walks over and sits down as I sit where he had been. Jin goes after him the Jimin, Yoongi, Namjoon, and lastly Hoseok.

Silver’s POV

When my mom is done with the guys they look absolutely different. I want to take off my face mask but I know can’t. I warn the girls not to since they look that different. When we get to Greece I will have to help them take off everything since it will take a while to do so. Niya’s and Jaejae’s dad pulls up in the van. The girls and I put our stuff in the trunk. The boys thank my mom before getting in their vans and leaving towards the airport. I make sure all of us have everything we need before getting in the van and leaving heading towards the airport.

Thirty minutes later we arrive at the airport and see the boys getting their stuff. They come over to us after seeing us and waits on us so we can go in together. We go through everything and not long after our flight is being called and we all board the plane.

Namjin sit together, Yoongi and Jaejae sit together, Minnie and Jimin sit together, Niya and Taehyung sit together, Lia and J-Hope sit together, and lastly Jungkook and I sit together. Not long after taking off everyone falls asleep except for Jungkook and I but then I decide to sleep so I put in my earbuds and turn on my music.

A couple of hours later I wake up to Jungkook tapping me on the head. I look up at him and realize that I was using him as a pillow. I grow embarrassed. I sit up and take out my earbuds before putting my phone on airplane mode. I buckle my seat belt and look towards the window as the plane lands.

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