Greek Gods Children

Face Removal

Jungkook’s POV
After the girl sitting beside me decided to music and sleep I do the same.

When I wake up I feel a weight on my arm. I look down to see the girl who is sitting next to me fast asleep. I’m tempted to pull her facemask down to see what she looks like but I will myself not to. The intercom comes on and tells us that we need to buckle our seatbelts and are about to land.

I buckle my seatbelt after taking out my earbuds and puts my phone on airplane mode. I tap the girl on the top of her head to wake her up. She slowly blinks then looks up at me. Her eyes go wide at the realization that she had used me as a pillow. She sits up and buckles her seatbelt and puts her phone up before looking out the window.

I look over a Taehyung and the others with the girls that sat with them. I even check on Namjin. Namjin are the only ones who don’t have someone looking away from them. When we’ve landed we unbuckle and grab what we have and exit the plane. We all go to baggage claim and get what bags we have. We go and get some of our money switched and by the looks of it so are the girls. A thought comes to mind as I watch the girl I’m the bias of walks off talking on the phone before coming back with an upset expression. I go over to her.

“Hey, I have a question,” I say making her look up at me.

“Yeah, what is it?” She asks.

“Do you and the girls have anywhere to go after leaving here?” I ask.

’We did until a minute ago when the hotel called saying that they are now overbooked and can’t room us.” She says dejected letting out a frustrated sigh showing me the name of the hotel on her phone.

“Get the girls and come with us. We’ll call our hotel and add two more rooms for the five of you. Before you say anything I’m not taking no for an answer. You have nowhere else to go and you are not a burden to us at all. Don’t worry about paying for it either.” I say making her look down.

“Ok, when we get everything settled and at the hotel, I need to take that hunk off your faces which I’m not sure how long that will take. The last time I had to do this it took thirty minutes on one person while it took an hour on another so it very’s. You and the rest can call me Bella. That’s not my name but it’s something you can call me. You can call my Taehyung biased friend N, my Yoongi biased friend Foody, my Hobi biased friend Happy, and lastly my Jimin biased friend M. As I said about my name these are not their names.” She says making me chuckle.

“I’ll be right back I need to tell the girls everything.” She says making me nod as I watch her go over to the four girls.

I watch her as she talks to them before all five of them make their way over to me. I look to the side of me to see the guys giving me a questioning look. I motion for them to come over to where I am. They get here at the same time as the girls.

“Ok, guys the girls have nowhere to go since their hotel called them and said that they were overbooked and so they can’t stay there. Since I know that it’s not the same hotel we are staying at. I was thinking we call our hotel and add two more rooms for the girls.” I say making the guys nod in agreement.

“I don’t see why we can’t do that,” Namjoon says before pulling out his phone and walks off a little bit.

A few minutes later he comes back.

“We have two more rooms now let’s go. I’m sure the twelve of us wants to sleep. Well, I don’t have to say anything about Yoongi, he’s always asleep.” Namjoon says chuckling making Yoongi scowl at him.

We grab our things and head outside where two vans sit. The twelve of us decide that Namjin, Jimin and M, Yoongi and Foody go in one van while Taehyung and N, Hoseok and Happy, and Bella and I go in the other one.

We put our things in the trunk and pile in the vans and head to the hotel. When we stop in front of the door and we get out and get our bags from the back then go inside to check in and get our room keys. We head to the elevator and go to our floor. The girls take the two rooms across the hall. Once we all settled in our rooms a knock sounds on mine and Taehyung’s room door. I go to see who it is and see that Bella is on the other side. I open the door and let her in.

“Do you want to wait and get that stuff off your faces later or now?” She asks holding up a black with white, green, and pink polka dot makeup box.

“Now.” Tae and I both say at the same time making her laugh while blushing.

I get the sense that she ships me and Taehyung together.

“Ok, one of you tell the others so they know.” She says before putting her makeup box on one of the desk before pulling out the chair.

I get out my phone and text Jin, Jimin, and Hoseok what’s happening. A few minutes later a knock sounds. I go to answer the door as Bella motions for Tae to sit down as Namjin and Yoonminseok file into the room closing the door behind them.

He does as he’s told and she begins removing whatever her mom had put on his face. An hour later she gets done.

“Do you want to keep your face makeup-free or do you want your normal makeup done?” She asks once she finishes up with Tae’s face, he looks up at her and shakes his head no.

She just nods before making him get up and motioning for me to sit down. I do as she says and thirty minutes later she’s done. It takes her thirty minutes to take everything off of Jimin and Jin hyungs while it takes an hour to take off Namjoon, Hoseok, and Yoongi. Once she’s done with everyone she packs everything up in the box. As she does something comes to mind.

“If you and the others were planning on doing anything before Herman shows up maybe the seven of us could accompany the five of you?” I ask hopeful.

“We were actually and yeah, we would love for you guys to accompany us. We were planning on getting something to eat somewhere just not sure where when I have to wake everyone up around five and it’s one now so that gives them a few hours to sleep and anyone else who wants to sleep for that matter. We’d just have to look up places nearby because I don’t want to get too far from the hotel. I don’t want to get attacked by the followers of Dionysus.” She says as she visibly shivers.

We give her a confused look.

“The female followers of Dionysus are called Maenads. They are associated with divine possession and frenzied rites. They will rip anyone apart if they try to get to close to Dionysus. They won’t if he makes them stay away if he actually wants to talk to you. But unless he tells them not to do anything to you they will rip you apart after he talks to you.” She says making us nod.

You can tell she’s blushing when she puts her head down. I’m guessing she’s embarrassed that she knew all that which she shouldn’t be it’s nice to know that we are able to have someone who knows that much on Greek mythology that may or may not be real. I know that Namjoon hyung is smart but I’m not sure if he could have told you that.

“Well the seven of us will come to get you, girls, at six-thirty, letting whoever is a slowpoke getting ready has enough time to get ready,” I say making her laugh.

“Well the seven of us you all get some sleep if you want and I’m sure Yoongi will. If anyone else does forget to set an alarm so that you all can get ready. Anyways I’m going to see you all at six-thirty.” She says laughing before grabbing her makeup box and leaves closing the door behind her.

Not long after she leaves Namjin leaves then Yoonminseok leaving me and Taehyung to ourselves. I take out my phone and sets my alarm before taking off my shoes. Taehyung turns off the lights before taking off his shoes and the both of us gets in bed with me. Since he like to cuddle with something or someone so I let him when we room together. The both of us let sleep consume us.

Silver’s POV

When I’m done taking off whatever my mom put on the boys and talking to them I go to mine and Lias’s room to find her already asleep. I put my makeup box beside my suitcase before taking my shoes and glasses off before getting in my bed drifting off to sleep after setting an alarm for five.

Jungkooks POV

My phone alarm goes off and wakes me up along with Tae who groans in protest. I just laugh at this making him slap at me making me laugh even more. I get out of his hold moving a pillow in my place. I go over to my suitcase and change.

Tae finally gets up and changes. When he’s done a knock sounds on the door. I go and answer it to see Jin and Namjoon.

A little bit later another knock sounds on the door. Tae goes and opens it to reveal Jimin, Hoseok, and Yoongi.

I put my wallet in my pocket grabbing my phone from the nightstand and checks the time to see it’s almost six-thirty. We wait until it’s completely six-thirty before leaving. I grab mine and Tae’s room keys because I know that he wouldn’t have remembered to grab it. Jin knocks on the door while I tap Tae on the shoulder handing him his room key watching him as he takes out his wallet and puts it in before putting it back in his pocket as the door opens to reveal Bella wearing pretty much the same thing I am. She lets us in the room where the other girls are and they are all wearing pretty much the same thing I am. She lets in then room where the other girls are and they are all wearing pretty much the same thing as their biases.

The guys and I know that we aren’t going to be able to eat with them but at least we will be able to hang out with them until we actually go eat. Until that happens we will spend time with them. The girls grab their things and we leave. We head out of the building towards the vans.

When the twelve of us split off and get into the vans and head to wherever Bella directs the diver too. She has us taken to a couple of places that we all get out at and spend an hour at each before we stop at a restaurant that we order to take back to the hotel.

When everyone is done ordering our food we head out. Once we get to the door someone says something that makes a chill go up Bella’s spine and you can tell whatever the person said makes her uncomfortable so much so she pretty much drags everyone to the vans. She tells both drivers to get all of us quickly to the hotel. They do just that.

When we get there she makes us all get out of the vans quickly as humanly possible before pushing us into the building. Once inside she calms a little. When we get to our rooms the girls go in their rooms while the seven of us head to Jin and Namjoon’s room to eat. When we get done Tae and I head back to our room to find Bella sitting on the floor outside beside her door.

“Bella? What are you doing out here?” I ask making her he jump slightly before she looks up at both me and Tae.

“I need to tell you and the rest what the man said that made me act the way I did.” She says making the both of us nod.

Tae turns around and heads back to Namjin’s room where Yoonminseok still are before coming back with all five of them. Bella opens the door to her’s and Happy’s room and lets us in before closing the door behind us. She walks over to her bed and sits on it before motioning for me to sit with her and lets everyone sit wherever they want.

“You all know how I acted after that man spoke before we left the restaurant. Well, when I was talking to you guys I had mentioned not wanting to encounter the Maenads. Well apparently around here they come at a certain time but sometimes they don’t come at all. Around this time of year, they are extremely active. The man was warning us about the Maenads. I’m sure the man knew that we didn’t know what he was saying so he went ahead and said it but there were two words that I understood which Maenads and a number which was ten since he said that in English but I also think he knew at least one of us was liable of know at least two of the words he had said which is funny because I am the anything mythology nerd out of all of them.” She says motioning to her friends as they nod their heads in agreement.

“So he was warning us that around ten that the Maenads come out?” She shakes her head no at the question.

“No, they come after ten-thirty. He was warning us about traffic because I had overheard the mumbling about it before we got out at the restaurant.” She laugh even more.

We all know she was most scared about the Maenads. I take out my phone to check the time. Ten, she had a right to be scared. Thirty more minutes till the Maenads come.

“You all need to go to your rooms we don’t know when Herman is going to show up so we have to be ready for when he does and we can go better daylight,” Bella says before covering her mouth with her hand and yawns.

“Night everyone,” I say standing up before going to where Taehyung sits.

I pull him up and drags him to our room. We put on what we’re going to sleep in before plugging our phones up and gets into bed falling to sleep.

Silver’s POV

Once everyone is in their rooms Lia and I change into what we are going to sleep in after plugging our phones up. We get into our beds before turning off the lamps beside our beds and goes to sleep.

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