Greek Gods Children

Gods and Goddesses

Jungkooks POV

Silvers dad walks over, he looks at her confused then realizes ion crosses his face.

“Hermes, when I was glowing she was the only one who saw. Everyone else was watching Minnie. Silver already knows what I look like but her mother never told her exactly who I was. Her mother must showed her or she must have found it. It was a picture of me and her mother before she got pregnant. I have a feeling Silver asked so much that her mother told her a lie to keep from telling her the truth of who I was.” Hermes nods before looking at everyone before talking.

“Do any of you expect Silver know what your godly parent is the god of?” He asks, I nod but some of the guys don’t. Hermes nods his head before speaking again.

“Ok, Silver are you ok enough to speak?” He asks her, she nods.

“Hermes already told Eurphrosyne is the goddess of good cheer he didn’t tell you the rest. Apollo is the god of many things music, medicine, plagues, archery, poetry, the sun like the Titan god Helios who gave him that. Artemis is the goddess of childbirth, animals, the hunt, and moon like the Titan goddess Selene who she got that from. Helios and Selene were also twins like Apollo and Artemis. Aphrodite is the goddess of love and beauty. Eros is the god of love. Athena is the goddess of wisdom and battle strategy unlike Ares who is her half brother who is the god of war and only war. Hypnos is the god of sleep and dreams like the Titan god Morpheus except Morpheus is just the Titan god of sleep. Thanatos is the god death he’s the one who brings the dead to the underworld known as Hades where the god Hades king of the underworld resides. Thanatos and Hypnos are twin brothers I’m still not sure who their parents are because some myths say Hades and Persephone and some say Erebus god of darkness and Nyx the goddess of night.” Silver says blankly.

I look to Thanatos again and he looks proud of her. I can understand why. I’m sure if anyone one of us asked her about anything to do with mythology she would be able to tell us without having to think about it.

“Oh, I almost forgot. The children of the gods that are born from the gods who reside on Olympus usually don’t associate with the child of the gods who reside in the underworld. I’m not saying that it doesn’t happen, I’m saying it’s just rare for it to happen. The gods have what you call a true mate which is another god or goddess, and if you are a demigod you are given a true mate only with another demigod. Also, it’s obvious who our true mates are.” she says looking sheepish when she is done.

She looks up at me before hiding her face in my chest making me chuckle.

“I have managed to get Zeus to let you come up and stay on Mount Olympus for a couple of days since I know you all have your own lives probably not separate anymore but you still have lives. Oh, and Silver I think you missed one thing.” He says to all of us before directing his attention to her.

She has a confused look on her face before getting a look of realization.

“Oooooohhh, yeah I forgot to mention demigods have powers but not as many as our godly parents but we have at least one or two on a rare note you can have up to five but you discover them whenever. Some people don’t discover them since a bunch of demigods don’t know they are demigods because some don’t get told. Some discover they are a demigod through sheer luck half the time.” She says turning around still in my embrace looking around at everyone before looking up at me.

I look around at the guys and I can tell that they are shocked with mine and Silvers actions which they shouldn’t be because we’ve been like this for the past couple of days. Plus Hoseok kissed Lia not to long ago which I’m surprised they aren’t surprised by that. Tae and Hobi have given into the connection and is holding who they are meant to be with. Namjin were already holding hands but now Namjoon is back hugging. Yoongi and Jimin are losing their inner battle to hold their mate who stands in front of them. Jimin is the first to give in but not long after Yoongi gives in.

“Now that all of you are now holding your mate I want the guys to take the girls right wrist and bit it. By now there you should be a mark on it that should symbolize that you are the right person and it’s an infinity symbol with a line through it. Once you bite their wrist the line should disappear. After you that look and the same symbol should be there.” Hermes says quickly we all give him a confused look as we nod, then Thanatos speaks.

“If you don’t claim your true mate as yours by biting them to make the line in the infinity symbol disappear putting your mark on them a god, goddess, or demigod can take them away even though it doesn’t stop them from trying. Then there are some of us who don’t have a true mate but you have to go to the fates and ask if you have a true mate which I did since they are mine and Hypnos and I, unfortunately, do not have a true mate. As you can tell not everyone sticks to their true mate so they don’t mark them. We wanted you all to mark each other which you have done which you have so no one will mess with them or you or true mate. I myself don’t have as many children as the other gods and goddesses. I’ve only had six kids counting Taehyung, Silver, and Minnie, while the rest of the gods and goddess minus Hestia and Artemis have countless. Hestia has none and Artemis has two who she cherishes, the few gods and goddesses who have very few children are the only ones who truly cherish their children meaning me, Artemis, Athena, and Hypnos. But before we go the girls have to scratch the side of the guys neck really hard no matter if it hurts they still have to.” He says pointedly and the girls do just that even though some of them are cautious unlike Silver who immediately scratches my neck with long fingernails.

I grunt in pain making her look up at me apologetically. She lifts her hand before placing it on my chest. I unhook my arms from around her before lifting her hand off my chest. I watch her as I kiss her fingers and the palm of her hand running my lips down to her wrist. As I watch her she watches my every move. I let my teeth graze her wrist bone. She puts her other hand on my chest as I open my mouth and bites her wrist. I feel my teeth go through her skin but when I lift my mouth off her wrist and look down but I don’t see any teeth marks only the symbol and the line no longer through it. I put her hand back on my chest before kissing her. This takes her by surprise but she kisses me back before pulling away and hiding her face in my chest. I look around to see everyone else minus Thanatos, Hermes, and the other gods and goddesses wide eyed.

“Ok, come on Zeus is waiting on us to get to Olympus he’s been calling for the last three minutes.” Hermes says after clearing his throat.

He walks off as the others disappear making us follow after him. He stops in front of a van.

“I know that this doesn’t have enough seats fro all of you to have seat for yourself so I suggest mates sit in each other’s laps. Don’t worry about your things in the hotel I’ll go get them after I drop you all off. Also leave your room keys in the van as well.” He says as we all get in.

We see that there are two rows of six seats. Jin sits up front with Hermes while the rest of us sit in the back. Namjoon is the only one who doesn’t have anyone sitting in his lap. When we get there we are practically being pushed out of the van. We all get out and head in to the huge castle to be greeted by my dad who looks directly at me. I have a feeling he wants to talk to me so I nod and let’s him show us around and to our rooms. We run into many gods and goddesses on our way there. They stared at us as we went by but all of us ignored them and focused on our mates who walk beside us. Silver and I are the last ones to be shown our room. I walk in after Silver and my dad closing the door behind me.

Silver gives me and my dad a confused look.

“I have something to tell you both. You know that snake that was in your room?” He asks Silver making her nod her head.

“Well, I was the snake ironic enough. Before you freak out I didn’t see anything I shouldn’t have. I was only seeing how you would react to that type situation. You did exactly what I hoped you would have. I knew Lia was going to scream but not to the point she was standing on her bed pointing at me. I know I could have done that without being there the way I was but I was also seeing if you and Jungkook would get along. You did better than I thought even though you haven’t showed any of them minus your friends how talented you are. Sorry but every time while you were showering I heard you singing, couldn’t help it thin walls. As Hermes said if I didn’t already know who your godly parent is I would have thought you were mine but there are many children of the other gods and goddesses who are talented like you. Are you two going to eat or straight to bed?” He asks looking at the both of us before Silvers stomach growls loudly making her hold it before looking down sheepishly, I chuckle.

“We’re going to eat then go to bed.” I say making him nod as we follow him outside.

“You all should remember where the dining hall is but there are nymphs that can help you.” He says look at everyone before leaving,

We all walk in the direction of the dining hall. When we get there, there is no one minus Hestia who is setting the last plate on the table.

“Girls sit on the left side of the table and guys sit on the right side.” She says smiling softly before heading back to the hearth.

All of us sit down across from our mates. We all begin to eat. I look up at Silver who is about to drink her drink. She gets an odd look on her face before her eyes go wide. She smirks knowing what it is while the rest of us are confused about it. I giver her a questioning look knowing that she’s not going to answer me. She just smiles and continues to eat. The rest of us have to drink it to guess what it is. We all get confused looks on our faces not know what it is and not close to figuring it out which makes Silver laugh. When she’s done she’s able to speak.

“The drink that is in your cups is nectar. Gods and demigods drink it alike. The same goes for eating Ambrosia. Where as gods can eat all the Ambrosia they want demigods can’t. We can only eat a little. Humans can’t eat it because they’ll burn up. Nectar is different demigods can drink as much of it as they want like the gods. Ambrosia helps the healing process speed up.” She says before picking up her glass taking a drink from it before setting it back on the table continues to eat.

When we all are done Hestia tells us we can go back to our rooms. We all offer to help her clean up but she insists that she is fine and for all of us to go back to our rooms and get some sleep. We do what she tells us and heads back to our rooms.

Once Silver and I are in our room instead of getting ready for bed she begins to pace and I can tell previous thoughts are going through her mind. I walk up to her and try to calm her down.

I manage to get her her to get ready for bed, now she’s cuddled up to me asleep as tears run down her face. I wipe them off and hold her tightly until I eventually fall asleep.

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