Greek Gods Children

Going Home

Jungkook’s POV

Silver and I haven’t done much of anything since coming to Olympus I get out of bed and leave Silver sleeping to see where everyone else is. I get to Lia and Hobi’s room and knock on the door, Hobi answer’s it.

“What’s up Kook?” He asks

“Do you mind looking after Silver while I go talk to my dad?” I ask, he looks back before nodding.

“Yeah, we’ll watch over her.” He says before opening the door all the way.

“Thanks you guys, she’s still asleep.” I say before walking away.

I call on my dad in my head before I can fully call on my dad I hear a scream and it sounds like it is from Jaejae. I run in the direction of it. When I get to her it is Jaejae but she isn’t with Yoongi she’s being held by two gods who I’m guessing is Ares and Posiden. I call on my dad, Zeus, and Jaejaes mom before fully getting to Jaejae.

“Let her go. She doesn’t belong to either one of you.” I say stupidly making me mentally facepalm.

“What are you going to do about it?” Ares asks.

“He’s not going to do anything because you are going to let her go because told you both that everyone here who is a demigod is off limits. The both of you don’t listen. Apollo being the father of one of the demigods listens better than the both of you.” A voice says from behind me.

I turn around to see the three people I had been calling for plus they brought Yoongi, I mentally thank them. I turn back around to the two god who still hold Jaejae. I turn back to see Yoongi’s dad here. He walks over to them

“Sleep.” He says simply before taping them on the forehead with two fingers.

The two gods let’s go of Jaejae before falling back on the ground asleep. Yoongi immediately runs over to her, she patches on to him before crying.

“Thank you Jungkook if you didn’t get here when you did I don’t know what would have happened. Actually I have a thought on that but I don’t want to think about. But thank you.” Jaejae says lifting her head from Yoongi’s shoulder still crying.

“Thank you Kook for helping my mate.” Yoongi says, I just smile at him before turning back around.

“You did good to call on us.” Zeus says before going over to where the two gods now lay sleeping.

“You wanted to talk to me?” My dad asks.

“Yeah I did then this happened.” I say looking back towards Yoongi and Jaejae.

“What if that happens again to someone else in the group and no one is there to help them? I don’t know what any of us would do if we lost each other. That’s to much to think about.” I say before he puts a hand on my shoulder making me look at him.

“Let’s go to yours and Silver’s room.” He says, I just nod and follow him.

We get to the room and the door is wide open. We walk into the room to find only Hobi motionless on the ground surrounded by his own blood. My dad quickly goes of to him and heals what he can of him thankful he’s alive. We clean up the blood and wait for Hobi to wake up since that is all we can do.

I text Taehyung, Namjoon, Jin, Yoongi, and Jimin if they have seen Silver and Lia. When they respond with a no I begin to panic. Taehyung asks me and the others if they have seen Aniya and we all say no. We don’t know we’re three of the girls are which make me panic even more. My dad helps me settle.

“We’ll find them. Whoever took them will regret it. Until then we are going to have to wait until Hoseok wakes up.

Three hours later when I start being restless Hobi wakes up.

“LEAVE THEM ALONE! LEAVE THEM ALONE! THEY DON’T BELONG TO YOU. LEAVE THEM ALONE.” Me and my dad run up to him to calm him down.

He calms down thirty minutes later before he starts crying.

“Jungkook, I’m sorry. I’m sorry I couldn’t protect them. They took Lia, Niya, and Silver. Niya had come in to ask Silver something but before she could four guys came in. I don’t think they were gods but I could be wrong and I don’t know their names. I tried calling on someone but no one came. They took my Lia.................. they my took Lia.” He says as Jimin, Minnie, Yoongi, Tae, and Jaejae.

“They took my sister?” Minnie and Jaejae yell out at the same time.

Yoongi, Hobi, and I look at them amused unlike Tae who looks at them amused but in disbelief.

“Minnie, Silver is both mine and your sister, but they also took my girlfriend.” Tae says smartly.

“Hey, you three aren’t the only one’s who’s missing them.” Namjoon says as he walk in the room with Jin.

“How are we going to find them and who took them?” Jin asks.

I look over at my dad.

“Do you know how we can find them?” I ask him.

“We need all of your parents here plus Helios.” He says before checking to see if Hobi was ok again.

Silver’s POV

We’ve been here for four day. We have been burned to get rid of the mark but that doesn’t work. They’ve tried cutting mine out of my wrist but all four of them got to weak stomached by idiot demigods who apparently don’t know what the term taken is. My attention get jolted by Lia screaming.


Before I know what I’m doing. I get up and rip the guy off of her before punching him in the face. I slam him against the concrete wall making him bust his head but I don’t care right now. No one is going to hit, hurt my friend and get away with it especially when the person was a dick to my friend in the first place. I don’t know what I did next because everything goes black but I know the three others came down.

When I came to I don’t remember anything about what I did but I know the girls and I are no longer where we once were. In fact we are back with the guys. I don’t even know how much time has passed.

My whole being feels numb but I sit up anyways. I hear someone talking but I don’t register who it’s to. I feel something on my shoulder. I turn my head to see someone who I love and have missed for a while looking back at me.

I lean my head on his shoulder before lifting it back up. I get out of the bed and head towards the bathroom to see what I look like since I feel like a wreck. I don’t even make it to the bathroom because I fall to the ground as pain rushes through my body. A scream rips through my throat. Jungkook is the first to get to me.

“Jungkook don’t touch her. All of her powers are coming at once. Something must have happened before you all got to the girls for them to be doing this. They normally come one at a time. Her powers probably thought since she was in danger that they needed to come at once. That also determines which powers are powered by certain emotions.” I hear my dad says.

Just having Jungkook near makes the pain more bearable.

“Jungkook, you can be near her which makes the pain more bearable. You just can’t touch her it disrupts the separation of all her powers. She will be weak for a couple of days and I know that you all were hoping to go home but you’re going to have to wait until all the girls are healed especially, Silver. Bang PD understands everything since he is also a demigod. Funny things is he’s Hermes, son. That’s why he let you go on this trip in the first place.” Apollo says making everyone except for go wide-eyed.

My screams die down to whimpers of pain.

“You can pick her up now it’s not going to mess anything up now.” My dad says before Jungkook picks me up and carries me back to the bed.

He sits on the bed before scooting back leaning on the headboard with me in his lap. I lay there and go back to sleep.

A few hours later I wake up hearing people around me talking.

“Will you people shut the hell up people are trying to sleep,” I say annoyed.

I then think about how I sound a lot like Yoongi.

“Sil if you want to go back to sleep I’ll help you block them out.” Someone says next to me.

I open my eyes to see Jungkook, I attack him with a hug. He hugs me back while laughing a little.

“We’ll go Kook. We’ll see you guys later.” Jin says pulling Namjoon with him out of the room.

“Is Lia and Niya ok?” I ask him in a whisper.

“Yeah, they're just fine their in their rooms. Tae is with Niya like he should be and Hobi is with Lia like he should be. I am where I should be........... with you.” He says as he pulls away from the hug to look into my eyes.

“I want to go home but I don’t know if I’m ok enough to leave yet,” I say pouting making Jungkook chuckle.

“Babe, you are fully healed now. You fell asleep two days ago. I had my dad check on you more than once to make sure my powers weren’t being stupid. Apparently, since your powers came forth they drained all of your energy leaving you exhausted making you sleep that long.” Jungkook says before kissing me.

“Really? I thought it was for a few hours. So I won’t sound mean asking and saying I want to leave?” I ask him.

“No baby, you don’t sound mean for wanting to leave. I, myself along with the others want to leave as well. I love you and don’t want to lose you and I’m pretty sure that everyone else would say the same. We’ll head back to where you live and stay with you for a while. We will let the five of you finish school because we want you too. If you and the girls want to finish school online tell me and the guys when you tell your parents. The guys and I were talking if all five of you were to be able to do that you might be able to come with us. I know you most likely have permission from your mom but the others we’d have to wait and see. If they can’t that’s fine we already have you all in our schedule. Tae finds out he has two more sisters he didn’t know he had I don’t think he wants to lose contact plus added to that not to mention his girlfriend/true mate. Namjoon has two sisters as well, I have a cousin, and Minnie has a cousin. We’re all wrapped up like a giant family burrito. Yoongi and Tae have already come to me and told me what they would do if I hurt you which I don’t intend on doing. They both have done the same to Jimin. I have done the same to Hobi. All of us have threatened each other. We are all related one way or another.” He says to be shocked at how Tae and Yoongi are already overprotective of me and Minnie.

“I love you too. I have been thinking about doing online classes for a while. Actually, my mom and I both have. The girls know that I have since I have been planning on working full time at the record label since I’m on working part-time after I quit my other part-time job. I’ll be able to write and do photography when I have the time” I say sitting up.

“Ok, that reminds me. Hermes and my dad have both mentioned you talents and both have said that if they didn’t already know who your godly parent is they would have thought my dad was. I want to see and hear what you can do.” He says.

“Ok, when? Because I’m sure the rest of the guys want to see as well. How about this when get back there is a local talent competition and they need guests performers; that could be you and the guys plus it’s televised. You have someone other than all of you teach me the dance to the song you guys pick and I’ll dance, sing, rap whatever you all want me to do. I don’t mind doing all three. You guys pick two people to help me and that’s all I need. I don’t want to get rid of the surprise factor. I’m not sure if Minnie would want to dance as well you guys would have to ask her.” I say smirking at him.

His jaw drops at what I just did. I know he wasn’t expecting me to do that. He thought I was going to try and argue, to make excuses to not do it. I know I do better performing with others no matter who they are.

I laugh at his expression before kissing him on the cheek which brings him back to reality.

“Yeah, we can do that. Let’s see if Bang PD will be ok with the whole thing.” He says before taking out his phone before Hermes comes into the room without knocking.

“No need in calling him he’s here.” He says as Bang PD walks into the room.

“What is it you need?” Bang PD asks.

“Well, Silver came up with something that the guys and I could do next week. She came up with this because me and the guys want to see her dance and hear her sing because Hermes and my dad both made the comment about what she can do. It also came up due to the fact that we all want to leave. Her idea was that the guys and I could perform on a tv talent competition as guests and she could perform with us. We get to pick the song and two people to teach her. She also said that we could ask Minnie may or may not want to dance with us. Ok, this is all me asking this. Instead of her working for some other company can she work for BigHit. She doesn’t want to be famous so you don’t have to turn her down because she’s a girl. She can help produce our music, help us with choreography. Her and the girls can be extras if they want when we need them. I’m just suggesting this because it keeps her closer to me and the guys can talk to you about the others about what they want to do.” Jungkook says looking at Bang PD to see what his expression is.

“That doesn’t sound like a bad idea. You sure you can do that?” He asks turning his attention to me.

“If I can work at a recording label part-time as a sound booth engineer, vocal coach, and a choreographer while having another job that I’m going to get rid of plus juggling school and two other side projects. Yeah, I think I can do it.” I say shrugging before smirking.

“YOU DIDN’T TELL ME THAT!” Jungkook yells making me laugh.

“Why are you yelling?” Aniya asks as she walking into the room with Minnie, Lia, Jaejae, and the guys.

“Did you know Silver worked at a record label as a vocal coach, choreographer, and a sound booth engineer?” Jungkook asks the girls making them nod their heads.

“Yes. I work there as well but not as much as her. I’m only a choreographer.” Minnie says nearly laughing at him.

I ignore the shocked expressions of the rest of the guys as I lean against Jungkook who wraps his arm around my waist before kissing my temple.

“I’m still tired,” I mumble making him chuckle.

“Then go back to sleep baby. Before you do that I need you to eat. You haven’t done that in a couple of days.” He says making me nod.

Hermes leaves the room before coming back with a tray of food a few minutes later. He hands it to Jungkook who sets it on my lap. I hadn’t realized I was starving until now. When I get Jungkook hands the tray to Hermes. I get out of bed and head to the bathroom. When I get done I wash my hands and head to bed. I climb in beside Jungkook cuddling him who is the only one in the room now. He wraps his around me before I fall asleep.

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