Greek Gods Children

The End

Jungkook’s POV

The rest of the week goes by along the week after that until today which is the day Silver performs with us. When I woke up this morning Silver wasn’t there. In her place was a note.

Jungkook ~
I woke up earlier and decided that I could practice again before the show so I am. Bang PD told me that he has everyone’s clothes and for you to tell the others after you read this

~ Silver

I put the note down before going over to my bag and take out my clothes and changes after heading to the bathroom and takes a shower. I head downstairs to see Alumina, Silver’s mom rushing around the living room. I give her a confused expression before walking outside after hearing a car horn in the driveway as my phone goes off. I take it seeing the guys in the driveway.

Jin and Namjoon must have gone to get the guys while I was asleep.

I get in the van before heading to the studio.

It takes twenty minutes to get there. Jin parks and we all get out. We head inside to find Silver. We give her a confused look.

“You have to know someone who works here to be able to come in. No matter who you are you won’t be able to come in if you don’t know someone in the building.” She says as the security guard comes up.

“Silver, we all know that you’re it this social.” He says making her laugh.

I grow jealous.

“I know but I do know them plus one of them is my boyfriend and one is Minnie’s boyfriend. Their boss is here as well that’s why they are here.” She says looking up at me making my jealousy go away as I smile at her.

The security guards eyes go wide.

“Come on Bang PD is waiting for you guys.” She says as we start walking.

When we get to where Bang PD is Silver doesn’t go in. When we get in there we see Bang PD and a rack of clothing.

“Pick our whatever you want to wear from this rack Namjoon and Jin your outfits are over there.” Bang PD points to two different racks that have their names on them.

“Silver has already gotten her outfit and is waiting until an hour before the show to change. You have four hours until the show.” He says before leaving the room.

We walk out of the room to find Silver no longer outside instead we hear music playing from the practice room across the hall. Before any of us are able to go into the room someone taps me on the shoulder. I turn around to find Minnie behind me.

“Don’t do it, you curious idiots. Silver is in there. She would be really disappointed in all of you if you saw her before she wanted you to. Follow me.” She says getting the attention of the guys especially Jimin.

We all follow her to another practice room at the end of the hall before she pushes us into the room to find the other girls are. Taehyung, Yoongi, and Hoseok run over to where they are. That is the fastest I have ever seen Yoongi run, I chuckle to myself.

We stay there for an hour until Silver walks into the room.

“Did you go home and take a shower?” Lia asks her when she looks up at her.

“Yeah, I did. Had to go to the house anyway to see if my mom was still cleaning. She was up at five this morning cleaning when I first woke up. She was still cleaning when I woke up the second time I’m pretty sure she was cleaning when Jin and Namjoon got up and then when Jungkook got up. When I got there she was still cleaning. She does this every time something like this happens.” She says shaking her head while laughing.

“I’m glad you’re back because I’m hungry and you have any other three hours,” Jaejae says making us all laugh and nod our heads.

We all head out of the room. We walk out of the building towards Silver’s car and Jin’s van. Jin and Namjoon get in the van while Silver and I got into her car. Yoongi and Jaejae get in the car as well while everyone else gets into the van.

“Where do you guys want to go? I don’t care where just please don’t pick anything too expensive. I don’t care if we are with millionaires that could buy our asses almost anything we wanted if we asked. I don’t want to be looked at like I’m just using them and you and the other three know what I mean because we’ve had this conversation a couple of times.” She says making Jaejae nod.

“Lia and Minnie wants Yumi Aniya doesn’t care. Namjoon’s says he doesn’t care as long as they heave meat other than seafood. Yumi has both so we don’t have to worry about that. You, me, and the girls know that you’ve been craving sushi like a pregnant woman for two months but you don’t like telling people so you don’t say anything about it.” Jaejae says.

(Hibachi grill place near me that I really like but don’t get to go to much.)

“So............ Yumi?” Silver asks making all of us laugh.

“Yeah,” Jaejae says laughing.

Silver drives us to Yumi as Jin and the rest follows behind in the van. Once we get there we all get out and head inside. Silver tells the host how many there are of us. We wait fifteen minutes before we are shown where we are going to sit. We all order our drinks then what we want. A majority of what Silver ordered was sushi but I’m not complaining. I have noticed that she’s been wanting something but looked like she had no right to ask for it she gets that look a lot if I think about it. I have been meaning to ask her what she’s been wanting but I’ve never gotten around to asking her.

When the chef comes he talks to us as he cooks. When he’s done he put the food on our plates before leaving. We all eat and talk about whatever. When we’re done even though all the girls protested all of us paid for them. We all get up and lead heading back to the studio. Silver leaps me drive but gives me the directions on which way to go. When we get back to the studio we all head back inside. The girls go to the practice room we were in before we left as me and the guys go and get our clothes since it’s two hours before the show. We all get our clothes on. When we’re finished changing a knock sounds on the door. I go and open it to reveal Silver.

I almost don’t recognize her and apparently neither do the guys. She’s not wearing her glasses and I already know she’s not wearing contacts. She’s expressed that she doesn’t wear contacts but not to the guys. Either way, she’s beautiful no matter what. I didn’t realize the group of people behind her u til she laughs a little at me staring at her. I move out of the way and let them in. Our makeup gets done along with our hair. When we’re finished we have thirty minutes to get to wherever we are going but according to Silver it only takes fifteen minutes to get there. We leave the room and head to the practice room where the other girls are. They are dressed similarly to us.

“Even though we are not going to be performing with you like Silver is. Bang PD wanted us to sort of wear something similar to you all.” Minnie says making us nod.

Bang PD and Sejin walk into the room.

“We need to get going. Silver can you show us the way?” He asks making her laugh.

“Yeah, I can. Come on it won’t take long to get there.” She says before walking out of the door making the rest of us follow after her.

We walk out of the building to the three vehicles. Silver and I get in her car while Bang PD and Sejin get in his. Jin and Namjoon get into the van. Jimin and Minnie get in the car with us while the rest get into the van.

Once everyone is in the vehicles Silver pulls out of the parking lot showing the others the way there. When we get there we all get and head inside. Silver takes out her phone and checks it before directing all of us to where we need to go.

Someone who works there comes up to us.

“You are BTS right?” He asks making me and the guys nod.

“Yes.” We say at once making him nod.

“Ok, so you are going to be performing after Oh Soobin which is the fourteenth act. Then you perform again after the twenty-fifth act which is Jade Brown then there are two more acts after her than a performance. After the last performance, they’ll announce the winner. There are four in all.” He says making us all nod.

When the show starts the first performer goes on. I look more closely at who it is and my eyes go wide before shaking my head; it’s my dad. I look to the side of me where Silver is to see her trying not to laugh. Even though my dad is a good no amazing singer it’s just odd since I don’t know him that much. I only know the father that has been there since I was born. From what Silver has told me she’s had two stepdads. Her first stepdad she loved like he was her actual father until he got killed in a car accident. The car had been in his lane and hit him head-on. He couldn’t swerve to one side because there was a drop-off and on the other side a truck was coming. So there was a witness that saw it. Her last stepdad was abusive towards her mom. She told me she had come home to her mom and stepdad arguing until witnessing him slap her to the ground. Silver had said she had seen bruises where bruises shouldn’t be on her mom before and had been suspecting something but didn’t have the proof to actually do anything. That day she had all the proof she needed. Silver had told her stepdad what would happen if she found out much less witnessed it that she would beat the shit out of him. He deserved when she did to him but she didn’t go into detail about what she did.

After my dad performs six acts go on before the next performer goes on. I don’t really pay attention to them. When they get done we get are given headsets. Eight more acts go on now it’s time for us to go on. We do our thing we do before a show.

We have them turn off the lights and we get into place. Silver gets into place where Chanwoo told her to. The music begins as a light shines that the audience can only see our silhouettes until they change so that they can fully see us. Silver sings with us and raps with Namjoon, Hobi, and Yoongi which nearly makes all of us stop. She smirks at this. We continue trying not to stare in awe nearly making Silver laugh but she doesn’t. When we are done we all head off stage.

Silver runs off somewhere but we don’t track her down. When she gets back she has her glasses on which makes me laugh. She smiles brightly. I know she feels better with her glasses on. They are like a security blanket for her since she is so used to wearing them. She feels that if she doesn’t wear them something bad will happen.

“I understand why Bang PD, Chanwoo, Sejin, and Supreme Boi were so impressed and nearly wouldn’t shut up about you,” Jimin says making her laugh.

“Sorry?” She asks while still laughing.

“You were amazing,” Jin says making her smile before hugging me.

I hug her back. We pull apart. Eleven more acts go on until Namjoon, Yoongi, Hoseok, and Silver go on stage. At the beginning, Namjoon does his part by himself while the rest of the song Silver goes along with them. When they are done Silver and Minnie runs off. Thirty minutes later they come back wearing different clothes and Silver doesn’t have her glasses on anymore which make the seven of us confused. We look at the other girls who look like they are about to laugh at the seven of us. When the last two acts are done the lights go off once again before colored lights come on again as the music comes on to reveal Silver and Minnie.

“That’s why they changed.” Taehyung whispers making us all nod.

The seven of us immediately recognize the song since it’s one of ours, it’s Boy Meets Evil. They are both amazing dancers. Not just my opinion. I look around to see everyone engrossed. They must have practised the dance by themselves or they convinced Chanwoo to teach them in such a short amount of time. We were not expecting this which is why it’s a shock.

When they are done they walk off the stage towards us. Minnie almost looks embarrassed when she looks at Jimin but hides it with a proud expression before her and Silver both disappear once again. A few minutes later they come back in what they were wearing before with a bag in hand. I pull Silver to me in a hug when she gets to me as Jimin does the same with Minnie.

“Now you understand why Hermes and I had said what we said about silver?” My dad asks making us jump.

“Yeah, we do now,” I say before kissing Silver’s temple.

Silver and I pull apart. We all leave after they announce the winner heading to Silvers house. When we walk inside Silvers and Minnies mom have the look of a proud mother which they should be.

“Ok, if you are hungry follow me to the dining room because that is where the food is. Aniya, Jaejae your dad told me that the two of you can stay the night. Lia, your dad said the same thing. Minnie since your mom is here you’d have to ask her.” Silvers mom says as the rest of us follow her into the dining room leaving Minnie and her mom in the living room.

Minnie and her mom come back a few minutes later. We all eat before Minnie’s mom leaves. We all decide to watch a movie after Lia, Minnie, Jaejae, and Aniya show their mates the rooms they sleep in when they spend the night here. We all change into what we are going to sleep in before heading back down to watch the movie. Silver falls asleep through the last half of the movie. I pick her up and carry her to her room. I lay her on the bed. I lay beside her after closing the door and turning off the lights.

Four years later

Three years ago all the girls were able to come to with the seven of us wherever we go. Last year we all proposed to our mates. Namjoon proposed on Jin’s birthday and the all proposed to our mates. We all agreed to plan our wedding sort of close together only a month apart than having a two-week honeymoon. Namjoon and Jin had their wedding on Namjoon’s birthday. Jimin and Minnie had theirs on Jimin’s birthday. Taehyung and Aniya had theirs on Tae’s birthday. Hoseok and Lia had theirs on Hobi’s birthday. Yoongi and Jaejae were the only ones that didn’t skip a month because they wanted their wedding on Yoongi’s birthday. Now it’s April and the day of mine and Silvers wedding.

“Hyung’s, your no help. YOU FIVE ARE SUPPOSED TO BE HELPING ME CALM THE FUCK DOWN! Namjoon, Jin is going to skin you alive when he finds out that you are not helping me. I’m not sure about the rest of you. Ugh, now look at me. I look like a fucking wreck.” I saw upset, to say the least.

Tae finally comes over to me.

“Jungkook if I wasn’t your best friend I would just ignore you and even then I would have. You are going to be alright. You already know I was like this when I was getting married back in December. You helped me by telling me that Aniya would never leave me. That we will be ok until the end. You told all of us this eve though you should know this yourself. You just need to breathe so you will calm down. Everything will be just fine.” He says to me.

I do as he says until Jin comes in the room and tells us it’s time to get in place.

I stand and wait, when the guys came down and had lined up where they were supposed to.

When Silver comes down the aisle with her dad I can barely breathe. She looks absolutely beautiful. I was surprised when all of our parents showed up to Namjoon and Jin’s wedding. We figured they would come to everyone else’s. Zeus officiated everyone else’s wedding and now.

I hold Silver’s hands in mine as the Zeus speaks.

We are gathered here today to witness the union two beautiful souls. Bring the rings.” He says before one of my four-year-old half brothers, I have three, comes down the aisle holding a pillow with two rings on it.

When he gets to us I can tell Silver wants to say awe because she get this looks when she sees something adorable and cute. She does the same with everyone else. Since she ships me and Taehyung so any moment the two of us are together she fangirls slightly which makes us laugh but we don’t mind it in the least. We love all ARMY.

Zeus takes both rings off the pillow making my little brother run to his mom which makes me chuckle. He hands me Silver’s ring as he tells me to copy him say vows as I put the ring on the on her finger. He hands Silver my ring before telling her to copy him saying the vows.

“Do you Jeon Jungkook take Silver Bell to be your lawfully wedded wife?” Zeus asks

“I do,” I say looking into her blue-grey eyes.

“Do you Silver Bell take Jeon Jungkook to be your lawfully wedded husband?”

“I do.” She says smiling at me.

“You may kiss the bride.” He says before I hold her face in my hands before kissing her.

After the kiss, I pull her into a hug before leaning my forehead against hers.

“I love you and always will. I will never hurt you or leave you no matter what. You are my everything till the very end.”

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