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Undertale: Beyond The Timeline

By chilledcat

Other / Mystery

Chapter 1

Sans' vision was blurred. He seemed to be in water. Oddly enough he didn’t feel like he was drowning. Not that he’d actually die from that. He has no lungs. But it felt odd. Glass? What was this? A fish Tank? No. He was in a cryo tube. He felt odd. Like he had no control over his body. He was moving, blinking, looking around. But he himself wasn’t doing those things. Through the glass he could make out men in what looked like lab coats. How did he get here? Even if the world reset again, this place was new.

Besides, Flowey died. Frisk said she didn’t want to but Asriel found a way to ask her. After they left the ruins. If she could reset one more time. She didn’t have to. But Flowey, even without its determination, was still a danger. A danger to the surface. For the sake of the surface Frisk took that sacrifice. Even if it meant going through all those hardships again. Even if it meant that the barrier would never open to the others. Because in the end, Frisk said her family was in the underground. She only told Sans since he remembered parts. He agreed that the others don’t have to know. It didn’t matter. They were hopeful. Wherever they were, they didn’t care anymore. They were together and that was all that mattered.

But this. Where was this? Sans worked out his was in a lab. But how? Why? More importantly. These scientists. They were human? He remembered parts of the surface. He knew then he must have been in a lab on the surface. But how? Was Frisk’s final reset another timeline? Was that the dream? Was this the reality? Suddenly he heard beeping and felt the water draining. His head moved looking down at his body. San’s became startled.




He had no control for a reason.

This wasn’t his body.

‘Ah!’ The beeping stopped. The water was gone. Sans was in control again. After looking around, he saw he was in his room. And very much a skeleton.

‘Gyha! D-don’t scare me like that.’ It was a girl’s voice that came from the other side of the room. Suddenly a shoe hit Sans skull. ‘Idiot!’ He realized that he shouted when he woke up and ended up waking her up too.

Trying to adjust himself he smiled, ‘Hey you gotta wake up with a bit of sole sometimes.’ Of course the stupid pun was met with a despairing glare. Which gradually turned into a smile that she was so desperately tried to hold back.

‘That was bad. And you should feel bad.’ Even after 10 years he found it funny how she decided to stay living with those two. It amazed him how she put up with both of their stupidity. Of course he knew it amused her. Since Sans room was larger (or rather less cluttered) they put her bed with him. She understood his antics, so he didn’t mind sharing.

‘You smiled though.’ Doing stupid puns always seemed to help him get through. The first time he did, it wasn’t intentional. But Undyne giggled at it and seeing that comforted him. Since then, it just kinda stuck and became habit.

Frisk began to crawl out of bed, ‘and I hate you for it.’ Of course her smile was quickly replaced with a frown. ‘But it’s not what you said that makes me hate you for it.’ She walked up to his bed and sat on the edge. ‘It's why. And don’t think I don’t know.’

‘It’s force of hab-’

She cut him off and corrected his statement, ‘Partly force of habit. I told you. I keep telling you. I get why you can’t with the others, and I don’t mind that you keep a brave face in front of them. But you forget. I used to be able to rest. I used to be able to die and wake up. And I felt that pain. Undyne's spears hurt like hell.’ She rubbed her chest and shivered at the thought. ‘The resets may have stopped. But you and I. We didn’t stop remembering.’

Sans remembered then why Frisk insisted on staying in their house, rather than having one of her own or staying with Toriel. It was because she knew about Sans nightmares. She knew it wasn’t laziness. She knew why he was tired. And understood that it wasn’t something he could tell anyone. Not even Papyrus. Because they’d think he was crazy. But she knew and for that, she wanted to look after him. He didn’t like it at first, since he was so used to dealing with it himself (or some feeble attempt at dealing with it). Not to mention that in the beginning, Frisk was about 8 years old and couldn’t talk. So whenever he woke up in blue flames he was met with a hug. And he hated it. Because she’d always get burned. But she didn’t care. Because, she knew what death felt like. Sans blue flames had nothing on that feeling. He got used to it eventually. Especially since she started helping him. He felt that he was sleeping better. Which in turn meant he had more energy in the day (Or at least the undergrounds version of day which was lit up by ‘day crystals’ that took light from the sun).

‘So it’s the middle of the night. I don’t think I can get back to sleep. And it’s been a while since you’ve had a nightmare. I mean. They’ve been less frequent since I wasn’t able to reset anymore.’ She placed a hand on his shoulder.

He knew she was right, but he didn’t like talking about this stuff. Even if it did lift a massive weight from him. He was still shaken from that ‘dream’ and that for the first time a lame pun wouldn’t come to his head. Avoiding her suddenly became impossible. It was the middle of the night. So Grillby’s wasn’t a place he could run to either. So he told her. About the water. The scientists and how they were human. About him not being him. Everything he could remember.

He didn’t know what to say afterwards. It appeared that neither did she. Causing the room to become utter silent. ‘F-Frisk? I don’t feel like this is another timeline. Normally I can only remember pieces. It takes weeks to remember everything clearly and that’s only if I still need to. Otherwise. I forget. But, this. This was clear. As clear as it could be. And I had no control over the body I was in. Like it wasn’t me. I was seeing through someone else's-’ He stumbled his words, ‘T-this hasn’t happened before. I don’t know what to do.’

She hugged him and smiled, ‘Is it possible you just had a dream?’

He met her statement with confusion, ‘Huh?’

‘Well all your dreams have always been visions of another timeline. Otherwise you don’t dream up anything. So what if this is actually just a dream. They can be random you know.’ She giggled clearly thinking of a dream she’d had.

He’d actually not thought of that and felt stupid for not even thinking it, ‘Heh. I guess you could be right.’

‘I mean I could be…left.’ She smiled again.

He laughed, ‘Nice try kiddo.’

She felt stupid. But only because she’d stooped to his level in jokes. ‘Seriously though.’ She hesitated, ‘It could be something. But for now. You don’t have to do anything. Because it could also be nothing.’ She turned to the window and realized they must have been talking for a while since it appeared to be morning. She quickly jumped out of her skin when silence was broken with a booming voice from the kitchen. ‘Crap! I can’t let him cook again on his own!’ She jumped of the bed and ran out the room.

Sans grinned when the next thing he heard was Frisk shouting a Papyrus for trying to make pancakes. By actually trying to melt the frying pan and use it as an ingredient. Even after all this time he still couldn’t cook. Even Undyne got the hang of it once Toriel had taught her and Frisk. But Papyrus was a ‘special’ case. 

Sans eventually joined the two. ‘Wow Paps you really fried that pan. It would probably taste better if you deep panned it.’ He was met with another glare from Frisk.

‘Don’t encourage him!’ She shouted trying to fix Papyrus’ error.

‘DON’T WORRY THE GREAT PAPRYUS WILL FIX THIS!’ He clearly had a solution. She was just hoping that it didn’t end with a puzzle. It was too early for that.

‘Hey where are you going!?’ But before she could finish Papyrus flew of the house.

‘He better have not gone to the shop. Jeez since when did I become the parent?!’ She ran out after him knowing full well Sans probably wouldn’t.

San’s stood in the living room for a while. Something felt. Wrong. He felt a dizziness override him suddenly before passing out on the floor.

‘Ah you’re awake. Shall we begin?’ This voice came from a man. A human. Sans found his head making a yes movement.

‘Well then. Let’s see what you can do. Candara.’

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