Interlude with an Epitaph

Chapter 15: Interlude with an Epitaph

Here lies Zagosa Prime
Mighty jewel in pitch-black sky
Consumed by fire, bathed in flame
She waits for life to spring again

For Enemy cometh, Enemy came
Searching for what was locked away
Hunting and killing and burning the lands
All of the blood is on their hands

Day and night, we came to blows
Fighting for life, fighting for home
Omega the fortress, stout as steel
Day and night, endured their zeal

But something was off, something ordained
Why was vic'try so simply attained?
The mine held secrets, dark as night
Strange devices with fearful might

Scientists delved, geniuses played
Alien artifact showed a way
The power to vanish, power to fly
Depart existence, blink of an eye

We must run, we must flee
Another day holds victory
Gather up strength, use the device
Innocent citizens paid the price

Gunnery Sergeant, so bold and brave
Forfeits himself, survivors saved
Selfless deed, transcendent-sublime
Forever monument, annals of time
Nuclear fire, so brilliant-bright
Fitting lament for warriors' spite

Hard to go on, hard to restore

What faith we had in our endeavor
But we will forge on and continue the War
Losing battles will be no more!

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