Gwaines' sister

Chapter 12

Merlin looked around, no one was moving.

"Give up" he heard the leader snarl, "and I won't kill you."

"I could say the same to you" Arthur retorted, the bandits started laughing.

"You're outnumbered, you have no chance of beating us." Arthur looked back to his knights, they nodded knowing what he was asking them, and with a yell he ran straight at them. He was right they were badly outnumbered, each knight was fighting at least two bandits. Merlin, even though he had been given a sword stayed to the side, knowing in order to help he had to keep an eye on everyone. He sent blast after blast of magic to subtly help them but he could see it wasn't enough, especially as he needed to keep Arthur from finding out his true identity.

The knights began to tire, no matter how many they managed to kill more just took their place, they were slowly being pushed back towards the tower, their defeat looked imminent. Managing to regroup they prepared themselves for one final attack. Gwaine felt a jolt of panic as he looked around and realised Ira was missing, he scanned the battleground, but with so many people he couldn't see her.

"Gwaine!" the shout brought him back to reality and he managed to defend himself from a bandit that had tried to sneak up on him. He had to stay focused he thought. He turned to Arthur and heard the shout. But it wasn't Arthur, he looked across to the bandits and realised it wasn't them either, they looked just as confused.

Another shout echoed across the battlefield, instantly out of the forest swarmed the villagers that had also been taken captive, they were being led by Leon and by his side, Ira. The knights charged once again into the mass of bandits with renewed strength. And with the help of the villagers it was over quickly with very few casualties.

Ira was sitting, leaning against a tree. It was a tall willow and the soft breeze was making it gently move. She smiled to herself, the sun was slowly setting, in the distance she could hear the faint rumble of a waterfall along with the noises of the forest. She could also hear the knights if she listened hard enough, she felt content. Looking back down at her side she saw she had managed to stop the bleeding, but that won't stop the poison she thought. Knowing what was coming she had wanted to be alone, she knew she owed Gwaine so much more, or at least a proper goodbye, but she couldn't bring herself to do it.

She remembered back to when she had been young and growing up in Carleons kingdom, how happy she had been. To when her father died and they were cast out, her years after with Gwaine travelling through kingdom after kingdom, the fun they had had, losing him and having to find her own way, and by some miracle finding him again. She had met the legendary King Arthur, that was all she had come to Camelot for, to see if what they were saying was true. She hadn't believed it at first but they had been right, he was truly a great king, probably the best there ever was, maybe ever will be, and now she had met him she could die in peace. She rested her head back on the tree and felt the poison take its final hold. Her eyes closed and her world went black. She looked to be only sleeping, with her sword in her hands and a faint smile on her lips.

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