Gwaines' sister

Chapter 2

When Ira came to, the first thing she noticed was that she was in a cell and her head was throbbing. Reaching up to see if there was any blood she looked down surprised because both of her hands had moved. They were chained together. Well she wasn't exactly surprised, she hadn't been the politest person but still, she had been unconscious, was this really necessary? An argument seemed to be going on outside the door. Slowly Ira tried to get to her feet but as soon as she put any weight on her left foot she collapsed. Letting out a frustrated sigh she leant back against the wall. During the fight a club had just glanced her side, not enough to do any real damage, but enough to severely bruise it and leave her incapable of lifting herself up. The argument outside stopped suddenly, and if she didn't know correctly someone had just stormed off, followed by the sound of the door being unlocked. She looked up to see who would enter. It was the lanky boy with black hair that she had met in the forest, followed by a guard.

"You see" he was saying. "How am I going to be able to treat my patient with her hands chained together?"

"I've told you I can't, Sir Leon gave me strict instructions."

"Hang on, stop. Patient?" the boy looked down at his feet slightly.

"I noticed in the fight a club caught you in the side. I wanted to make sure you didn't have any major damage" Ira nodded slowly.

"It didn't hit me too bad" she tried to shrug it off as if it was nothing.

"Just get her to lift her arms in the air," he looked at the guard as if he was stupid. "I'm not removing them" he gritted his teeth together.

"Fine, can you stand up?" he asked turning to Ira who shook her head.

"I twisted my ankle after I got knocked out" she smiled apologetically. The boy rounded on the guard.

"What are you going to do now?" He demanded. "Come on you obviously have so many good ideas today." the guard shifted uncomfortably then walked over to the wall where a rope was tied. Letting it down they saw a hook emerge from the ceiling, when it was at the right height he tied it back to the wall.

"A hook brilliant, that's defiantly going to help" he said sarcastically. Ignoring him, the guard walked over to Ira and pulled her up so that the chain running from either hand was hooked onto the hook.

"I shall leave you to your patient" the boy gaped after him as he walked out and closed the door behind him.

"Idiot" he muttered. "Honestly give them an inch of room and they think they run the place." He turned back to Ira, "I'm so sorry I didn't realise it would end up like this, are you okay?" He asked.

"Yeah I can touch the floor so not too bad.” She laughed slightly, “believe me I've been in worse."

"Worse?" He sounded surprised before going slightly red, "I'm going to need to lift up your shirt slightly, is that alright?"

"I suppose but only slightly, what's your name?" She could feel his cold fingers examining the massive bruise covering her side.

"I'm Merlin."

"And you're the," she winced slightly as he prodded her side, "doctor?" He smiled slightly.

"No, Gaius is the court physician, I'm just Arthurs’ servant."

"So why are you here and he's not? Gaius I mean?" He let her shirt fall back down.

"Well he's kind of teaching me about this sort of stuff. Your side will be fine, you were right it wasn't as bad as it looked. You should be fine for your trial."

"What? My trial?" Merlin nodded.

"You're being tried for thievery” he explained as Ira still looked confused.

"Oh for crying out loud, I'm not a thief."

"Unfortunately that's not how Arthur sees you."

"He has no proof all he's going on is the word of a bandit."

"Well you did admit to being one" he smiled slightly and Ira couldn't help but smile as well.

"I said that's what people call me, not that's what I am, there's a difference." Merlin just shrugged.

"There's nothing I can do."

"That stuck up, arrogant, idiot. All nobles are the same, not a brain cell in the lot of them. And kings, kings are even worse."

"Actually this one's not too bad, he's fair." Ira made a dismissive noise, "well I suppose you'll just have to find out for yourself then" he said walking out. Not if I can help it she thought already coming up with various ways to escape.

Leon made his way to the dungeons having been asked to check on Ira by Arthur. He didn't see the point, she was most likely to be found guilty. Opening her door he did a double take surprised to see her suspended from the ceiling.

"What? Why are you?" He gestured up.

"It was the guard. Well technically it was your fault by giving the guard 'strict instructions' not to unchain me." He was still looking confused so she went on. "Merlin came to check up on my injuries, I couldn't stand so this was the guards’ clever idea. He hasn't come back to let me down so you're going to have to do it." She had already seen the keys on his belt and worked out if she could just get him close enough she could take them. However instead of lifting the chain off the hook like she wanted him to, he took a couple of steps towards the wall intent on untying the rope. With his back turned towards her she took the opportunity that he wasn't wearing chain mail and kicked out, catching him in just the right place. With a slight grunt Leon fell backwards. None of his limbs would respond, his eyes flickered up to Ira who was smiling down at him, he tried to shout but his voice wasn't obeying him either.

"Yeah you won't be able to move or call out, although you should still be able to see and hear me." She started taking off her boots. "But don't panic, it doesn't last forever only a couple of minutes." With her feet free she reached towards the keys, and after a few attempts lifted them off the belt. "But that's all I need to get out of here." Ignoring the pain in her side she swung her legs up so that she passed the keys from her feet to her hands and made quick work of unlocking the cuffs. Dropping to the ground, carefully landing on her right foot, she slipped her boots back on and took Leons’ sword. "Well, bye then" Leon could only glare back as she slipped out of the cell.

The passage was clear as she made her way towards what sounded like the guard room. Peering round the corner she counted two playing cards and one asleep. Thankfully they were so engrossed in their card game they didn't notice her creeping up behind them, she managed to knock them both out without waking the third.

Unable to find her sword, and aware of the time she was losing she limped quickly up the stairs, into the courtyard and straight into Percival.

"Why is it we keep meeting like this?" she laughed trying to back away. Percival had drawn his sword. She thought she had backed into a wall, but walls don't push you away and draw their sword. Turning around, but still keeping Percival in view, she saw it was Elyan.

"Drop your weapon” he ordered.

"Rather wouldn't, two against one doesn't seem fair, especially since it will be the minority that’ll be unarmed. But then again at least you'll stand a bit more of a chance." Percival's sword moved up to her throat.

"He said drop it," she thought about fighting them off but since her ankle and side were injured she give in and allowed the sword to drop from her hand.

"You're not supposed to be up here, how did you escape?" Elyan demanded as they led her back her down to her cell.

"Pretty easily actually" she said through the pain of accidentally using her left foot. The guards were still knocked out when they passed them, though Leon had just about regained the use of his body and had started to make his way out of the cell. Elyan crouched down beside him.

"Leon! What happened?" Leon opened his mouth to reply still finding it hard to talk.

"She...she out..."

"Knocked you out?" Leon shook his head.

"No...yes...she did but she didn't." He looked at both of them hoping that they would understand. They both looked back confused.

"I don't understand, Percival I'll take Leon to Gaius. You should probably stand guard and make sure she doesn't try and escape again." Percival nodded in agreement and dumped Ira in the cell before retrieving the keys and locking the door again.

Elyan and Leon had only just made it into the main castle before they bumped into Arthur.

"Leon, I'm almost ready to hold the trial, has she come round yet?" Leon nodded.

"She has but she" he paused, "tried to escape."

"What, when?"

"Just now."

"But you stopped her."

"Yes, though I didn't" Arthur looked slightly confused.

"Go on."

"I went to see her, as you requested, and when I entered the cell she attacked me."

"How?" Arthur asked.

"I turned my back on her and she kicked me in such a way that I couldn't move or speak, but I could see and hear her. It was unlike anything I've...I didn't even know it was possible, I've never heard of it before."

"I have" they turned around to see Gwaine approaching.

"Gwaine" Arthur greeted, "how are you feeling?"

"Ah much better, what were you saying?" Leon quickly explained what had happened, when he had finished Gwaine laughed.

"Looks like you have a bit of a trouble maker. Yeah I've heard of it, not much though."

"Well tell us what you do know."

"It's quite simple really. There is a spot on your back that, if you hit at the right angle hard enough, temporarily paralyses someone. It's great for fighting someone bigger than you, or catching people by surprise even disposing of someone you don't want to kill. Although I have heard that there are some who use it for torture. Even though it paralyses you, you can still feel and hear everything" Arthur nodded.

"Okay I want everyone in the council rooms in fifteen minutes for the trial, Elyan go tell Percival to come up now I want to speak to you all first." They all nodded and split up, Gwaine and Arthur went to the council chamber, Elyan to get Percival and Leon decided he was going to put on some chain mail.

Arthur was sitting in the big wooden throne as he waited for Ira to be brought in. His knights were standing to his left, some of the council to his right and Merlin was standing next to a pillar further back. The doors opened and two guards entered bringing in Ira. Arthur had hoped this was going to be a quick and easy trial, but those dreams were dashed as soon as she had walked halfway into the room and he heard the shout.

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