Gwaines' sister

Chapter 4

"You want what?" Arthur asked, Gwaine sighed and repeated his request.

"I was perhaps wondering if you would forget the trial and free Ira," Arthur looked blankly at him until someone cleared their throat.

"Why?" He managed to say.

"Well you're charging her with thievery, she's not a thief."

“You haven’t seen her in years, she could have changed.”

“She hasn’t” Gwaine said firmly.

"And you know that for definite?" Gwaine nodded.

"Come on Arthur" he grinned, "do it as a favour for me." Arthur looked at him gobsmacked.

"Let me get this straight. You come up here, late, also having missed training, not even wearing your cape" Gwaine had let Ira keep it. "And expect me to free her not a couple of hours after you wanted to kill each other, all as a favour for you who obviously does so much around here." He laughed, "Leon what do you think?" Leon looked around nervously.

"Well..." he started before coughing, "she did attack me."

"Oh come on, Leon that was one time, she won't do it again" Leon didn't look so sure, but neither did Gwaine.

"And if I did free her, what would she do?" Gwaine was starting to regret asking.

"Look, Arthur, it's fine, forget I asked" Arthur sighed.

"No, Gwaine I can see this is important to you, especially because she is your family. And it is unfair if what you say is true."

"So she's free?"

"Yes" Gwaine started to thank him but Arthur continued to talk, "under some conditions. She's not allowed to carry any weapons, she will not be allowed to leave, she is to stay within the castle grounds. Certain areas of the castle will be off limits, and she must be accompanied by one guard at all times." Gwaine couldn't help but smile.

"Anyone would think you didn't trust her."

"I don't, and remember if any condition is broken she will be back in the dungeons and back on trial for probably more things than to begin with" Gwaine stopped smiling and nodded.

"I'll make sure she understands."

"So what am I supposed to do all day?" Gwaine shrugged.

"Anything, look around, help Gaius, he could do with it Merlins been really busy lately. There's even a library" at the last suggestion Ira smiled.

"Is it good?" She asked knowing full well Gwaine hadn't finished a book since he was about eight.

"Uhh" Gwaine looked around wildly for inspiration, finding none however he changed the subject. "The main point is if you have a guard with you, you can go anywhere."

"Well not everywhere. Where are those places again?"

"Gwaine hurry up!" The shout echoed across the courtyard, Ira looked around and saw Leon start to jog towards them, Gwaine rolled his eyes.

"I've gotta go, training" he explained, Iras face lit up.

"You're training?"

"No way. Absolutely no way, not a chance" Gwaine said before she could ask. He turned and started to walk towards Leon.

"Perhaps another time?" She called after him.

"NO" He shouted back before disappearing round a corner. Ira turned to the guard standing beside her.

"Hey, I'm Ira" she had decided to at least try and be nice, the guard looked back at her unimpressed. "Fine don't talk" she sighed before heading off towards the main castle.

Ira woke up to the sound of swords clashing. Getting up she made her way over to the window. The small room she had been given overlooked the area where the knights trained. Smiling she got dressed and headed out. Yesterday she had managed to explore the majority of the castle and have a look around the library, which she had to admit was quite good. Today however she wanted to do something a bit more exciting.

As she neared the training ground she stopped and watched them, getting an idea of how they fought. Pretty well she concluded, but like anybody else they had their weaknesses. The knights had stopped to take a break when Arthur called out to her.

"Ira I didn't expect to see you here, is there anything I can help you with?"

"No just watching and giving advice" she smiled and walked over to them.

"Giving advice?"


"Like what?" He asked confused.

"Well from what I could see your left foot doesn't move too often."


"And you're going to need to move it a lot more if you don't want to trip over it." Arthur stared at her speechless. One of the knights laughed but before Arthur could say anything Ira got there first.

"I don't see what you're laughing at. Neither of your feet seem to want to move at all."

"How can you criticise me? I've been taught since birth to fight and kill. What do you know about sword fighting?" He challenged angrily, Ira turned to Gwaine.

"Quite a lot" she replied, but not in her usual cocky way, Arthur noticed that she was, even with the words she used, being humble.

"I taught her everything I know, and she's probably learnt more since I last saw her" Gwaine grinned. Arthur slightly angry at the intrusion walked over to the sword stand, picked up another and threw it at Ira, who to his annoyance, caught it.

"Prove it" he said, Ira looked uncertainly at Gwaine who just nodded and took a few steps back, quickly followed by the rest of the knights.

Ira faced Arthur sword out in front of her.

"Would his majesty like to attack first?" She half mocked.

"Ladies first" he replied coolly. So Ira did, attacking him simply at first with basic attacks, before she started making it more complicated. Knowing all she had to do was trip him over she started to move around him and soon enough he tripped and fell. Lying on his back he looked up to where Ira was standing sword still in her hand.

"You're not too bad" he admitted slowly getting to his feet.

"I could almost say the same to you" she joked.

"But" he continued, "you're weak," she shook her head.

"Weakness doesn't play a major part in sword fighting."

"Yes it does" Arthur tried to argue.

"No it doesn't and since you were the one that ended up on the ground, I just proved that," Arthur turned to his knights, who instantly tried to school their faces to look like they hadn't just been laughing, for support.

"Fine then, let's see how you do against Percival" Arthur said smugly, thinking that there was no way she could beat him due to the sheer size of him. Unfortunately for him what Ira lacked in strength, she made up for in her manoeuvrability. Within a couple of minutes she had gotten past his defences and was holding her sword to his throat. He raised his hands too show defeat and smiled down at her.

"Impressive" he said, they both looked over to where Arthur was standing, his mouth was open. Gwaine walked over to him and draped him arm over his shoulders.

"You look like a fish" he grinned pushing it closed, Arthur shrugged the arm off, adamant that someone would beat her he continued.

"Ok fine, so you can defeat Percival how about..." He looked over his knights.

"Hang on you don't seriously think another one of us is going to fight her, do you?" Elyan interrupted.

"Well yes, you are my knights, knights of Camelot, you should be able to beat her. Leon, how about you?" Leon looked horrified at the thought.

"Well I, um, I" he started to move his arm around. "I think I strained my arm in that last training exercise and I think it needs a chance to recover so..." He trailed off, Arthur was glaring at him.

"Fine" he said through gritted teeth not believing a word of what he had just been told, "Elyan, it'll have to be you."

"I'm really sorry, but, I can't do it ... morally you know … not right and all that". If it was possible for Arthur to look any angrier, he would.

"Ah come on, it's not that hard."

"Alright, Gwaine, it's your turn."

"Me, that's hardly fair."

"Too hard is it?" Arthur mocked, Gwaine looked angrily around.

"Fine" he said and walked into the middle of the imaginary ring. The fight started they were both equally matched so the fight went on a lot longer than the last two, until, seeing an opening, Gwaine tripped Ira up so that she fell over. But instead of falling over backwards, as Gwaine had expected, she managed to move and roll sideways giving her enough momentum to kick his feet from under him, and make him go sprawling on the ground as well. They both got to their feet quickly and the fight continued. It went on for another couple of minutes until Gwaine was standing behind her with the sword to her throat. Arthur walked over a smug smile threatening to break out onto his face.

"Gwaine wins" he declared.

"Not quite" Ira said, Gwaine looked down to see a dagger resting again his leg, he swore.

"Hang on that's my dagger, when did you...?"

"When I knocked you to the floor" she replied.

"I was right, you have picked up some more moves" he laughed.

"So have you" Ira removed the dagger from his leg and he let the sword drop.

"Call it a draw?" He smiled, Ira nodded.

"Wait how was that a draw? Gwaine had a sword to your throat."

"And I had a dagger to his leg," Arthur looked confused so she explained.

"There's a vein in your leg that if you cut you bleed out in a matter of seconds. If you don’t believe me ask Gaius." Arthur nodded mutely and turned to Merlin who had just appeared from the castle.

"Sire, Lord Saevus is here."

"Already?" Merlin nodded, Arthur turned to address his knights.

"Training is finished for today, I expect you all in the council rooms in two hours."

Ira watched Arthur walk off.

"What you thinking about?" Gwaine asked.

"Did he say Lord Saevus?" Gwaine nodded.

"Yeah why?" Ira shook her head.

"No reason."

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