Gwaines' sister

Chapter 5

Ira watched as Lord Saevus passed her hiding place. It was just another room seeing as she couldn't make the guard guarding her too suspicious. She had heard him walking towards her and before he could walk round the corner, she had taken an 'interest' in a room and managed to get her and the guard through the door quickly. Subtly checking the corridor was clear she walked back out and collided with a maid, making her drop the clothes she was carrying.

"Oh I'm so sorry" Ira looked at her confused.

"Why are you apologising, I'm the one that walked into you?" She said before quickly adding on, "for which I am really sorry." Ira reached down and picked up the fallen items.

"Thanks, I'm Gwen by the way" she smiled.

"Ira, do you want some help with these."

"Oh no it's fine, really."

"I don't mind I've got nothing else to so, especially since I've been banned from the training ground" she muttered. Gwen gave in and nodded.

"Yes I saw that" she said leading the way down the corridor. There was silence for a moment. "Can I ask what you were doing in that room?"

"I was looking around, you know interested."

"In a cupboard?"

"That was a cupboard!?" Ira exclaimed, Gwen nodded. "It's the largest cupboard I've ever seen" Gwen laughed.

"But what were you doing in there really?" Ira could see that there was no point in lying as she guessed Gwen would be able to tell instantly.

"I was hiding from Lord Saevus."


"I might have run into him in the past" she admitted, "and well he's not overly fond of me."

"I see" they had reached the courtyard, Ira looked around and saw Lord Saevus looking extremely nervous standing to one side. He seemed to be waiting for someone, she turned back to Gwen who had been talking.

"Sorry what?"

"I said it was nice to meet you but I'll take those now, I'm almost there." Ira silently handed over the stuff she had been carrying and Gwen walked off. Leaving her guard chatting to some friends and making sure no one saw her, she crept round to where Lord Saevus was now having a conversation with one of his servants. She ducked behind a column to hear what they were saying.

"And you can do it again tonight?" He asked urgently "we only have a few more days here."

"Yes my lord, last night was fine no one saw or suspects a thing. The objects are hidden in your cases, no one will think of checking there" the servant reassured him.

"Good. This time I want you to get more, I have heard that a great gem resides in the vaults of Camelot, and I want it."

"It will be done" Ira heard the two men walk away as she tried to make sense of what she had just heard.

They want to rob the vaults of Camelot, and they had already done it once before. She needed to tell someone, she started to head off towards the main castle before she stopped. Why? She hated the king, she hated anyone who thought they were more powerful because of their title. Also who would believe her, Arthur wouldn't even listen, Gwaine might but would he do anything because of the fact Lord Saevus is a Lord? No he would just try and talk her out of it saying she misinterpreted the conversation. She tried to think of who else she could tell, until she realised she had no friends she could turn to. It doesn't need to be a friend though, she thought, just someone who might believe her and tell the king. Someone who sees him every day and might just be able to casually drop it into a conversation, if Arthur actually spoke to those he thinks are lower than him that is. She decided it was worth a try and headed off in search of him.

Merlin was busy making potions for Gaius when he heard the knock on the door. Usually people just knock and enter but this time no one walked in. Putting down the knife he was using to chop up ingredients he opened the door to find an awkward looking Ira.

"You know" he said, "most people just walk in after they knock." Ira didn't say anything so he continued, "are you ok? Is it your side?" she shook her head trying to choose her words carefully thinking no one would be too happy if she admitted on eavesdropping on a Lords conversation.

"No, I'm fine..thanks...I was just wondering if I could talk to you for a minute...if you're not too busy." He gestured for her to come in, "in private" she added as the guard tried to walk in as well. Nodding he closed the door behind her.

"What is it?" He asked slightly suspiciously.

"It's about Lord Saevus" she admitted. "I've met him in the past and, well, to put it bluntly I wouldn't trust him as far as I could throw him." Merlin looked confused, so she tried again. "He has a bad habit of taking what he wants, and if, say, there was something here, in this castle that he might want, he would take it. Even if it was from the vaults," there was silence.

"You think he is going to steal from the king" she nodded in reply.

"How did you find out?"

"I...I just know him, and...thought..."

"I won't tell Arthur" it was her turn to look confused. "That's what you're worried about, isn't it? That you'll get in trouble about it, probably because of the reason he's a Lord and you're not. So if you tell me how you found this out, I won't pass that bit of information on" she smiled.

"You're cleverer than everyone makes you out to be" he shrugged.

"I've already gone through it once with Gwaine, so will you tell me?" Ira nodded.

"I overheard a conversation in the courtyard and believe that Lord Saevus is getting his servant to rob the vaults, he’s done it before and is going to do it tonight as well." Merlin looked thoughtful then nodded.

“He’s done it before?”

“Yes, last night. He’s hiding the items in his cases.”

"I can pass that on discreetly, but on the condition that you answer this next question truthfully." Ira looked at him suspiciously, "why? Why warn Arthur about this?"

"I hate Arthur" she said, "but I hate Saevus more" and with that she walked out.

Thinking about what Ira had said Merlin walked into Arthur's rooms, he was writing at his desk.

"Ah Merlin, I was wondering when you would grace me with your presence."

"Sorry Arthur, got held up."

"By what exactly" Merlin looked up from where he was placing Arthur's lunch on the table, "what in your oh so busy schedule could have made you late?"

"I was talking to Ira."

"Really? You can actually hold a conversation for more than a couple of seconds with someone" he smiled, Merlin laughed sarcastically.

"Funny" he muttered as he started to pick clothes up off the floor. "But in all seriousness she thinks Lord Saevus is going to rob the vaults" he said from inside the wardrobe.


"Yeah she just came and told me."

"That's ridiculous, Lord Saevus is a guest here, is she accusing him?"

"What no, she just wanted to warn you."

"And when is this supposed robbery going to take place?"

"Tonight" Arthur sighed and put his head in his hands.

"We can't trust her."

"Can't we, Arthur I honestly believe she was telling the truth."

"So what I just waltz into our guests rooms and accuse him of thievery. It's just because she hates anyone with a title."

"Arthur please, there might be a way to find out without openly accusing anyone."

"I'm listening."

"We have the knights ready and station them out of sight to keep watch, at most they miss a couple of hours of sleep, but if she is telling the truth we know."

"You know you're not always as dumb as you seem" Arthur agreed, "I want you to find them and tell them to meet here so I can tell them, but make sure no one else finds out" Merlin nodded and ran off to find the knights.

Ira was in her room pacing. She was worried, she had been sure Merlin would pass on the message, but doubts were starting to creep into her mind. At first she had ignored them but with so many it was getting harder. Maybe if she just went down to see if there was anyone there, no she couldn't the vaults were one of the places that were restricted. No one needed to know she was down there though, she was good at sneaking around unseen, but what about the guard, easy, she could knock him out, that way she had a sword as well if she did find someone. She was halfway to the door before she stopped herself, you made a promise, she thought, but what if they don't catch him, another thought said. Her thoughts strayed back to the cold cells of Lord Saevus' dungeons, her mind was made up, she had to see him brought down, and if that meant doing it herself then she would. She opened the door and saw her guard was asleep, well that was easy she thought as she took his sword.

She made her way along the dark passages down towards the vaults, even though she knew roughly where she was going she still got lost once. Hearing a rattle ahead of her she slowed down and crept towards the sound. In the faint gloom she could make out a figure locking a huge barred door.

"I knew it" she said, the figure span around unsheathing his sword, he lowered it slightly when he saw who it was.

"Well I never, I thought I saw you creeping around earlier" he sneered, "I always did wonder how you escaped."

"Shut up, what are you doing?" she demanded.

"What does it look like I'm doing, I'm merely taking things which should belong to Lord Saevus, now get out of my way" he ordered.

"Make me." He started to attack her but was clumsy being weighed down by the items he had taken from the vault, Ira knocked him over and was about to knock him out before a pair of hands grabbed her from behind and threw her to the floor. She looked up to see Percival, Leon and Arthur. Without looking at her Arthur turned to Percival.

"Take her to the dungeons" he ordered, Ira was hauled to her feet but before she could be taken away she called out.

"Wait no, he's further up the passage he tried to make a run for it, please, you have to believe me." Arthur watched her vanish into the darkness and turned as Gwaine and Elyan appeared. Gwaine was dragging an unconscious man and Elyan some treasures that he recognised from the vaults.

"Sire, she was right" Leon said but Arthur didn't listen.

"Elyan put those back in the vaults then meet us in the council rooms, Gwaine bring him and follow me" Gwaine didn't move.

"What are you going to do about Ira?"

"I don't know yet" he replied before walking off.

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