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Her name was irene she was fifteen about to be sixteen. She was just as any other teenage girl. She didnt like going to school although she loved partying with her friends she mostly liked to be alone in her room reading a book to inspire her self or writing her own story's. She was an average girl in her class she wasn't popular but she had a group of friends and that was enough for her. Her schedule was pretty normal too. She woke in the mornings had a daily run went to school attended work after and finally came home at nights for her own time. Irene's weekends were not as busy she slept till ten went on a run and wrote her stories. Her parents were pretty chill yet they argued often she hated this but she ignored it most of the time.

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Chapter 1

Irene... my mom called for me down stairs which was odd bc she dosent like to raise her voice but I brushed it off and slipped my black high tops that I'd had forever but were still in shape on and headed down stairs I got half way down the stairs and herd my mother speaking lightly I didnt understand considering dad was at work who could she have possibly been talking to. When I got down the stairs I seen a woman and man and a very attractive young man which I assume to be their son. My mom comes to my side and says this is my daughter irene these are our new neighbors. I shake the two adults hands in which I learn their names are Jennifer and damion and not gonna lie hes kinda hot but hes old yet when I try to shake his sons hand there is no hand held in return for me to shake. I look up at him and notice hes got headphones in and his eyes are closed his mother quickly apologizes and yanks the headphones away from his ears he jerks his head up and is about to say something when he sees me standing in front of him and stops. The silence was getting a bit awkward so I spoke up and introduced myself as irene and he replied with a quick but cute toothy smile and said his name is Derrick. I took a step back and I was back at my mothers side. Derricks mother Jennifer ended the meet and they went home to unpack. But for some reason I couldn't stop thinking about him. Derrick. He had this look in his eye. His bright green eyes they looked so perfect with his dark hair just barely hitting his eyebrows which were kinda fluffy but had a perfect shape. I let myself think about him until I'm knocked out of my trance by the sound of yelling I listen carefully and moms upset because dad is spending hundreds of dollars out of their savings account on god knows what. Mom caught him going to strip clubs last year and he promised things would be right after that but we all knew that was a lie well I knew but I assume that's where the money's going now but who knows. I decided to go on another run to get away from the screaming. I run down to the neighborhood park but as I run past Derricks house I look at the upstairs window and there he was he didnt see me but he was standing there without a shirt on and he looked puzzled I didnt look too much longer because I felt like a creep so I kept going and when I arrived at the park a sat on a swing and and started to kick my legs. I got higher and higher until I felt like I was on top of the world. I did this for hours this is what always made me feel better but it was getting late and the sun was going down so I decided to head on home my legs being tired I walked instead of jogging to ease the pain a bit. As I was walking past Derricks house for the second time that night hoping he wouldn't see me but I had to stop I could hear a guitar and an amazing voice. It was wonderful but my mood would soon be ruined. I was still awkwardly standing in front Derricks house when I decided I was being a creep again so I turned to walk up to my house but I noticed my dads truck was gone. I assumed he had left to stay the night at a motel because the fighting went to far. That's happened a couple times but I go inside to check on my mom as soon as I step in I here sobbing I dont see her though I eventually find her in the closet in the hallway with a half a bottle of booze that was full before this started. I sit down next to my drunk sobbing mother and she looks me in the eyes and says hes gone hes really gone he left and hes not coming back. I was kinda surprised by my mothers reactions normally when dad leaves my mom is the one that holds herself high and waits for him to come crawling back but something's different this time. I help my mother up and bring her to her bed pick her out a comfy outfit and tell her to put it on while I get her a glass of water. When I walk into the kitchen I see it and I see why mom is so upset. The framed paper that once contained their wedding vows is now laying on the floor the frame smashed and the paper torn to shreds. The thought of this makes me want to throw up in my mouth but I dont I grab a glass and quickly fill it with water and bring it back to my mother. She's curled in a ball on her bed just silently letting the tears roll. I hand her the cup and she shakily takes a sip. I set the cup on her bed stand and I sit down and rub her back. Soon after I stand to tell my mother I'm going to clean up the kitchen but she's already fallin asleep. As I turn to walk out the door I see the empty side of the closet where my dads things once were and it makes me sad. When I get in the kitchen I start sweeping up crushed glass but I keep the torn pages and hide them in a drawer. When I get the kitchen cleaned I take a shower and fall asleep listening to one of my favorite songs by falling in reverse hoping things would go back to normal in the morning.

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