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The other side of me.


My life is perfect ,I am engaged to the love of my life and I run a multimillion company . And that is the side I let people see The real me is the most dangerous person you don't want to cross ,the mob businesses my father left me They call me black in my underground life and my name suits me just fine because I course torture and pure pain the one that make you long for dead so much ,it becomes you salvation But in house of my lover and friend am called blue ,yes I know Its crazy but hey ,am crazy too My dark side is coming to day light I just hope Lucas Anderson love me enough to accepted both if me

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Chapter 1


I walk into my fiancés company and greet the door .

"Antonio" I greet

"Miss black" he greeted back

"Antonio ,I told you only call me black when we meet at the big house but outside you call me blue" I said walking into the company .

I stopped and turn to him

"And Antonio don't make me repeat myself again" I go without waiting for an answer and enter the elevator.

I arrived and walk to his assistant and she looked at me,and put on a fake smile.

"Miss blue welcome " she said with a fake smile on her face.

"Oh Ana if you don't like me why do you worry yourself" I say to her

She looked shocked and I began to walk into Lucas' office .I entered and as he saw me,his face lit up,oh my I love this man.

"Hey babe" I say not paying any attention to the bitch sitting in his office ,and I went to him and sat on his lap and give him a passionate kiss .

I turn to Angela Scott,who look not so pleased

"Bitch" she says in a low tone ,I almost didn't hear her.

"I am" I say to her.

"Excuse me" she says

"I am a bitch Angela you know why because I am my own woman ,I own my company ,I own my own house ,and I have enough money for my great grandchildren to pass it on to their childen and this man here too,I own him so tell me Angela why won't I be a bitch." I say to her rubbing in deep.

She just stared at me with her mouth open with shock in her eyes .

"Angela dear close your mouth so you don't chata fly".I say to her sweetly.

"I..ii will just take my leave" she says getting up quickly as she could to go to the door.

"Oh Angela dear don't forget your purse dear" I smile at her

"Oh baby I miss u soon much" I turn back to Lucas who look at with a grin on his face.

"Oh sweetheart your a real bitch but your my bitch", he says and we started making out in his office

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