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I was cleaning up all the mess on the reception since we were closing up. While cleaning up i saw 6 cards in front of me with question mark

on each one. I just stared at those cards but left them where they were, the most weirdest thing about them was that all 6 of them were arranged and

placed neatly right next to each other. i looked at Emmy and Ara unnie but they couldn’t see the cards so i guessed that these

cards had something to do with me. As i was still in my thoughts a man popped outta no where and stood in front of me startling the

fuck outta me. my back was pressed against the wall and i was breathing heavily, the man just stood there smiling cheekily at me

and with his deep voice he asked “Gwaenchana?(are you okay?)” giggling afterwards. i looked up and i thought my soul left my body

my eyes were wide open and my jaw was dropped. i saw KIM TAEHYUNG in front of me. he looked at me and said “Did you forgot we were supposed

to have a dinner tonight? well i guess yes! so i’ll wait for you at the gate hurry up, pack your things up and come” with that he left.

i just looked at Emmy and Ara unnie, they had the most normal expressions. i was very confused and was about to ask them what was

happening, but they looked at me and said “yah y/n-ah what are you waiting for?? GOO!!! your best friend is waiting for you!!” before

i could say something more they pushed me towards the gate. i knew i had to find out what was going on so i just played along.

when i reached the gate he was waiting for me, he offered me his hand like the prince he is and i took it but i couldn’t stop being nervous.

we sat in the car and he started to drive, i just admired his beauty ’uwaaaahhh!!!chalsaenghyeotta ~~i can’t believe that i’m sitting with

the most famous saxophonist around the world but i don’t understand why is he a model here?? Am i in some kind of dream?′

we reached his mansion and he got off from the car first. He came to my side and opened the door for me. ’“let’s go” he said and walked

inside followed by me. As each step i took i couldn’t help but be surprised by his posters all around the hallway. As we walked through the hallway

there was a big poster of him right in the middle of all his pics and posters i stopped to look at it, he stopped walking right away when he

noticed i wasn’t beside him anymore and he turned around while smiling and said “y/n-ah c’mon” we reached the dinning room and started

eating the dinner right away even while eating i couldn’t stop looking at him. His bright eyes, beautiful lips,cute nose, the way his hot manly hands

move and cut the steak gracefully. My heart was beating faster and faster by each second i spent with him, after eating the dinner he took me to the back of the mansion and asked me to have a seat beside the pool. There was a table with two wine glasses in front of us and Rose petals were scattered everywhere even in the pool. he offered me a glass of wine and told me to look at the screen in front of us. i didn’t even notice the screen as i was too busy looking around, he pressed the play button on remote and the film started playing. The screen showed slideshows of me, my pictures when i was around 6 to when i turned 19. “T-that’s m-me” he smiled at me “but how do you have those?” i asked while looking at him he was looking at me too, directly in my soul. for a second i thought

he was reading through me, he then started talking “when we were young, not only we were neighbors but also close friends. i had a crush on you since then, but i was too scared to confess because of rejection. i was a sneaky one at that time because i loved taking pictures of you and i kept them. but ever since we grew up, you started to drift away from me the more we grew the more far you went

and i started to think that i was losing you slowly but i knew i needed to tell you this. And i think now is the perfect time to say that....Lee Y/n i loved you ever since we were kids and i waited for you till now, i promise to love you till the end of our lives and

i truly promise that i won’t EVER upset you, i love you so much so will you be mine?". i was so shocked and happy at the same time

that words just wouldn’t come out of my mouth so i just nodded, he smiled and looked deep into my eyes then his eyes follow my cheeks,

nose and they finally land on my lips. soon he started to lean in slowly and i did the same. As soon as our lips were about to meet and were

one inches away from each other, something happened. I couldn’t feel his lips on mine anymore, i opened my eyes to see i was back!! standing on the reception. “ANDAWAE!!!!” i yelled and Emmy and Ara unnie looked at me like i was some sort of weirdo. i looked down at the 6 cards

in front of me and saw that the first card had Kim taehyung’s pic on it. i frowned and whined like a little child” but then i noticed that

5 cards left means that i get to spend time with 5 more mysterious guys?!?!?. i squealed in excitement!!!. I looked outside to see it was once again

morning. i looked at both unnies and they both looked very happy so i asked them “emmy unnie, ara unnie is everything ok?? why do you

both look so happy??” they both squealed in happiness and said “OMG! y/n-ah didn’t you hear about the new CEO??? Everyone voted for him. he’s so hot!!!.” she took my iPhone from me and did something and then showed it to me “look!! i voted from your iPhone too!” i just looked at her and

shook my head “jinjja” and smiled. Then all of a sudden both unnies once again squealed but more loudly this time. i looked forward to see him in front of me this time once again my jaw dropped. both unnies bowed to him, while i just looked at him shook. he saw me and said “can you get this file done and bring it to my office by 8:00 pm?” i nodded at him and he said “great” and then left. on his way he bumped into a small 7 year old girl and she fell, he helped her up and asked her if she was okay she nodded and her mother came and thanked him for helping her daughter.


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