Minecraft: A World Without Limits


This book is about zombies taking over the Hypixel server.

Adventure / Mystery
Emroad Foxy
3.0 2 reviews
Age Rating:

an argue

Ryan: “But you promised! You said that you would take me somewhere!”

Dad: “When did I say that?”

Ryan: “Yes, you did! On Saturday 3 o’clock!”

Dad: “Well I don’t trust you.”

Ryan: “Ugh, this is 109,828,937th time you broke your promise!”

Dad: ” Well, I guess I’m just going to break it because I don’t remember anything about the promise!”

Ryan: “ugh, fine well I guess I’m just going to do homework.”

After the homework.

Ryan: “It’s 10 PM. Can I play Minecraft?”

Dad: “Fine you can play Minecraft.”

Ryan: “Yay.”

Ryan gets on the computer. ok so what server on Minecraft. Oh, Highpixel so Hmm what game in Highpixel. What is that? wait why are zombies spawning. I guess I’m going in with my fist then”

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