Surrender Unto Me


"Did anyone ever tell you that you'd make a pretty woman?" Once those words left her mouth, I knew I either wanted to tear her to pieces and spread them to all four corners of the land or laugh.

Romance / Humor
TL S0nya
Age Rating:

Chapter 1

A loud shout shattered the mid-afternoon air, sending the group of wandering travellers: Kagome, Sango, Miroku, Chippou, Kirara and Inuyasha all on high alert. Up ahead of them, a single body sprinted in their direction at top speed, kicking up a cloud of dust behind them. "HE'S GONNA KILL ME!"

A young woman blew past the group, sending a high wind along behind her that nearly knocked the humans over in the process. Then making a quick U-turn, the girl, now able to be identified as a female wolf with two white tales flicking in the air behind her, grabbed ahold of Inuyasha's haori and flung him in the direction of the rampaging bear demon that had been chasing her. "Here! Fresh dog-meat!" She shouted, earning a loud curse from the hanyo as he flew forward, his clawed hand already yanking the Tetsusaiga from it's sheath to slice at the demon in front of him before it managed to swipe him out of the air.

"Sonya, what on earth did you do this time?" Kagome's exasperated voice cut through the sounds of battle, earning a sheepish smile from the wolf girl, a hand reaching up to rub at the back of her short, white-gold air. "Well... I was looking for some honey to put in the tea you make, a little surprise and all. But... Well... I guess it was already claimed..?" She said hopefully, praying in her mind that Kagome would buy the excuse.

"Nice try."

"Damn." With a long-suffering sigh, Sonya blew her bangs out of her face and plopped herself onto the dirt road, arms and legs folded with a small pout on her face. "I was wandering around like usual, and ran into a demon like usual, he tried to take a swipe at me like usual and I managed to tick him off by landing a good blow then bolting... Like usual."

"You know, Sonya. It is a surprise you've managed to survive this long with your actions." Miroku finally broke in, similarly sitting on the ground across from her, his staff propped up against his shoulder, arms folded overtop of it while he flicked a glance over at Inuyasha fighting with the bear. "Yea yea, I'm not that bad." The female ookami waved a hand at him, a small tick appearing in her eyebrow at his words.

Kagome sighed quietly and sat beside her longtime friend, shaking her head at the antics she had been causing nearly all day. Really, the girl has changed so much from how she knew her nearly two years ago: A month before she fell into the well, the same Sonya she sat beside- 'well not the same.' She amended quietly, eyeing the demon characteristics that stood out. 'She vanished without a trace. I still have no idea how she ended up here. But it's good to see her all the same, she'll tell me when she's ready.'


A pair of narrowed blue eyes watched the group with interest, one girl in it catching her attention in particular. 'That uniform... Why on earth would she be wearing that here?' Biting back the growl that usually accompanied her confusion, Sonya continued to follow carefully, her scent and youki masked so the hanyo and two demons wouldn't notice her easily.

"Something is following us, Inuyasha."

However she forgot about the monk. Cursing under her breath, Sonya sorted through the options of what she could do. And decided on the flashy entrance rather than the typical show up and greet.

A playful grin spread across her face before bolting out of the trees and racing forward to snatch the girl in the odd uniform to take off into the forest once more.


'Ah, ha. I knew it. Good thing too, because it would have been really awkward if I had been wrong...' Sonya snickered to herself, still running as fast as she could while trying to ignore the screaming and weak fists pounding on her back. A low sigh managed to slip past her lips as another fist came down between her shoulderblades, followed by yet another shrieked command to let her go.

"Alright then." With that short statement, she stopped and dropped her load into the small pond she had frequented for the past week, earning a very amusing show of Kagome floundering around and spluttering like a fish out of water. "Good to see you haven't changed a bit, Kags."

At the old nickname, Kagome froze. Her mind finally piecing together the familiar body to the voice. The final piece of the puzzle being that nickname spoken in such a mocking tone it couldn't be anyone else. "Sonya?" She squeaked out, turning slowly to face the two-tailed wolf in absolute astonishment, one hand reaching up to lift her wet bangs from her forehead and eyes in order to see her better. "Wh- Wh- How?"

"A very long story I really don't care to tell right now. However I would suggest you duck considering your puppy is about to tackle me from behind." Sonya said easily, her tone of voice at complete odds with the statement, making the wet miko frown in in confusion before realizing what she had said and let out another squeak of surprise as Sonya whirled around, clawed hand snapping out to grip the front of the hanyou's red haori to whirl him past her and into the middle of the pond with a large splash.

"Now that that's over with." She sighed in satisfaction, dusting her hands off on her baggy pants, causing Kagome's gaze to travel from her friend's face down to her clothes for the first time, noticing she wore a simple grey/blue t-shirt and grey cargo pants that tightened around her ankles with a cord. "I should have known you weren't normal. Look at your clothes."

"My clothe- What the hell is so wrong with my clothes? Everyone has said that every time I meet them I get stares and snide remarks. At least mine cover me!" Sonya retorted, pointing at the now soaked uniform Kagome wore with a scowl on her face.


Three voices broke through their conversation, making the two girls turn around and face the other members of her group as they burst through the trees. Sango already holding her hiraikotsu over her head, ready to attack. Seeing the image of Kagome standing knee deep in water, a two-tailed wolf with her hands on her hips and Inuyasha floundering in the middle of the pond pulled them up short, confusion obvious on their faces.

"Oh! Guys, don't worry. This is Sonya, she's a friend." Kagome splashed out of the water, ignoring the shouted threats coming from Inuyasha as he made his way towards the shore himself. "I know her from my time. Though I don't know how she got here."

"Nor will you." Sonya piped up, startling the group of friends as she popped up beside the miko with a wide grin on her face. "Well then, introductions. You know who I am. Who the hell are you?"

"Sonya!" Kagome gasped, slapping her friend on the back of the head. "That was rude!"

"Ow oww! Kagome!" The wolf whined, rubbing the sore spot with a pout on her face, making the three friends staring at the two of them laugh lightly, the tension quickly leaving their bodies at the antics of the two in front of them. "I am Sango. This is Miroku and Chippou." Sango explained with a smile, pointing at the respective people when she spoke their names.

"Oh, and this is Kirara." She added when the small cat jumped into her arms to get a better look at the new person, her head tipped to the side as the two studied each other closely. "Ah, well not much of a cat person..." Sonya murmured slightly, her blue eyes flashing up to look at Sango's face then let out an embarrassed laugh. "No offence! Just... Wolf, cat... Says clearly on the label: 'Do not mix'. Ya know?"

Blinking at the odd terminology, Miroku and Sango looked at each other in hopes the other had understood what the hell it was the wolf said only to hear Kagome giggle brightly. " 'Do not mix'? Really?"

"Better than 'Don't get wet'." Sonya muttered, earning another giggle from Kagome and another set of confused looks from the two in front of her.

"Hey, wolf!" An enraged shout from behind drew their attentions to a now soaking Inuyasha, sword out and transformed as it pointed at the wolf, mere inches from her face.

"What's the big idea, kidnapping Kagome!" He demanded, ignoring Kagome's irritated glare. Sonya eyed the sword curiously, her head tipping to the side to study it before pushing it's tip away from her face with two fingers, eyes locking onto the hanyou's with a mischievous sparkle in them. "Compensating for something there, puppy?" Her glance darted down then back up, watching as he figured out just what she was saying and a dark red color stained his cheeks.

Silence rang in the air, then was broken abruptly by Kagome's loud giggle/snort, prompting her friends to look over at her while she tried to cover her nose and mouth in an effort to keep the laughter from escaping. Tears pooled in her eyes from the effort, but a small twitching in the corner of Sonya's mouth undid her, making the poor miko collapse to the ground amid her howls of laughter.

"I am not!" Inuyasha's enraged howl climbed above the sound of his friend's laughter and tears, making Sonya snort, hands propping themselves on her hips while she eyed him up and down. "Yea... You keep believing that. You know what they say about men that carry big swords around right? No confidence."

The last statement earning another round of giggles from the collapsed miko once again.

Leaning over closer to Sango, Miroku never took his eyes off of the female wolf in front of them, amusement sparkling in his eyes while he whispered to her. "I do believe I like her."

"She certainly has a way with words." Sango agreed, her mouth twitching with the effort not to break into a smile at the flustered mess the woman had reduced Inuyasha to in just a few short moments. "I hope she decides to stick around. Someone needs to knock him down a peg or two now and again."

"It would do him a world of good, my dear Sango." Miroku agreed, making her smile up at him then freeze at the familiar feeling of a hand roaming over her backside.



"I was merely expressing my happiness that we had found a new friend!" Miroku protested with a less-than-innocent look on his face, one hand rubbing the red cheek he had been graced with. "Right." Sango huffed, turning around to look over at Kagome breathing in deeply in an effort to calm herself down, tears still rolling down her cheeks from how hard she had been laughing. "Should we make camp here, Kagome? It's a good spot as any."

"Ye- Yeah." She managed to gasp out, casting a thankful smile over at the Demon Slayer before getting to her feet and dusting off her skirt to walk past a fuming Inuyasha as he slouched against a nearby tree and over to Sonya where she still stood beside the water. "Sonya, want to stay with us tonight?"

"Tonight? Are you kidding, I'm staying with you guys."

"The hell you are!" Inuyasha shot up from his spot once again, a pointed glare aimed at the female wolf who cast a wry glance over in his direction. "Kagome, he needs a shock collar if he keeps barking and interrupting the smarter people like that."

"Inuyasha, Sonya is my friend and if you don't like that, you can just go and sleep in a tree somewhere away from the fire... And food." Kagome threatened, eyes narrowing dangerously at the hanyo who slunk back at the look she gave him, knowing all too well if he denied the wolf again, he would be going without ramen for days, if not weeks to come. And to be honest, the wolf wasn't worth the pain.

With another scowl, he crossed his arms and returned to his seat, glaring at the ground in front of him as the others bustled around, setting up the camp like they had countless times before. Sango and Miroku collecting and starting the fire while Kagome set up the sleeping bags for herself and Sango then turning to her large, yellow back to sort through it for the pot and cups of instant ramen she always carried.

Throughout the night Sonya and Kagome talked, slowly telling some of the funnier things that had happened to them while younger much to the other's amusement. Not that Inuyasha was listening anyway, who cared if Sonya had flooded the 'school' 'hallways' and ended up making the 'students' all go home early because no one could learn in a soaked 'classroom'? It wasn't funny at all!


And after a rather eventful first night, they all were treated to yet another antic caused by the new member, making Inuyasha fight yet another demon because the wolf had enraged it beyond reason.

With a final yell, the battle fell silent prompting the travelling group to look over at Inuyasha panting, eyes watching the figure of a demon bear disappear into the forest, pained whimpers and growls sounding frequently before fading away.

Sheathing his sword, he spun around and narrowed his eyes at the others sitting down, watching him with bored expressions on their faces. "Thanks for the help." He snapped, making the wolf demon roll her eyes at him. "Oh please, Inuyasha. That bear wasn't worth the effort you put into fighting it. Besides, you needed to blow off some steam. You've been irritable all morning."

"I've been irritable because you keep dragging demons back for me to fight!" Inuyasha shouted, eyes narrowed farther on the woman as she stretched her arms over her head, seemingly uncaring at all for what he had to say. "Well, what's done is done. Water under the bridge and all that jazz. Let's go."

At her prompting the others picked up their things before heading down the road once more, laughing and chatting with each other as they passed a very irritated Inuyasha.

Growling under his breath, he ignored the group until a fist knocked him on the head lightly, making him whirl around to face a pair of blue eyes matched with an easy smile. "Come on, or you'll fall behind." Sonya said softly then turned to follow the others with a quick step, catching up in just a few strides.

Closing his eyes and forcing a deep breath through his nose, Inuyasha felt the tension leak away from him and shook his head. Damn wolf, she'd end up getting him killed, he just knew it.

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