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Gotta be strong [Rewritten] Jimin x Reader


The rewritten version of Gotta be Strong

Romance / Drama
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Chapter 1

- Y/N’s POV-

Once again the room lingered with the scent of alcohol, empty bottles of beer and all sorts of liquor were scattered around the living room. Mostly occupying the space on the small oak coffee table and couch. I hated this room as a matter of fact I hated this house. I hated my father I just hated my life.

I just arrived home, coming eye to eye with my father who was by the looks of it drunk. A bottle of whiskey could be seen held in one of his hands. I could smell his breath even from this distance. My father is an alcoholic.

″You have some cash for me?″ He muttered on his wobbly feet. Probably to go spend it on gambling or alcohol like usual.

″I didn’t get my salary yet″ I spoke calmly as I carefully tried to walk my way to my room. I know that he would get mad without a reason, and what would be about to become when he does get mad. Before I could escape his hand already flew across the room hitting my left cheek. My head instantly turned side aways as the familiar burning sensation appeared on my cheek. Holding it carefully I didn’t dare to look him in the eyes. The stinging pain only became worse.....

″You think I’m an idiot. Just give it″ he muttered in a calm tone. Even though he sounded calm it still didn’t mean he wasn’t scaring me. I felt him step closer and my body tenses up.

″Give it″ he breathed out annoyed as he lightly slapped my head again making me stay on my spot. His eyes fell on my bag instantly ripping it from my shoulder. I didn’t protest I just stayed on my spot watching him open it and holding it upside down, emptying my bag. I just bit my lip harshly trying to embrace myself for what was about to come next. The moment he noticed my wallet falling out I couldn’t help but panic. It’s the only money I have left for now, how am I supposed to get groceries.

″No wai-″ I ran my way to him as impulse trying to snatch my wallet away, but before I could even touch it his hand reached for my hair gripping a fistful of it. I yelled out from the pain both of my hands reaching for his to get his grip undone, but before I could even try to I felt my body being pushed against the wall. My head hitting it hard as I lost all balance and fell to the floor.

I heard him open my wallet and a chuckle leaving his mouth once he found the money I kept. Lowering himself in front of me he showed me the cash with a smile on his face. His eyes were red and big he was looking so violent.....so scary.

″Lie to me again and your dead″ he whispered before laughing uncontrollably. He drank the last sips of whiskey before throwing the bottle on the floor and leaving the house. Once he was gone I slowly stood up, picking up all my stuff that was scattered around the floor. Afterward, I cleaned the mess in the living room before heading to my room. Looking in the mirror I saw my left cheek as red as a tomato and my hair looking like I just got out of bed. I clenched my jaw feeling my knees weaken and tears building in my eyes. Leaning over my hands rested on the dressing table as I quietly found myself sobbing.


″MOM!!” I screamed running towards the hospital bed my mom was laying in. She looked all pale and thin. I know she won’t make it...... She smiled at me motioning to hug her. Without hesitating one moment I hugged her tied crying while she slowly stroked my hair.

″Don’t cry. Its gonna be okay″ she whispered.

″Please don’t go. Don’t leave me″ I spoke crying as my dad and the doctors just silently watched.

″I’m sorry I can’t stay″ my mom said cupping my cheeks with both of her thin hands to make me look at her. Her trembling hand reached for my face tugging some of my hair that was sticking to my face behind my ear.

″Promise me to stay strong. No matter what happens you gotta be strong. Believe me, if you stay strong only good things will eventually happen to you″ she spoke as she wiped my tears away.

″I promise″ I replied trying not to cry anymore. I gave her one last hug feeling her grip on me weaken and the heart monitor goes flat.

*end of flashback*

I looked back in the mirror again.

″You gotta be strong Y/N″ I told Myself as I wiped my tears away. I looked back in the mirror again and instead of focusing on my face, my new school uniform that was hanging in the back caught my eye. I turned around taking careful steps towards it.

″Please let me have a happy school life for once″ I spoke to myself slowly touching my new school uniform. Ever since my mom died for some reason everything started to go downwards. Not only did my dad abuse me and became an alcoholic and a gambler but I also got extremely bullied at school. Even though I didn’t know why, But starting tomorrow I will be going to a new school and I hope this time......I will have a happy school life.

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