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The Prince


Chapter One
The Vampire Kingdom

It had just turned dark which was an advantage to the ones who couldn’t handle the dark, but that wasn’t the case for your modern day vampires.

Humans only knew myths about their existence and had never experienced first hand but that never meant they didn’t go into the human world.

An elegant lady with excellent posture, Mrs. Jeon, the queen of the kingdom, was seated in her moderately sized study looking over papers when her only son walked in.

Jungkook: You called for me Mother?

Mrs. J: Yes, my dear, I suggest you sit down for these news.

The young Jungkook sat in the wooden chair with specially made leather cushions.

Jungkook: What’s the issue Mother?

Mrs. J: You do know that your father and I have become quite “old” for the throne. The officials are worried that our old age would do more harm than good and would like young blood to take the throne. We must step down soon which means you will be ruler of this kingdom.

Jungkook: Ok-

Mrs. J: But-

Jungkook: But?

Mrs. J: You will need a queen by your side which is why your father and I have saved you the troubles and made a list of all the female vampires suitable for you and the throne.

Jungkook: But Mother-

Mrs. J: You will meet with each of them and decide who is the best for you.

Jungkook: Mother! I don’t want an arranged marriage! They’ll only want my money!

Mrs. J: Every one of those girls is waiting for the chance to be with you! Why don’t you want at least one of them?

Jungkook: I want someone who loves me for me and not my future title!

Mrs. J: You will marry one of those girls and you will be crowned king!

Poor Jungkook had enough of his mother’s fiasco so he got up and left abruptly, slamming the door along with him. He went to his best friend’s house and sat down on the blonde’s bed while the latter was playing music on his black shiny piano.

Yoongi: What happened this time?

Jungkook: Mother is forcing me to marry a girl that won’t love me

Yoongi: Well, you gotta man up bro, you’re 1000 years old! You can do anything you want!

Jungkook: Then go to Earth with me

At that same moment, Alex, young Jungkook’s sister, was walking down the hallway into the throne room in a black off the shoulder crop top with straps, black tights and black combat boots with black finger less gloves where sits her mother.

Alex: Pardon me Mother?

Mrs. J: Yes darling?

Alex: May I ask where my brother is?

Mrs. J: I am afraid I do not have the answer. He ran off after I discussed the details of his crowning.

Alex: May I ask what they are?

Mrs. J: Very well. I informed that he must marry a girl who I have selected to marry and rule with him.

Alex: But no girl in this kingdom loves him for him.

Mrs. J: That I have been informed of but we simply have no other choice. He must marry a suitable vampire before we step down.

Alex: Very well Mother, you know best. I just think he should decide who he wants to spend his life with him. I will wait for him in the living room. He always goes there when he’s sad or upset.

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