A Cat's Story

Chapter Ten

"Hey Pipsqueak! Wakey, wakey!" A sing-song voice flooded into Edward's half awake mind and he frowned trying to figure out who the voice belonged to.

"Come on, we have work to do!" The joyous voice entered his ears again, confusing Edward.

Who's talking? And why does my head hurt so damn much?, Ed thought to himself.

A sudden recognition swam in his head as the memories of his kidnapping came flowing back.

That's right, Envy...He kidnapped me and told me about the Homunculi's plans. I can't let them do that, I have to get out of here and stop them!. But how?, Ed asked himself.

He blearily creaked his weary golden eyes open and found he was laying painfully on his side on the cold cement floor.

Envy was over at the small table in the corner of the room, numerous items littered the table.

Sharp knifes glinted in the faint light of the room, if he focused intensely enough, you could tell the knifes had been used before. Dried blood caked to the hilts of the knifes, along with some poor soul's skin.

Painfully, Edward propped his small golden form up and craned his head at Envy.

"What do you plan on doing with me?..." He croaked, his voice strangely rough and ragged.

Oh right, he kicked me right before he stabbed the God forsaken needle into my skin!, Ed remembered.

"Oh just tests, Father said we need to see how tough our little pawns will be, and since you're the only one to have lived through our little experiment, looks like you're our guinea pig!" Envy sneered down at him.

"Listen Palm Tree, I'd love to hang around but, I'm afraid I have better things to do than be with you. So, if you'll just excuse me, I'll be leaving."

"I'm afraid that won't be happening, if you even try to leave, that collar I so graciously gave to you, will stop you in your tracks." Envy smiled with a strange sense of calmness. He slowly blinked and brought up the knife in his hand, admiring it's glinting blade with an amused look.

Edward gulped, "What's that supposed to mean?" He peered up at Envy who merely shook his head with a smile.

"It means, that collar has a built in shock to it that'll render the user motionless. Plus, you're chained to that," He pointed to the small chain secured to Edward's neck. "And, you have no clue where we even are. So, good luck with that. Oh!, and we can't forget your tiny little body either." He grinned.

"Tiny. Little. Body. How dare you!?" Enraged, Edward lunged at Envy who only shook his head as Edward came to the end of the chain. It harshly tugged him back, momentarily choking him.

"Poor stupid boy-er, I mean cat. How stupid could you be? Don't you know what chains are for? They're not just gonna break if you tug on them, that's kinda the point." Envy sighed and went back to the task of admiring the knife.

His long black hair fell over his face, it glowed with the glint of the knife, giving him an evil look of murderous pleasure.

Crap, I need to get the hell outta here!, Ed thought as he watched Envy with displeasure.

Edward swallowed his nervousness down, "So this plan, when's it gonna take place anyways?" He lifted a paw up and examined his sharp claw, trying to act as casually as he could manage.

Bewildered, Envy looked up from his task. "You really think I'd be that stupid as to tell you something like that? I take that as an insult!. Therefore, I am going to enjoy these little tests!" The sickening tone made Edward want to gag.

"Well, yeah I kinda did..." Probably not the wisest choice of words but he wasn't just gonna sit there and take his 'tests' without saying anything!.

"Well then, you're mistaken. Now then, we have work to do!" Envy grinned, showing his yellow teeth.

He lifted the knife in his hand and peered at it then he slowly looked up at Edward. He started approaching with the knife raised to strike. "Be a good little kitty and,"

"SIT!" With that, Envy slammed the knife inches where Edward was just standing. He managed to dodge the vicious attempt on his life.

He narrowed his golden eyes with fury, how dare someone try to kill him! He never did anything to make someone try to kill him!...well, not intentionally anyway...

"Hold still you worthless bug!" Envy swung the large butcher knife at Edward, narrowly missing him.

Edward's breaths were coming in painful gasps, each breath felt like a sharp kick to the chest.

My ribs, he must have cracked them when he kicked me. Damn it, that'll just make this harder!, Ed growled in his mind.

With an outraged hiss, Edward charged Envy's legs. He roughly scored his claws down the skin, leaving crimson trails in his wake.

Envy yelped, "You're gonna pay for that!" He threw his knife towards Edward, barely nicking him in the shoulder.

A hiss of pain escaped through Edward's lips, blood was seeping through the wound and into his long golden coat, staining it crimson.

The pitter-patter of blood hit the cement, sending it's chilling echoes through the room.

"Get over here and fight me, you coward!" Ed yelled.

Envy was just outside of the chains reach, standing near the table carefully choosing his next weapon while Edward had to wait as the sting of his wound became more of an aching throb.

"I think I'll remain where I am, just let me know how you feel in about...two minutes or so, 'kay?" Envy absentmindedly flicked his hand towards Edward as if brushing him off.

Edward could feel his anger reaching it's boiling point, it cursed through his veins as if begging to be released.

"Get over here and fight me!" Edward yowled at the top of his lungs, his voice bounced off the walls.

"Oh?, and why should I?" Envy sneered at him, he was taking pleasure in this.

"Because you started to fight me with a damn butcher knife! And you stabbed me!" The last part he screamed with rage. Ed's vision was becoming a little unfocused and he swayed on his feet.

"Hey, what is this?" The room was spinning, blurring all the colors in the room together.

"There was a kind of poison on the knife, that's why I didn't stab you with it." Envy explained slowly.

"A small cut would do the trick. You see, it can do as sorts of things to the victims mind, it's different for each case though so I can't really warn you what might happen to you. Just know this, it'll be painful!" Envy grinned evilly at him then turned his attention back to the table.

"Hey, this isn't cool..." Edward's voice was becoming slurred and unrecognizable, his head was aching and his wound was burning with a red hot fire.

It felt like someone was pressing a white hot iron bar into his skin, letting it smoke under the tool until the skin became charred.

His legs shook with each agonizing breath his took. The cracked ribs weren't doing him any favors.

He couldn't bear the pain, with a blood curling yowl, he fell to the bitter cold floor. Not even its cool touch was enough to calm the burning fire in his shoulder.

He felt his consciousness slipping away, with one last shuddering breath, he gave into the darkness.

However, he found no relief in his sleep, because he was in a familiar place.

"Brother! Help me!" Al screamed with his hand extended towards Edward in a feeble attempt to latch onto his older brother. Al's face was screwed up in pain and fear.

Panic filled Edward as he lunged for his brother, missing his tiny fingers by mere millimeters as Edward was roughly jerked back by the same black hands. He watched in horror as his beloved brother was yanked away from him.

"Brother!" He yelled with his last breaths as the tiny black hands ripped away everything that meant the most to Edward.

"Brother!..." Al's dying screams faded into the distance as he dissipated.

"Al! No!" Edward cried out with misery, his heart burned with a agonizing ache he'd only felt once before.

As darkness filled the room once more, a raspy breath filled the air.

Edward's golden eyes widened with terror as he slowly turned his head towards the sound.

There, laying in the center of the circle, was a gory scene of blood and guts. The creature's heart was outside of its body as it pounded with each heartbeat.

"Mom?..." Edward asked in a quiet, horrified voice. He clenched his bleeding leg and stared at the thing as it started crawling towards him.

It extended an arm, and with a shuddering breath, it fell to the floor never to move again. Blood shimmered around the figure as it leaked it's life sustaining fluid onto the cold floor.

"Al..." Edward ducked his head and felt a single tear fall down his cheek and onto the blood ridden floor. He clenched his stub of a leg and cried. "Al!"

Then the dream repeated...

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