A Cat's Story

Chapter Eleven

Roy looked around at his once clean house as he felt his rage burning within him like a burning forest fire, waiting for its revenge.

"That damn animal, I take him into my home and this is how he repays me!" He hissed, he couldn't believe just how ungrateful an animal could be.

"Oh Oliver, where are you?" He called as he quietly slipped a glove over his hand and glanced around the room trying to locate the stupid cat so he could flame him.

"Oliver, I got you that kitty food I promised. Here kitty, kitty..." He called in a sweetly tone of voice, trying to push down his anger but failing miserably.

"Damn it!, come here you stupid asshole of a cat!. Get over here so I can reduce you to coals!"

He scanned the room with burning eyes as his hands clenched in barely suppressed anger.

His precious paperwork, the very stuff he spent all night working on, was ruined by a stupid and selfish cat.

"You bastard of an animal, where the hell are you?!" He yelled, his voice echoed through the empty and torn up room.

"What happened here, where is he? He better not of run away, Hawkeye will kill me." He glanced nervously around trying to locate the ball of orange fluff. Anxiety barely overriding his anger.

How could he have thought he could leave the cat alone?.

"Damn it!, what if he slipped out the door. Which obviously he did because he's not here!" He scanned the room once more and started frantically walking towards the kitchen trying to locate the cat.

Not finding the ball of fluff, he turned and sped to his phone hanging on the wall.

He hovered his hand over the phone debating whether or not to call Hawkeye. He decided it'd be better if he called someone else as he picked up the phone and slowly dialed.

The phone rang. With each ring Roy became even more nervous, he swallowed it down as a voice answered.

"Hello?, Mae's Hughes speaking. How may I help you?" A kind voice filled Roy's ear.

"Mae's, it's Roy." Roy twirled his fingers around the phone chord.

"Roy? What's up? Something wrong? Did something happen to the cat? Something happened didn't it?, answer me Roy." Mae's babbled.

"Uh, well...yes but it wasn't my fault! The stupid cat slipped through the open door and ran off somewhere."

"Why was the door opened? Did someone break in?" Mae's asked, concern filled his voice.

"I never thought of that, but why would someone want to break into my house?" Roy frowned as he glanced back at the door across the room.

"I don't know Roy Boy, maybe someone saw a cute kitten in the evil Flame Alchemist's house and thought that if they left it, you'd probably kill it sooner or later." Mae's giggled.

Roy sighed and smacked his face with his free hand, he let it slide down and fall to his side.

"I doubt that Mae's...Besides, I'm not evil!. Now, how the hell am I supposed to find the cat before Hawkeye finds out?" Roy asked, he felt a single bead of sweat slip down his forehead.

"Hmm, good question Roy boy!"

"Stop calling me that! Just come over and help me find the damn cat or I'll turn you into a charred pile of meat!" Roy demanded with a hiss.

"Alright, no need to threaten me!, geez!" With that, Mae's hung up the phone.

Roy sighed and listened to the quiet "beep" of the phone then hung it up and turned to the door.

"Damn it all! I hate animals..." He mumbled as he grabbed his black coat on the way out the door and stood on his porch waiting for his friend.

A small figure in the distance alerted Roy that Mae's had arrived.

Mae's grinned and waved, "Hey Roy!, I'm here!" He jogged excitedly up to Roy and smiled.

"So what's the plan, Roy boy?" Mae's asked as he eyed the street, glancing around Roy's house.

"I thought that's why I called you over, I have no clue what the plan is!." Roy hissed, he tugged his coat tighter against his skin trying to keep his warmth.

"Lets just get this over with, we'll start looking around the streets for the stupid cat." Roy said.

"Alright, here kitty kitty!. Oliver, it's your best and nicest friend in the whole wide world!. Don't worry about Roy here, I'll protect you!. I'm your best hope for survival!" Mae's called sweetly, earning him the glare of Roy.

"Are you even trying to help? You're gonna make him think I'll kill him or something!" Roy hissed as he glanced around trying to locate any sign of the cat.

"Sorry!" Although, Mae's didn't sound the least bit sorry.

"Whatever, lets just find the cat before Hawkeye finds out I let him get outside..." Roy shuddered, just the thought of Hawkeye and her gun made him sick. There'd been many times where she'd almost kill him for lesser reasons.

"Oliver, here kitty kitty. Where the hell are you?" Roy cupped his hands around his mouth and yelled into the street, he listened for a moment but he didn't hear the pathetic meow of the cat.

"Roy, you said the door was opened when you left right?. Did you lock the door? Because if you did then doesn't that seem a bit impossible that a tiny kitten could open your locked door?" Mae's frowned back at the house as he rubbed his chin.

Roy scratched his head in thought, "Yeah, I guess you're right..." He started walking back to the house.

"Since you're supposed to be so great at investigations, maybe you should take a look." Roy pointed to the glass on the ground.

Maes walked over and bent down to look at the glass, "Well Roy, it doesn't exactly take a genius to see that someone broke into your house..."

"What!?, who the hell would do that?" Roy asked, he wasn't thinking straight from staying up half the night writing on his paperwork, which was now trashed.

"Look Roy, have you ever thought someone took the poor kitty?" Mae's mumbled.

"Why would someone want that stupid cat?" Roy couldn't make sense of the situation, his brain hurt with each thought, he needed sleep.

"Think about it Roy, that cat was an important clue in what happened to Edward and now it's gone missing because someone broke into your house. Sounds to me like someone doesn't want you to find out what happened to Edward."

"I think you're reading into this too much, again, why would someone think a cat would have something to do with a disappearance of a military soldier?" Roy asked in annoyance.

"It was just a thought..."

"Yeah well, lets just get back to looking for Oliver." Roy sighed as the wind started picking up and whipping against his coat.

They headed down the empty sidewalk, both had their eyes peeled for the pesky animal.

"Oliver!, here kitty kitty. Come home!, it's cold out here!" Roy yelled as he roughly shoved his cold hands into his coat pocket trying to warm them up.

They followed the sidewalk into town and dodged people on their search.

"Damn cat is always getting into trouble!" Roy fumed as a man roughly shoved past him, glaring the whole time.

"Why couldn't I have ended up with a nice sweet kitten?" Roy whined to his friend who just rolled his eyes.

"Roy, Oliver was your responsibility no matter what his personality was." Mae's answered as he flicked his hand in annoyance.

"Lets check over there, maybe he wandered into the alley or something?" Mae's pointed to an alley just off the beaten path.

"Fine, whatever lets just find him so we can go home." Roy muttered as they walked into the alley.

"Oliver, kitty kitty!" Mae's cupped his hands around his mouth and called. His voice echoed through the alley and bounced off the closed in walls.

Roy walked with his head down and his hands in his pocket. Damn, what if Riza finds out about Oliver missing?

"Hey Roy, watch out!" Mae's called to him and roused him from his thoughts but it was too late. He bumped into a dirty trash can and fell into its contents as they spilled on the ground.

"Grrr!, Why me!?" Roy spat out garbage and slowly pushed himself up onto shaky elbows as he glared up at Mae's when he heard him laughing.

Mae's had his hands on his knees and was laughing so hard tears fell from his eyes. "Ha!, you look disgusting Roy!" He sputtered out through what little breath he had left in him.

"Shut it!" Roy sent daggers to his friend as he stood up and looked at his dirty clothes. He frowned and tried brushing the rotten food off of his coat.

Roy looked up at the sky as the last colors of the sun faded into a light pink, signaling it's descent.

"Lets just go home, we'll look more in the morning..." Roy muttered as he headed for home.

The streets were deserted now, their once crowed areas now empty and cold.

"I know how you must be feeling Roy, we'll find him." Mae's rested his hand on Roy's shoulder in an ill attempt to comfort him.

Roy looked up sourly at his friend, "You can feel my fear?"

"Fear?. I thought you'd be feeling sad, anything but fear. Why are you afraid?" Mae's frowned.

"I fear for my life because of Riza! There, I said it!. I'm scared of her when she's angry..." Roy mumbled the last part quietly, almost too quiet for Mae's to hear.

"Wait, you're scared of Riza?...Why?" Mae's grinned at Roy who was red in the face.

"Because, she's a great shot. Plus I told her I'd look after this cat, and I failed her..." Roy sighed as he looked up, they were at his house now.

He glanced over at his forgotten groceries from earlier and he picked them up on his way inside the house.

He pushed the bags onto his kitchen table and plopped down in one of his chairs as he rested his head in his hands and sighed.

"What am I gonna do?"

Just then, a shrill ringing filled the room.

"Damn it, who could that be?" Roy wondered as he walked over to the phone hanging on the wall and picked it up.

"Hello, Roy Mustang Speaking."

"Hello Roy."


"Oh uh, hi!." He spoke in a much too cheery tone of voice, making Riza frown from the other end of the line.

"What's got you all giddy?"

"Oh nothing, just you calling!"

"What's up Roy?, did something happen." She instantly suspected that he done something he probably shouldn't have, he always flirts when he's nervous.

"Haha, wha...what do you mean?" Roy stuttered into the phone, he let his free hand twirl the phone cord absentmindedly.

"I mean, what did you screw up this time?"

"Nothing!. So uh, Riza, do you have plans tonight? haha..."

What am I doing?, Roy asked himself.

"Roy you'd better tell me what happened right now!"

"I have no idea what you're talking about!, Skirts!"

Why the hell did I just yell that into the phone?!, Roy was sweating now.

"Now I know for sure something happened! Tell me or I'll come over and find out myself!"

"Oliver got outside when I was at work and now I can't find him!" He blabbered as sweat leaked down his face.

"Roy Mustang, I thought you could watch over one teeny, tinny little kitten but it looks like I was wrong." Her voice was strangely calm, meaning she was overly mad.

"I can watch a stupid cat!" He yelled into the phone, his voice laced with venom.

"Oh is that right? Well then, where is Oliver?"

Roy swallowed, damn she was right...

"Uh...well, I'll find him!. We've already searched around my house, with no sightings, we proceeded into town and looked there. We also searched into an alleyway but with no luck."

Roy looked down at his dirty clothes and inwardly sighed. How was the cat able mess with him when he wasn't even around?.

"You'd better find him Roy, he's the main clue in what happened to Edward!"

"Yeah I know...even if I can't find Oliver, I promise I will find Fullmetal!" He clenched his teeth in a silent oath to himself, he would not let Edward die.

"I know Roy, We'll find them both. Now, get off the phone and start planning how to find them!"

"Yeah alright, goodbye Riza..."

"Bye Roy." With that, she hung up leaving Roy staring at the phone in his hand.

"Well, is she gonna kill you?" Mae's quietly crept around the corner and peeked at his friend, his hands were visibly shaking.

"No, but she probably will if we don't find Oliver soon. Because without Oliver, I don't know if we'll be able to find Fullmetal and that's a problem because I promised I would." Roy looked over at Mae's who finally stepped into the room.

"You promised you would? How are you gonna do that?" He questioned with a frown.

"I'm not sure, but I will find him!" Roy told him with certainty, he glanced down at his clothes.

"But in the mean time, I need to change out of these." He pointed to his filthy clothes then turned and started walking to his room.

"You stink, by the way!" Mae's shouted from down the hall.

"Gee thanks..." Roy called back halfheartedly as he was deep in thought.

I will find you Fullmetal, I swear I will.

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