A Cat's Story

Chapter Twelve

Hawkeye started at him in disbelief, her chocolate eyes wide in shock. "You're Edward? How?" She asked as she regained her posture. "You know what," She raised a hand before he could say anything. "Let me call Roy over here then you can explain." She picked up the phone on her desk and started dialing his number, it started ringing as Hwkeye stared ahead with a steely face.

"Hello, Roy Mustang speaking." Roy answered the phone, sleep still heavy in his voice.

"Roy, it's me and I've found Oliver." Riza spoke as she eyed the small orange cat carefully.

"You did?!" Roy asked, all traces of sleep gone from his voice.

"Yes, and I also found someone else. Or I should say, I found two in one." Riza frowned at her words, she looked around the room. By now, everyone was starting to take notice of the cat sitting on Hawkeye's desk.

"Oh? And what's that supposed to mean?" Roy asked her.

"I found Oliver, and I found Edward. But there's something you have to see for yourself when you get here." Riza didn't bother explaining any farther.

"I'm on my way." Roy answered after a brief pause then the phone clicked and went to the tone.

Hawkeye frowned at the phone in her hand then set it on the receiver and folded her hands over each other as she looked at Edward. "I'm not going to ask you to explain until Roy gets here but I will ask you, are you hurt anywhere?" She asked.

Edward nodded his head, "Yeah, Envy did a number on me. I think I might have a few cracked ribs and I know I have many bruises. Few cuts as well." He told her as he gestured to his shoulder and chest area, his tail slowly flicked back and forth in annoyance.

"I'll get the first aid kit then. Wait here." Hawkeye rose from her chair and walked over the the wall where the first aid kit was hanging.

"If you do have a cracked or broken rib then there's not much I can do for that until we get you to a doctor. But I can bandage the minor cuts and scraps." She set the kit on her desk and popped the lid on it, she dug around for the required items.

"This might sting a little." She warned as she started wiping a large cut on his shoulder clean from dried blood and dirt. Edward grimaced at the sharp pain.

Edward scanned the room, trying to get his mind off the sharp pains going through his shoulder wounds. By now, breathing was even becoming painful.

"Hey Hawkeye, what's up with the cat?" Havoc finally asked as he puffed from his cigarette, he watched in confusion as Hawkeye dressed the small cat's wounds.

Hawkeye stopped what she was doing and looked up at Havoc. "Aren't you supposed to be working." She said in more of a statement than question.

"Well, I wanted to take a quick break and I saw the cat so I came to see what's up." Havoc frowned down at Edward and scratched his head.

"Seems like I know this cat from somewhere," A quick shudder went down his body. "Those eyes...They're so creepy. It almost reminds me of Edward, I miss that little pipsqueak." Havoc sighed.

Hawkeye grabbed Edwards jaw and held it shut as he tried to scream at Havoc. He flung his paws around trying to make contact with Hawkeye and make her release his mouth.

Hawkeye leaned close to Edward and whispered. "Unless you feel like explaining yourself twice, then I suggest you shut up." With that, she released his jaw and let him pant in anger.

Edward gave a loud hiss to Havoc as he glared up at the man, letting his golden eyes bore into him.

Everyone's eyes went to the door as it burst open and in flew two men.

"Colonel, nice to see you." Hawkeye greeted as she finished wrapping bandages around Edward's wounds, she calmly put the supplies away and closed the lid to the first aid kit.

"Lieutenant, glad to see you came as well." She welcomed Hughes.

"Awe, look at the tiny little kitty!" Hughes ran over and picked Edward up as he puffed out his lips, "Aren't you the cutest thing! Not quite as cute as my Elicia though!" He rubbed the cat's head against his cheek, Edward's golden eyes were wide in shock and horror.

"Where's Fullmetal?" Roy looked around the room, his onyx eyes brushing over everyone.

"Right there." Hawkeye pointed to where Hughes was standing with the cat.

"Where?" Roy frowned as he started at his friend in confusion.

"I'm right here you bastard! Put me down!." Edward shouted over Hughes babbling. Hughes froze and sat the cat down on Hawkeyes desk, his eyes wide in wonder.

"I'm Edward, you stupid brute!." Edward flicked his tail back and forth.

Roy let his mouth fall open as he tried to form words. "How?" Was all he managed to mutter.

Even Havoc was gaping, his cigarette hanging limply from the corner of his mouth.

"Well if that idiot wasn't smothering me, I might have told you sooner." Edward hissed to Hughes then flicked his golden eyes to Roy.

"Hang on a moment!. Does this mean that annoying little twit of a cat I brought into my home was...you?"

Roy shook his head and ran a hand through his shaggy black hair. "This isn't happening to me."

Roy paced the room mumbling, sending a glance at Edward's smug face every now and again.

"What's wrong Boss?. Who cares that he stayed with ya?" Havoc asked with a frown.

"What's wrong?. I changed my clothes in front of him!, and shared my food with him!. Oh, and I gave him a bath, a freaking bath!. What do think what's wrong?." Roy shouted as he stopped pacing, he glared over to Edward.

"Hey, it's not my fault!. I tried to tell you to let me out of the bedroom, and I also tried to tell you not to give me a bath but you didn't listen!" Edward looked away in embarrassment, his ears pressed tightly against his head.

"Wait a second. You changed in front of him?. Ha!, that's hilarious!" Havoc started laughing, much to Roy's annoyance.

Edward glared over at Havoc and hissed, his long fur puffed up along his spine as his tail brushed out like he got shocked with high voltage.

"Shut it, unless you want me to kick your ass!" Edward yelled, his eyes bore into Havoc like molten lava.

Havoc shut up and regained his posture. "Right, sorry." He cleared his throat and grabbed another cigarette from his shirt pocket and lit it up.

"Whatever. Look, do you idiots want to know what happened or not?" Edward looked around the room and his eyes widened. He jumped to his feet and frantically looked around the room.

"Where's Al?" Edward turned his eyes to Roy and turned his head to the side in confusion.

"He'll be here any minute, I called him before I got here." Roy answered as the door burst open and in flew a body of armor.

The clinking sound of armor feet hitting the wood floor filled the room. "Where's my brother?" Al asked as he peered around the room.

"Where's my brother, where's Edward?" Al looked to Roy and marched over to him.

"Where is he?" Al asked as he came to stop in front of Roy.

Roy met his soul-fire eyes and pointed to the cat on Hawkeye's desk.

Al immediately looked over to the desk, letting his gaze fall on the bandaged cat. "Look, I don't know what you're trying to pull here Mustang but my brother's not that small. Even he couldn't hide under Hawkeye's desk." Al folded his arms tightly against his chest, making the sound of metal meeting metal ring throughout the room.

Roy smothered out a laugh and looked away, trying to hide the obvious smile upon his face.

"Al! I'm not short! And I'm right here, you idiot!" Edward screamed, making Al take a closer look at the cat.

"Brother?" Al asked as he walked closer to the cat and crouched down to his level.

"Yeah Al, it's me." Edward smiled as he rose to his feet and walked to the edge of the desk, he involuntary started purring as he rubbed his head against Al.

"Brother! You're really alive!" Al shouted happily as he snatched up Edward and started snuggling him.

"Yes Al, I'm alive." Edward answered. Al gently held Ed then set him down on the desk.

"Now, tell us what happened to you." Al asked as he stepped back and joined the others, they all stared at him, waiting for his answer.

"Well, as you know. Me and Al went into this abandoned house of an old alchemist, we heard that the books the man owned might have contained information on the Philosophers Stone. I came across a book that had some information on it, along with some arrays. I thought we had finally found it, so I told Al I was going to try the array. That's when he left to get Mustang."

Edward rolled his eyes at the man. "We all know that by the time that Mustang got his lazy ass out of his chair and made his way to the abandoned house, it was too late."

Roy glared at Edward, "I'm not lazy. I just don't get enough sleep so I get tired." Roy explained.

"Well now that I have that bit of useless information," Edward looked to Roy when he said useless, earning him yet another heated glare from the man.

"In the time Al was gone, I started drawing the array on the floor. When I activated it, it seemed it was all going well but then a strange light started flowing from it and intense pain erupted through my body. I passed out, and when I awoke, I found myself like this."He gestured his head to his body and frowned.

"And that's when the King of everything useless showed up." Edward flicked his head to Mustang.

"I'm not useless, you pipsqueak!" Roy shouted, his onyx eyes darkened dangerously.

"Who are you calling so small a flys fart could blow him away!?" Edward screamed.

"That's enough, you two are acting like children!" Hawkeye looked at Roy more than Edward.

"He started it..." Roy pouted and looked away from her when she glared at him.

She looked over at Edward, "Is there anything else we should know?" Hawkeye asked.

"Yeah, something big's going to happen. And soon." Edward caught the attention of everyone in the room.

"The homunculi are planning to turn all humans into animals. They're the one's that planted the book I found, it was supposed to be a test to see if a human could survive the transmutation." Edward explained.

"So that's how this happened." Roy spoke grimly, his head bowed to the floor in thought.

He brought his head up and met Edward's eyes. "What's their motive for this?" He asked.

"Envy said that they want to become rulers of this world by turning people into worthless animals that obey their every command." Edward told him.

"We have to prevent this, we can't let them hurt anymore people!" Edward said as he looked around the room at everyone's faces.

"What do you mean by them hurting people? I thought you were the only one?" Roy frowned.

"No, Envy said there were many more before me. I am the only one who's survived their tests so far. That's why we have to stop them, they'll keep trying until they perfect it." Edward said.

Roy looked at everyone, meeting their eyes. "First, we'll figure out how to get Fullmetal back to normal then we will stop them." Roy said.

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