A Cat's Story

Chapter Fifteen

"Oh brother, you're so tiny and fluffy and so cute!" Alphonse squealed with delight, of all the things Edward could have turned into, he got to be a cute fluffy kitten!

"Stop it Al! That's the fiftieth time you've said that!. Stop bouncing around and stop trying to pick me up. If you haven't noticed, I'm still your older brother!" Edward hissed in anger, he walked over to their small couch and jumped up onto it. He laid his head down on his paws and sullenly looked over to Alphonse.

"When can we go back to Mustang's office, I want to help come up with a plan to stop Lust and the rest of 'em." Edward asked.

Alphonse walked over to the couch and folded his arms. "Brother, you have a broken leg and broken ribs, you actually think I'd let you leave and go to the Colonel's office?. Be real, it isn't happening until you heal a little." Alphonse peered down at his brother.

Edward raised his head and narrowed his eyes. "I am healing!" He insisted, "And it wasn't that bad of a break in the first place!"

"Right, it's been a week and you say you're already all better." If Alphonse could roll his eyes then he would have.

"I am!," Edward protested. "I think I heal faster because of what the Homunculi did to me!. Now, please can we go?" Edward stood up and hopped down from the couch then jogged up to his brother as if to prove his point that he could walk.

Alphonse groaned and bent down to pick Edward up. "Fine, but I'm carrying you." Alphonse picked Edward up much to his disapproval.

"Now hold on Brother." Alphonse told Edward as he opened the door and went outside.

The chilly air whipped Edward in his face and ruffled his long orange fur. He frowned and tried to pulled himself closer to Alphonse but that didn't give him any relief, the cold metal only pulled in the cold air and trapped it.

They bounced down the sidewalk and headed for the Military building. It soon came into view and they walked through the front gates. "Duck your head Brother, I don't think most people would allow a cat into the building." Alphonse covered his brother's head with a gauntlet and timidly waved to the guards as they passed.

"Okay brother, you can look now." He lifted his hand away from Edward and let him peek out.

People rushed to and from areas in the building as Alphonse walked past them in a hurry to get up to the next floor of the building.

They reached the top and walked over to the door of Roy's office and walked in. They were greeted by a rather still silence, much different than what they usually hear walking into the office.

Everyone was grouped up around Roy's desk, Havoc was leaning against the wall with a limp cigarette hanging from his mouth, Hawkeye was standing in front of Roy's desk looking like they'd interrupted an important conversation, and Roy was sitting in his chair with his fingers steeped.

They all turned when they noticed the guest in the office.

"Alphonse, come in. Is FullMetal with you?" Roy asked as he peered around Alphonse's feet.

"Yes sir, he's right here." He opened his arms a little wider and nearly made Edward fall to the floor but he clung onto Al's arm with his claws, they scored down the metal sending a horrid screeching sound through the office.

He managed to climb back up onto Al and he glared at his brother.

Roy flinched at the sound and frowned at Edward. "Well, now that everyone's here. We can discuss what to do about FullMetal's situation," Roy waved his hand at Edward's body, "and also how to stop the Homunculi." He added.

Havoc nodded grimly, "I think we should first figure out how to change the Chief back to a human body, I mean it's kinda weird talking to a cat." Havoc nervously looked over at Edward who gave a small growl.

"I agree with you but does anyone have any clue how we could do that?. I mean, it's not like I know much of normal alchemy, yet alone how to change people into different forms. My specialty is flame alchemy and I do that quite nicely if I do say so myself." Roy smiled smugly to himself.

Edward rolled his eyes, "If by doing things nicely means burning down countless buildings, then yeah, you're doing wonderful!" Edward mocked.

Roy narrowed his eyes at him, "Oh, I'm the one who ruins countless buildings every week?" Roy raised a brow, "If you'd like FullMetal, I have every document on hand of how many things you've ruined in a two months span."

"Oh yeah old man?, well I-"

"That's enough you two!, you're acting like children. We have more important things to discuss than how many family's you two have put out of homes. Now, someone come up with at least one idea of how we're going to deal with this situation, and I don't want any fighting." Hawkeye looked back and forth from Roy and Edward.

"Fine. I suggest we go in two group's. The first group will go to the library and look for anything that even remotely has to do with what we're dealing with. The second group will go back to the house of which this all occurred at and try to find something that'll change FullMetal back into the tiny little boy he once was." Roy finished and stood. " The first group will consist of Alphonse and Havoc. The second group will be Hawkeye, Edward, and I. We'll meet back here at five o'clock tonight. Now go." Roy walked over to the door and grabbed up Edward from Alphonse's hands.

"Hey put me down!" Edward demanded as he tried to claw his way out of the colonels hands. Roy thankfully had his gloves on, which at the moment, he was quite tempted to use.

He just ignored Edward's protests and held him closer to his chest. "Are you ready?" Roy asked Hawkeye, she nodded and they headed out the door, followed by Havoc and Alphonse.

They made it downstairs and out the door without anyone noticing Edward's loud disapproval of Roy holding him, they all went outside the building and stopped. "Okay, remember. Five o'clock. Good luck!." They split into two groups and headed in opposite directions.

The house was coming up in their view, not much had changed, it still had the rundown and overgrown yard in the front, with the old rotten picket fence that was once white.

"Okay, let's head in but it's still unstable in there so try not to move too much around. Most of all, be careful!" Roy told them before heading inside.

He walked inside and the messy house greeted the three of them, broken bookshelf's, random books were piled here and there, and dust littered everything in the house.

Roy sat Edward down onto the dusty floor and stood up again. "Looks like we have a lot of work to do.." He commented grimly. "We better get started, this work isn't gonna do its self."

Edward rolled his eyes, "Like you ever do any work.." He mumbled as he jogged over to a nearby pile of discarded books and started shifting through them trying to find anything that would catch his attention.

"Find anything?" Roy asked after about ten minutes of searching.

Hawkeye shook her head and tossed a book aside. "No, nothing yet." She answered him then focused back on what she was doing.

Edward twitched his ears, "No, I haven't found anythin- anythi- the- Achoo!" A sneeze interrupted him, a cloud of dust flew into the air as he sneezed. He narrowed his golden eyes in frustration as the dust came to settle on his head, dulling the normal shinning of his fur.

"Awe, you almost looked cute FullMetal!" Roy mocked him, it was the only thing keeping his mind off of the boring task of digging through centuries old books that hadn't seen the light of day in years.

"Shut it old man! At least I have the ability to look cute, unlike you." Edward shouted over at the man on his knees shoving books aside and tossing ones they didn't need.

Roy glanced over at Edward. "Are you even looking?" Roy asked, narrowing his eyes and paused on a rather boring book about some old guy in history.

"No, of course I'm not looking for the only thing that might be able to turn me back into a human. What are you thinking Mustang?. Of course I'm looking!, I am not gonna be stuck in this-this," He glared down at his tiny paws, "Stupid body!" He hissed.

"I think you left out the "tiny" part of that sentence." Roy flipped through another book and tossed it aside.

"I am not small!" Edward puffed up twice his size and growled.

Hawkeye rolled her eyes. "Knock it off you two, if we want to accomplish this in time then you better stop fighting and start looking harder!." She gave them both an icy look before going back to her task.

Edward stuck his tongue out at Roy and glared at him as his fur started to go back to its normal size.

"But he just stuck his tongue out at me!" Roy pointed to Edward who looked away and tried to be innocent.

Hawkeye let out a loud moan and look to them. "I swear, you two are like babysitting toddlers!"

"He started it..." Edward grumbled as he pawed through another stack.

Hawkeye gently set down an old book and glared towards Edward. "And I'll finish it if you two don't stop." She warned.

"Fine. Whatever." Edward sighed, not only was he a tiny stupid kitten but now he was being yelled at like he was a little kid.

"Hey, I might have found something!" Roy held a thick dusty book in his hands as he stood and started leafing through it.

Hawkeye stood and walked over to him. "Do you think so?." She asked as she peered over his shoulder and read some of the lines.

Edward glared up at the two adults and lashed his tail back and forth. "I'm down here, I can't see it!." He whined loudly.

Roy glanced down at the kitten by his feet, he sighed. "Fine." He knelt down and held the book out for Edward to read.

His golden eyes brushed over the written words. "This is the book that turned me into this beast. Do you think it'll turn me back?" Edward met Roy's dark eyes.

Roy shook his head, "I don't know Full Metal, we can only hope." He certainly hoped this would be the cure, he was getting tired of carrying Full Metal around. Plus the claws weren't something to be trilled about...

Hawkeye knelt down beside them, her keen eyes read over the page. "Keep reading until you find something that has to do with turning him back." She suggested.

Roy nodded and turned through the book until he came across a page talking about Transmutations.

"I think I found something," His onyx eyes tried to focus on the paper, "None of this makes any sense." He sighed in frustration.

"Let me see it. If we always relied on you then nothing would ever get done around here, you're pretty useless.." Edward said as he brought the book down closer to his face.

Roy slumped down, "Useless?. I know I'm not always up on paperwork and what not but to be called useless?" He muttered under his breath.

Hawkeye and Edward ignored him as they had more important things to worry about than being called useless.

"You guys probably won't understand this text but I think I know how to do this!" Edward looked up at Hawkeye with a hopeful gleam in his eyes.

"Why wouldn't we understand the text?" Roy finally asked.

"Because you didn't study much of Human Transmutations as I did, you really only know about Flame Alchemy," He glanced to Roy, "which is worthless in this situation." He briefly added.

Roy stared blankly at the book. To be called useless and worthless within two minutes is horrible! Surely he could do something in this situation!.

"I'm not worthless, in fact. I can toast up toast without a toaster!" Roy stated proudly.

Edward looked up from the book and looked at Roy. "Well when I need some toast, I'll make sure to call for the toaster boy..." He rolled his eyes.

"Anyways. I need some chalk and a bowl of fresh water. Plus some Dock leaves, Willow branches, and lock of black human hair." Edward stated.

Hawkeye nodded then saluted. She reached into her pocket and pulled out her pocket knife, with a flick, it opened. She walked over to Roy and grabbed his hair. "What're you doing?!" Roy protested. She sliced a lock of hair off of his head and deposited it next to Edward.

"Thanks, now I need the rest of the stuff!. Please hurry!, I'm so tired of this body!" Edward begged.

Hawkeye nodded once more and ran out the door. Thankfully, the ingredients weren't far from the house. She returned and dropped the Willow, Dock, and the bowl of water next to his paws.

Edward gazed over the ingredients and nodded. His eyes were hopeful and excited. "One more, I need the chalk." He reached his paw outward as Hawkeye looked around the room.

She frowned then her eyes landed on the chalk Edward had used when he did this the first time. "Here." She handed it to him.

He looked to the book and drew out the Transmutation circle as shown. "There. That should do it!" He tossed the chalk aside.

"Wait!," Hawkeye said.

Edward looked to her with curious eyes.

"Are you sure this is safe?" She looked at the circle with apprehension.

"No, but I have to do it. I am not going through life as a talking cat." He explained.

She nodded grimly and stepped back.

"Wait a second!, why isn't my hair in the circle too?" Roy held where Hawkeye had chopped the hair off at, he scowled down at his hair on the floor.

Edward grinned. "Oh yeah, I didn't really need it. I just thought it'd be perfect pay back for calling me cute. Plus if I don't make it back, I wanted to do something to you one last time." He finished with a smile.

"You made Hawkeye cut my beautiful hair for no reason?..." Roy glared hatefully at him.

"No, I said a lock of Black hair. I didn't say yours, of course with you being the only one here with black hair, it only made sense."

Edward looked to Hawkeye. "If-If I don't make it back could you tell Alphonse that I'm sorry, I tried. Please tell him to continue our quest to get our bodies back, tell him I'm sorry and...and that I love him." Edward's eyes watered for a second before his turned his head away and he slammed his paws down on the circle.

A green light started to flood out from the circle and a sharp wind started to pick up, blowing dust and ripped pages around the room, slapping Roy in the face.

Edward's orange fur bellowed in the harsh wind and a yowl erupted from his mouth as he collapsed onto the floor as the wind started getting stronger at the center.

Hawkeye held up her elbow in an attempt to get closer to Edward so she could stop the Transmutation. The wind blew her back and made her fall to her knees. The only thing she could hear apart from the howling wind was Edward screaming in pain.

Roy looked up as Hawkeye fell at his side. His shaggy black hair whipped around and hit him in his eyes, causing them to water.

The wind was so strong that even on their knees, they were still being pushed back.

The howls of pain that were coming from Edward caused Roy's heart to clench. He felt as though skeletal hands were painfully squeezing the life out of him. It took every effort within Roy just to try to crawl towards Edward's pleas but he didn't make it very far before being pushed back again.

Finally, the light and wind died down and at the center of the circle was Edward's naked body.

Roy and Hawkeye stood and approached him, they shared glances at each other before kneeling down and resting a hand on Edward's shoulder.

"Full Metal?" Roy asked with worry lacing his voice.

"Huh?..." Edward mumbled through bleary eyes as he rolled over and looked at Roy and Hawkeye.

"Did it work?..." He moaned through clenched teeth.

"Yes, yes it did!" Roy smirked at him as he took his coat off and draped it over Ed gently.

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