A Cat's Story

Chapter Seventeen

Lust held Edward around his neck and drug him out of the building, into the cold raining night.

He clenched onto the warm coat that covered his naked body and glared up at Lust with seething golden eyes.

He kicked at her but she easily pushed his leg aside and smiled. "Now, now. Be calm or I'll have to trim more of you off." She said as she nicked his skin with her sharp knife. "I wouldn't want a damaged specimen." She purred as they approached a car and the door opened.

" 'Bout time you got his little ass. I've been so bored waiting for you!" Envy whined, "What took you so long?"

Lust glared at him, "Just be glad we're not going home empty handed." She hissed at him.

Envy's jet black eyes eyes landed on Ed. "Hey! He's human again." Envy scowled, "How'd that happen?"

"I don't know but we'll find out. We must make sure to fix this little crack in our plan." Lust growled at Ed then looked up at Envy. "Now move over so I can put him in the car." She commanded as she locked a pair of hand cuffs onto Ed's hands.

"Fine." Envy scooted over to allow room in the back seat for Ed. "Put the little guy in and I'll make sure he doesn't do anything funny." Envy looked at Ed with hatred, clearly he hadn't gotten over Ed's escape the last time.

Lust roughly tossed Ed into the back of the car, hitting his head on the door frame. Ed glared at her as she slammed the door shut and got into the drivers seat.

He rubbed his aching head and sat back heavily in the seat. "Okay, so you've finally got me again. Now what?" Ed asked heatedly.

"Well hon, We're going to take you back and see how you changed yourself back into that human form. We can't have people changing themselves out of animal form whenever they want, now can we? She asked.

Ed grated his teeth as he sent daggers at Lust.

Lust glanced back in the rear view mirror. "Don't look at me like that!" She shouted as she clenched the steering wheel tightly.

Envy clawed Ed across the face, creating bloody lines. "Listen to her, boy!" He yelled.

"It'll save you some pain if you'd only do as we say." Lust explained as she settled her emotions down and took a deep breath.

"We're almost home now." Lust spoke up after a moments silence as the car slowed and took a left turn towards a cement building with a court yard surrounding it. It reminded him of a prison with its fenced in yard and big barbed wire gates.

Lust pulled into the courtyard and parked. "Envy, get the little brat out and put a collar on him. Make sure he doesn't get away this time, alright?" She glared at him as she stepped out of the car and slammed the door.

"Yeah yeah." Envy hissed as he grabbed Ed harshly and squeezed a cold metal collar onto his neck. "Don't try to get away this time, Pipsqueak." He said as he yanked Ed out of the car by the chain of the collar. "Come on." He pulled harder, making Ed fall into the mud.

Ed weakly pushed himself up as the rain pelted his body, sending him into bitterness. Why did this life hate him so much?

Why couldn't they go back to just being kids? He hated what his life had turned into. He had created everything that went wrong. It hurt knowing he was at fault for everything.

"Come on or you'll regret it!" Envy yanked hard on the chain, bruising Ed's neck and making it hard to breathe. He considered laying there, waiting for his fate to come but instead, he slowly got to his feet and obediently followed.

They approached a large door and Lust pushed it open. It squeaked as it came to rest on the door stop, letting Ed have a good view inside.

It was a dreary looking place with dull gray walls of cement and hardly any windows.

Ed was snapped forward from the chain as Envy gave a hard tug, dragging him in before shutting the door behind him.

"Come on, Pipsqueak. I'll show you to your new room." Envy yanked once again on the chain, pinching Ed as he was forced to follow.

They walked down a long gray hallway and turned to the left to a boring looking brown door. Envy opened it and flipped on the light.

"Remember this place?" He sneered at Ed.

It was where he had woken up at the last time he'd been kidnapped. The eyelet for the chain had since been reinforced and the hole in the door fixed.

"Welcome home, Short Stack." Envy dragged him into the room and roughly shoved him to his knees. He attached the chain to the eyelet and stepped back with a grin.

Ed glared up at him with fiery golden eyes as he pushed himself up from his knees. He stood there, hand cuffed and chained like an animal.

"Should work better this time. I don't think you can get out of that." Envy pointed to the collar and chain. "But to be on the safe side," He stepped up to Ed and gripped his right arm.

He crunched the metal that was his arm and ripped it harshly from Ed's body, sending electric shocks through his shoulder port.

Ed let out a howling scream and fell to his knees. He gripped his shoulder where his arm had been and glared weakly up at Envy.

"There, now you can't use your pathetic Alchemy either." Envy frowned at the broken hand cuffs, "Guess I should have taken those off before hand." He shrugged, "Oh well."

He walked over to the table in the room and tossed Ed's arm onto it and grabbed up a sharp blade.

"You'll regret ever humiliating me." Envy promised as he walked up to Ed and crouched to his level. "You'll regret ever trying to escape."

He jammed the blade into Ed's shoulder port, sending intense pain coursing through his body. Ed let out a blood curling scream as Envy smirked with delight.

He slowly pulled the knife out then rammed it back in, taking pleasure in Ed's horrifying yells of pain.

"I thought you were tougher than this! Pathetic!" He said as he trailed the sharp metal down Ed's only arm, watching the crimson liquid spill out and drip to the floor.

Ed clenched his teeth in pain and he dully glared at Envy. "You're...the only one..who's gonna regret this." He hissed with pain, "They'll come for me."

Envy laughed, "Who will?" He asked as he stood, "Those dogs from the military?" He shook his head and his eyes lit up with delight.

"That's it!" He grinned, "That's the animal they'll be turned into. Filthy, worthless dogs." He spat at the very thought of them.

Ed shook with pain and anger. He wanted to rip the chain from the wall and beat the living crap out of Envy but no matter how hard he tugged on the chains, he knew there was no getting out of them.

Envy glanced over at the look on his face and smiled. "What, did you just realize there's no escape and that no ones coming for you?" He sneered, "Because you're right!"

Ed looked over at him and frowned. It couldn't be true, he knew that they'd come. They wouldn't just leave him to die.

But he remembered all the things he'd done and said to Roy throughout their lives. It would just be easier for Roy to abandon him here.

And Al, he'd done nothing but hurt him throughout their life time. Ed fed him nothing but empty promises and he had failed him countless times. Surely it'd be easier on everyone if they left him.

He shook his head clear of those thoughts. They were just poison fed to him by Envy. He glared up at Envy, he was falling right into his hands and he refused to do that.

"They'll come." He promised with cold eyes.

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