A Cat's Story

Chapter Eighteen

"Shit." Roy said. "Pip squeak is so going to pay us back for this!" He hissed as he watched Lust shut the door, leaving them with Gluttony.

He looked at them with a slimy grin, saliva dripping from his sharp teeth. His breaths heaving in and out as he looked them over.

"Lust is too kind to me," He giggled, "You humans will make a great meal!" He licked his lips as he moved forward.

"Crap!" Roy yelled as he ducked down for his gloves and yanked them on as fast as he could. "Everyone, grab weapons!"

Gluttony started charging towards them, arms outstretched and mouth opened. They could practically hear each footfall of the fat man.

Hawkeye snatched up her guns and quickly aimed at the beast before shooting. The bullets bounced off of Gluttony's big stomach and fell to the floor with a clank.

"Owie! That hurt!" Gluttony cried as he ran and grabbed at her. She dodged his attacked by a fraction of a second and manged to shoot a few more bullets.

"Stop it!" Gluttony yelled as he held his stomach and rubbed it. He glared up at Hawkeye with seething beady eyes. "I will eat you."

"Hell you will!" Roy hissed as he snapped his fingers at the overweight creature, sending a blast of hot flames.

The flames hit him and sent the smell of burning flesh into the room. They could hear his skin popping as Roy send another blast.

Gluttony screamed and sidestepped the next fireball. "You will die! All of you!" He screeched through his pain.

His skin was slowly healing as he set his sights on an unarmed Havoc. Gluttony started running towards him with hunger.

Alphonse's soul fire eyes landed on the charging Gluttony, "Havoc, watch out!" He shouted, running towards him.

"Havoc!" Roy yelled, "Grab up your gun!" He snapped his fingers again, trying to slow the monster.

Gluttony ducked and kept running.

Alphonse rammed into the fat man and knocked him aside, only angering the beast.

Gluttony turned towards Alphonse and narrowed his eyes. "Stay out of my way, Metal Man!" He hissed, pushing himself onto Alphonse and knocking him to the floor with a loud crash. Gluttony turned his beady eyes back to his prey and started running towards Havoc again.

Alphonse jerked out a chalk stick and started quickly scribbling on the cement floor. His metal fingers fumbled with the chalk as he drew out the transmutation circle. He slapped his hands down onto the array and sent a big boulder towards Gluttony, missing him by a hair.

Gluttony gave Alphonse a sideways glare before focusing his gaze forwards again.

"Havoc, watch it!" Alphonse called as he worked on another circle.

"Crap!" Havoc saw the fat man running towards him with teeth bared and ready to snap. He reached down and fumbled for a gun.

"Now I will eat you!" Gluttony shouted as he pounced at Havoc.

Hawkeye threw herself towards Havoc and pushed him out of the way. She rolled on top of him and scowled down at him. "Move faster next time." She said to him then dodged to the right when Gluttony charged again.

Havoc lay dazed for a moment before grabbing up his gun and aiming it at Gluttony. "This is for trying to eat us!" He sent a whole clip into the monster, only angering it further. "Shit! How do we stop this thing?" He stood and popped in another clip before firing again. "It won't go down!"

Roy sent a blazing fire towards the beast, burning its skin and sending the smell of burning hair into the air once more. "We need a plan!" He shouted. He dodged Gluttony and snapped again, charring his face.

"You usually come up with things, Sir!" Hawkeye shot at Gluttony again, wasting another clip in him.

Gluttony hissed and turned his beady black eyes on Hawkeye, grining with delight. He rammed into her and bit down on her shoulder.

She let out a blood curling scream as he bit in harder, blood gushed out and puddled up on the cold cement floor.

"You bastard!" Roy screamed as he ran towards them. "Get off of her!" He pushed into the fat man and shoved him off, sending him skidding across the floor. He snapped his fingers over and over again, sending fire ball after fire ball at the beast. "Die already!" He shrieked.

Gluttony sent heart stopping screams through the building as Roy sent more fire towards him.

Roy finally let up once he could hear no more screams. His breaths heaved in and out as he stood looking at the pile of ash smoldering on the floor. "Don't you ever touch her again." He lowered his hand and raced over to Hawkeye who was clenching her bleeding shoulder.

She weakly smiled at him. "Don't worry, it's not too bad."

Roy knelt down next to her and frantically looked her over. Her shoulder had a chuck of meat bitten out of it and it was pouring blood. He ripped his coat off and tied it to the wound. "Havoc!"

Havoc ran over and put a hand to his mouth. "Oh my God." He gazed over her until his eyes settled on the bite mark.

The sound of shuffling metal echoed through the building as Alphonse ran towards them and stopped towering above Hawkeye. He saw the gaping wound and he gasped.

"I need you guy's help. We need to get her to the Hospital!" Roy glanced up at a blank Havoc, "Havoc!"

Havoc shook his head and squatted down. "Sorry." He mumbled, "What's the plan?"

"I'll carry her and you drive us." Roy carefully picked her up bridal style and gently pulled her closer to him. "Lets go."

They slowly made their way through the building to the parking lot. The rain was coming down and washing away some of her blood that seeped out of the coat.

Alphonse trailed behind, the pattering sound of rain bounced off of his armor as he followed.

"Hurry!" Roy snarled at Havoc who opened up the back door. Roy gently laid her down in the back and jumped in with her. "Drive!"

Alphonse climbed into the passenger's seat and slammed the door, glancing back at Hawkeye with a worried expression in his eyes.

Havoc hopped in and started the car. He pulled out of the driveway with the speed of the devil and raced down the empty road towards the hospital.

"Just hang in there," Roy smiled down at her troubled face, "It's going to be okay. You're not gonna die."

Hawkeye weakly smiled at him, "You're not very good at comforting people, Sir..." She whispered to him.

"Havoc! Step on it!" Roy shouted at him.

"I'm trying!" Havoc yelled back as he pressed down harder on the gas, sending the car speeding down the road.

They pulled into the hospital parking lot and drove up to the emergency entrance. They came to a stop and saw two guys standing near the door.

Roy opened the door, "Hey! We need some help over here!" He yelled as he carefully lifted Hawkeye up as the two men took notice of them.

They quickly grabbed a gurney and wheeled it over to them just as Havoc and Alphonse stepped out of the car.

Roy gently laid her down on the gurney and held her hand softly. He smiled lightly at her, "See? Everything's gonna be okay now."

She smiled back at him and closed her eyes with a nod.

They started pushing her away and Roy let go of her hand with a frown as he watched them take her into the big building.

"Those Homunculi are going to pay for everything they've done." Roy spat, "That's a promise."

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