A Cat's Story

Chapter Nineteen

"They'll come." He promised with cold eyes. He wasn't going to buy into Envy's lies. He knew his friends would come for him.

Envy laughed, "Sure, keep thinking that way kid." He snickered as he scored down Ed's arm with a sharp knife. He grinned when Ed let out a scream.

Ed yanked harshly on the chains, trying to free himself. He kicked out and struck Envy in the knee cap, making him jump back with a yelp.

"You little bastard!" Envy spat, "You're gonna regret ever doing that." He rested his hard eyes on Ed and started approaching him. He stopped just out of Ed's reach and knelt down, smiling. "I am really going to enjoy having you here." He drew back his fist and hit Ed in the face, sending him reeling backwards into the hard cement wall.

Ed lay stunned as his eye started throbbing and stars bounced in and out of his vision. He wanted to just lay there and wait for help to come but he knew that would leave him helpless. Against his body's wishes, he rose up into a sitting position.

Envy stood and headed to the table in the room. "Well little squirt, I knew we picked you for some reason." He smiled, "You are a tough little guy, I'll give you that."

Ed glared at him as he watched the black haired boy pick up a whip. Ed shivered at the long black object.

Envy snickered at the wide eyed look on Ed's face, "Oh, you don't like this?" He sneered, "Wonderful!" He walked over to Ed and raised the whip with a smirk before bringing it down upon Ed's battered body.

Ed let out a blood curling scream as the whip cut into his skin. He could feel his warm blood seep out of his wound and absorb into his black shirt. He held his hand out defenselessly in front of him to stop the blow.

Envy laughed as he slapped the whip against Ed's hand, cutting it deeply. Blood gushed from the wound and dripped to the floor. It started pooling up on the cement, reflecting the harsh fluorescent light in the room.

Ed's mouth gaped open like a fish out of water as he stared at his hand. The hot pain came over him in waves like an ocean in a storm.

Envy glared down at him, "Apologize to me for running out the last time and maybe I'll stop." He said.

Ed's golden eyes turned into molten lava as he stared up at Envy and shook his head. "Never." He clenched his teeth as the next wall of pain overtook him.

"Fine, have it your way." Envy said, bringing the whip down hard against Ed's thigh, cutting his pants and making it bleed. Envy hit him again, "Apologize!" He yelled loudly.

Ed shook as Envy brought it down on him again. He looked up at Envy with glazed eyes and shook his head. He watched Envy's face harden.

Envy marched over to the table and slammed the whip onto it. He narrowed his eyes at Ed. His breaths heaved in and out, "I will break you." He snarled, "You can't hold out forever."

Ed weakly smiled up at him, "That's...what you don't...understand," He took a small breath, "It won't be forever." His eyes held a determined look.

Envy clenched his fists and stormed out of the room, slamming the door and leaving Ed alone to wither in pain.

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