A Cat's Story

Chapter Two

Edward fluttered his eyes open, he was laying on the floor panting for breath. The room was ripped apart, books were flung around the room and the shelves were ripped to pieces.

"What happened.." Ed thought. Flashes of memory flew through his head, reminding him of another failure. Groaning, he stood up.

His legs were shaky and weak. His eye sight was still a bit blurry as he stood up. He let his eyes adjust to the lights around him.

Dust was floating around the room, settling on nearby mounds of ruined books and wood. Everything seemed so big all of a sudden. He took a light step forward, almost falling on his face.

He hissed and looked down at his feet. His eyes widened in horror at the sight that greeted him. "What!?" He screeched in his head. Instead of feet, there were paws that met his eyes.

He lifted a paw and turned it around, looking at the fluffy orange coloring of it. "No, no!. This isn't happening. This is a dream! A horrible, horrible dream!" Shaking off his dizziness, he jogged over to a broken mirror that lay on the floor. The sight that greeted him made him want to gag.

An orange face with wide golden eyes stared back at him.

The face of a cat.

"No! This isn't real. No!" He hissed and clawed himself, making a small cut just above his left eye. Blood trickled down and settled in his eye. He blinked furiously, trying to calm the burning in his eye.

"This can't be happening. It just can't be!" He felt like crying. They'd come so far and almost found what they were looking for. Then it all went wrong. Now he was a worthless kitten. Something so small and insignificant that it couldn't help anybody, let alone its self.

"FullMetal!" A voice echoed outside the door, feeling a sense of fight or flight, he decided on the flight impulse. He darted for what was left of the shelves heaped up on the floor.

The door of the house flew open and a giant man came thundering in, onyx eyes scanning the ruined room. "What happened in here?" He turned his monstrous head around to a towering suit of armor.

"I don't know Sir. Brother was doing a transmutation from some strange book that we found in here. It explained how to create a Philosophers Stone but something didn't feel right so I left him alone to go get you." Al trembled, sending loud shaking sounds into Edward's sensitive ears.

Edward flinched and closed his eyes. More footsteps filled the room, making Ed open his eyes and peek around the mound he was hiding behind.

"Havoc, scan the room and keep your eyes out for FullMetal." Havoc shuffled past Roy and started looking around the room. His big footsteps hit the floor with a loud boom, sending tremors through the floor.

"Chief, ya here?" Havoc called through the dusty space, lifting mounds of books and wood looking for any signs of him. His cigarette hung limply from his mouth as his eyes darted around the room scanning for any signs of life.

"I can't find any sighs of him Sir, it's like he just disappeared!" Havoc informed Roy of the situation.

Roy nodded grimly. "Alright. Can you find that book he was looking at when Al left him?"

"I'll try, Sir." Havoc turned and started lifting books from the floor. "Al, go and help him. I'll look around for any signs of FullMetal, in case Havoc missed something." Al nodded and walked over to Havoc.

Roy walked farther into the room, standing a few feet away from the place where Edward was hiding. A small flash of gold caught his eye. He quickly turned his head towards Edward's hiding place.

Edward ducked his head around the mound and panted, closing his eyes. His body was shaking from exhaustion, the cut above his left eye stung.

A sharp pain came from the scruff of his neck as he was hoisted into the air. He wildly opened his golden eyes and looked up at the figure that held him. He hovered above the floor, it looked miles down.

"I found something!" Roy called to Havoc and Al. They jogged over and let their eyes land on the cat he was holding.

Havoc scratched his head. "Uh sir, how does that help us find the chief?" Havoc pointed to the cat.

Roy sighed and ran his free hand through his short black hair. "I was thinking that since the cat was here when the Transmutation happened, maybe it had traces of the energy on it." He waved Edward around by his scruff, making him gasp from fear. He screwed his golden eyes shut and let his ears fall against his head.

"Sir, I think you're scaring it." Havoc pointed to Ed and frowned. "What are you going to do with it in the mean time?" He asked.

"I don't know, take it home with me I guess." Roy sighed and lifted Ed up to met his eyes. "I hate cats.." Roy grumbled as he lowered the shaking form back down and let him dangle from his scruff.

"Great, I'm going to be stuck with Roy; the man who hates cats!. And, it just so happens to be, I'm a cat!." Ed thought to himself.

Edward blinked and started wiggling in Roy's outstretched hand, earning him a glare from the man.

"Hold still you worthless animal!" He grumbled as he held Edward farther away from him. "If you claw me, you'll regret it later. Understood?" Roy glared at Edward. Ed returned his glare with fiery golden eyes.

Ed wanted to bite him but he shook off the feeling, Roy was the only one here that might be able to help him, plus if he bit him and Roy dropped him; it looked like a long ways down..

He'd just have to put up with the man for the moment.

"Sir, we are we going to do?. Where's my brother, what happened to him?" Al cried as he shifted his eyes away from the cat and frantically searched the room, knocking old books and tables out of his way.

"Brother, where are you!. Answer me! Brother!" He called desperately. His metal body shook with anxiety. Sadness was evident in his metallic voice that hummed through his giant body.

Roy walked over to Al and rested his hand on his shoulder in an ill attempt to comfort him. Al turned his head towards Roy. "What are we going to do?..." Al whispered and hung his head.

"It's okay, we'll find him. I promise but in the mean time, I need you to go home and write everything about this place that you can remember. Try to remember what the book contained, Okay?" Roy asked Al gently.

Al nodded without a word as he looked at the floor. He felt so guilty for leaving Ed on his own.

Roy turned away from him with determined eyes. "We will find him." Roy said in an unwavering tone of voice and set his jaw tightly.

"Alright Sir..." Al turned and walked away. His head hanging as he made his way towards the door. He shuffled out the door and slowly walked into the falling light of the sun. The colors bouncing off of his suit of metal in a gleam of light.

Roy turned his head back to Havoc. "You can go too. Thanks for wanting to help. You're dismissed." Havoc nodded and turned to leave but he quickly paused and looked over his shoulder. "Good luck with the cat, don't forget to feed it. Remember what happened to the last one?" He grinned around his cigarette.

Roy nodded grimly and looked down at the orange bundle he had gripped in his hand. "Yeah I remember what happened to the last one. It wasn't my fault it woke me up during a nightmare and I snapped my fingers, it's not like I meant to..." Roy grumbled.

"Don't forget about the other one! Remember you forgot to feed it and it died! Oh, and the other one you accidentally locked in your hot room and it died as well." Havoc added.

"Just don't kill this one, we need it." He turned his head back to the door and walked out with a wave.

Roy brought the orange cat up to his face and met it's wide golden eyes. "Alright cat, be good and hopefully nothing will go wrong." He lowered the cat back down and started walking towards home.

Edward shivered as a single drop of rain hit his face. Oh god, He was going to live with a man who'd killed four cats! He tucked his tail under him, partly from fear and partly from the gathering cold.

Rain was starting to fall heavily from the sky, big fat drops landing on both him and Roy.

"Wonderful, it's starting to rain.." Roy muttered. His onyx eyes shifted to the sky. He watched the big drops fall onto the sidewalk and onto the bundle of fluff in his hand. Sighing, he brought the cat up to his chest and tucked it into his dark blue coat; shielding it from the harsh rain and wind that'd started to blow.

Edward hissed and tried pushing away from Roy, a feeling of discomfort coming over him in rolling waves. His big golden eyes darting around trying to find an escape route. He was wrapped tightly in Roy's coat, he could feel Roy's hands around him in an attempt to warm him.

Well, this is awkward, Ed thought.

Edward shifted himself, trying to find a point of comfort. He laid his head softly on Roy's chest and heaved a deep breath. It felt strangely good, like a weird comfort. The pleasant warmth that cascaded over him was lulling him to sleep. He could feel his eyes slowly starting to close.

"Stupid rain..." Roy sighed as he felt the cat settling down, "At least the cat calmed down." Roy said in relief as he felt the cats claws release their hold on his chest.

Rain fell onto his black hair and held it to his face, the cold dampness filling him from head to toe. The back of his coat was soaked. He shivered as a cold wind blew into his face. He pulled his coat tighter against himself in an attempt to shield the cat from the wind.

"This is going to be a long walk home.."

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