A Cat's Story

Chapter Twenty

Roy sat in a hard hospital chair. He bounced his knee and sighed as he looked up at the clock for the tenth time since he brought Hawkeye there.

Al sat across from him peering out the large window of the hospital, watching the rain come down in a steady stream. He had a thoughtful look upon his face as he interlaced his fingers.

Havoc sat across from Roy, fumbling with a carton of cigarettes. "When are we gonna know if Hawkeye's okay?" He moaned, pulling out a cigarette and lighting it. He puffed and blew out the smoke.

"I'm sure it won't be much longer." Roy answered with a frown as the smoke filled into the room. "I'm surprised the smoke alarms don't go off with you smoking like that." He frowned, trying to get his mind off of Hawkeye.

Just then, the sound of footsteps approaching made them all turn their heads towards the sound.

A doctor in white clothing looked at Roy, "I'm looking for a Roy Mustang?" He looked down at the clip board he held in his hand.

Roy quickly stood, "That's me." He held his breath as he watched the doctor's expression.

"I'm doctor Hanes, I cared for Riza Hawkeye." He spoke briefly, flipping the papers on the clip board before looking over at Havoc and scowling. "Do you mind putting that out." He commanded, "There's no smoking indoors." He glared at him.

Havoc winced at the man's glare and put the cigarette out under his boot, earning him anther glare him the man.

Roy frowned at Havoc and crossed his arms before quickly turning back to the doctor. "So is she gonna be okay?" He asked frantically.

Hane's nodded and looked back down at the chart. "Yes, but she needs to stay hospitalized for a while to make sure she doesn't get an infection. She had a rather large bite taken out of her shoulder and it will be a while before it heals up."

Roy sighed, "But she'll be okay though?" He eyed the doctor, waiting for his reply.

"Yes, overall, she'll be okay." He replied as he tucked the clip board under his arm and pushed his square glasses back onto his nose.

"Good," Roy breathed out, "That's great." He said with relief and fell back into his chair. He glanced over at Havoc and Alphonse. Havoc grinned at him and Alphonse's soul fire eyes shun with happiness at the news.

"If there's no other questions, I must be on my way." Doctor Hane's said with a small smile.

Roy nodded his head, "Thank you." He looked up at him and Hane's gave him a tiny nod before leaving the room.

Roy shifted his attention to Havoc and Alphonse. He took a breath in and let it out, calming his nerves. "We need to come up with a plan to stop the Humunculi and save Edward."

Havoc stared at him. His eyes darted around, trying to come up with something. He raised his finger with a grin, "I think we should-"

"Just go and get Brother!" Alphonse blurted out, "He needs our help and we're not doing anything by sitting here."

Havoc stared at him, "Or we could do that." Havoc lowered his finger with a frown.

Roy looked at Alphonse and scowled. "It would be suicide going into this without a plan and now we don't even have Hawkeye." He shook his head sadly, "We don't even know where they're holding him."

Alphonse looked down at the floor and clenched his fists. "We have to do something!" He glanced up at Roy, "I can't just sit here and let my brother die!"

Roy sighed, "I know how you feel." He took a breath, "You're right. We can't just sit here and do nothing." He stood, gaining both of their attention. "We need to figure out where they're holding him and for that, we need Fuerys help."

Havoc stood up, "How's he gonna help exactly?" He deadpanned as Alphonse stood up next to him.

"He's a communication's genius." Roy scowled at him, "He can help us locate where they're holding him."

Alphonse shook his head, "But that's only if they're using radios or something. If they're smart, they would never use those."

Roy put him hand on Al's shoulder in an attempt to comfort him and gave him a small smile. "We will find them and put a stop to all of this, I promise you that." He dropped his hand and looked out the window into the pouring rain.

"Who knows, maybe FullMetal'll help us out by using a radio or something." Roy said. "We won't know unless we speak to Fuery." Roy turned and started for the door, only looking back to make sure the two were following him.

They walked to the car and got in. They quickly arrived at Central Command and parked the car. They made their way to Roy's office and stepped in.

They were greeted by Breda who looked alarmed at the sudden appearance of Roy and the others. "Sir, I thought you were with Hawkeye looking for a way to help Edward?" He glanced behind Roy and frowned. "Where's Edward and Hawkeye?"

Roy sighed, "We were attacked and FullMetal has been taken once again. Hawkeye was injured in the battle and was taken to the hospital. She'll be fine with some rest," Roy glanced back behind him at Alphonse and looked back at Breda. "But I can't say the same for FullMetal." He said, lowering his voice.

Breda nodded, "How can I help?" He asked as he looked back at Alphonse who was staring at the floor with his head hung.

"You can tell me where Fuery is." Roy glanced around the room and back to Breda who only frowned. "He's in the cafeteria, why?"

"We need his help to try and locate FullMetal's location." Roy turned to leave, "Thank you." He said before making his way to the cafeteria and spotted Fuery munching down on a sandwich.

"Fuery!" Roy called, making him jump and drop his sandwich onto the floor.

Fuery quickly turned to look at Roy and saluted. "Yes Sir?" He hopped up into a standing position.

Roy walked up closer to him. "At ease. I need your help locating FullMetal." He said as Alphonse and Havoc caught up to him.

Fuery nodded, "Okay, how can I do that?" He asked doubtfully as he looked sullenly at his ruined sandwich on the floor.

"I want you to scan all communications. I suspect people such as the Homunculi would use devices such as radios and walkie talkies so they will be the highest on you list to watch out for." He explained.

Fuery nodded furiously and saluted, "Yes Sir!" He sped off in the direction of Roy's office and they all followed.

Fuery sat down at his desk and turned on his wide range scanner. He looked up at Roy, "This may take a bit."

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