A Cat's Story

Chapter Twenty One

Ed glared at the closed door and listened to indistinct voices speaking to one another outside.

His whole body shook with pain as he shrunk in closer to himself and took slow breaths. The wound on his hand had long ago stopped bleeding as he pressed it against his face in an effort to hide.

He wanted all of this to be over with and for him to go back home with his brother in the safety of their home. His heart ached with both pain and sadness at that thought.

He opened his dull golden eyes and stared at the light that seeped in from under the door and cast light upon his chain attached to his neck. He gave a light pull on it, pinching his skin and sending shivers of pain through his body. He sighed and collapsed onto his side once more. Escape seemed hopeless, he didn't even have a clue as to where he was at.

Just then, the door opened and flooded the room with blinding light. "My, my. It's rather dark in here, isn't it?" A sweetly voice picked at his ears as the figure flicked the light switch, sending the harsh gaze of the fluorescent light upon his quivering form.

Lust walked further into the room and close the door. She scowled down at Ed, "Looks like Envy really did a number on you." She folded her arms against her chest and frowned. "What a shame." She strolled further in and went to the table in the room.

She picked up the whip that Envy had used on Ed and lightly touched the tail end of it. She narrowed her eyes at the dried blood and wiped it off on her black dress.

She set it back down and picked up a cloth. "We need to get you cleaned up. Father is coming and we need you to look your best." She smiled with her cherry red lips as she walked over to him and knelt down. "Let me help you." She smiled at him.

He peeked through his fingers and weakly glared at her. "Don't touch me." He rasped. His throat screamed for water to quench its thrust.

"Oh come on now, Hun. I know it wasn't right what Envy did to you, now let me fix it." She said sweetly as she bent over him and touched him lightly with the cloth, dabbing at the blood on his only arm.

Ed roared to life and punched her hard in the face, cutting her lip and sending blood flying through the air.

Lust recoiled back and her hand went up to her face. "You little brat!" She hissed and stood, throwing the cloth onto the floor. "I try to help you and this is the thanks I get?" She growled, "You ungrateful little peasant." She spat.

A knock sounded at the door, making her snap her head towards the noise. "What?" She snarled.

The door opened slowly and Pride stepped in. "My lady, Father wants to speak to you. He says it's urgent." The young boy said as he handed her a small walkie talkie and turned to leave.

She snatched the walkie talkie up, "Hello?" She said in her usual flowery tone of voice as she wiped her blood off onto a piece of cloth she picked up from the table.

"I have some rather unfortunate news." Father's voice flew in from the small device, making Lust frown.


"I won't be able to make it there. I've been delayed by other events that need my attention if our plan is to succeed." He said.

"That's too bad, we were hoping you'd be able to make it today." She sighed, "I hope we can plan for another day then?"

Yes, I will contact you later and schedule a day. That is all." He responded briefly and the line went dead.

Lust ground her teeth as she threw the walkie talkie onto the table and stormed off towards the door. Only stopping to glance back at Ed. "Looks like you'll be here a while longer." She hissed before opening the door and slamming it closed.

The table shook with the impact the door made, causing the small walkie talkie to fall to the floor.

Ed looked over at it with dull interest. He didn't want to move after that punch he gave Lust. His body ached with every movement he made and he slowly closed his eyes.

His mind yelled at him to pick it up and try to get a hold of help but it seemed a losing battle as his breaths started slowing down and he felt weaker.

The thought was banging on his brain, begging him to pick it up. He gave into the thought and opened his dull golden eyes. He tried to ignore the pain as he pushed himself painfully up and started crawling towards the object.

He reached for it, only to find his arm wasn't long enough. He sighed and curled back into himself. He knew his short body would be the cause of his death.

With that thought, he snapped open his eyes with a new found determination. He refused to die because of his small body and he reached for it again. It graced the tip of his fingers as he pushed his body towards its limits. He gave once last stretch and managed to snag it in his fingers.

He pulled the device closer to him and gave a weak smile before looking at its many buttons. He frowned, that was one thing he hadn't given much thought to was how to run it once he got it.

He randomly pushed a button and frowned in confusion when it lit up with a green light and showed a number. He pressed another button and the number changed. He figured it must be the channel number and he pressed it again, landing on channel four.

He pushed on a button on the side and it made a noise. It clicked in mind his that the button must be how you speak into it and he pressed on it once more. "Help...me..." He rasped into the device, hoping for the best.

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