A Cat's Story

Chapter Twenty Two

"Sir!" Fuery called frantically as he turned his radio. " I think I have the location of where they're holding Edward!"

Roy jogged into the office where Fuery sat, followed by Alphonse and Havoc. "What do you have?" Roy asked quickly.

"Do you have the location of where they're holding Brother?" Alphonse nervously asked. He thumbed with his fingers, waiting for Fuery's reply.

Havoc stared at Fuery with a cigarette hanging from his lip, smoking billowing into the room.

Fuery nodded at Alphonse's question. "I don't know for sure if it's him or not but I did get a request for help earlier," He turned his head back to his desk and pulled out a notebook. "I manged to triangulate where the transmission came from and discovered that it's in the west side of Central." He looked up into Roy's eyes, "I think I found him."

Roy frowned, "Can't you be a little more specific?" He asked, "There's tons of houses in that area." He stared at the younger man with an exasperated look on his face.

"It took me awhile but I found where it was broadcast from." Fuery pointed to his notebook and opened it up. "I wrote the address right here," He looked up into Roy's face, "It's one of the more guarded places in the western side."

Roy scowled deeply, "Of course it is. This can't be easy, now can it?" He sighed. "I'm going to need that address and we need to make a plan." He grabbed the paper Fuery handed to him. "Breda!" He called.

Breda ran into the room and saluted. "Yes sir?" He asked quickly.

"I'm going to need everyone's help if we're going to put a stop to all of this." Roy said before frowning at the still saluting Breda. "At ease."

Breda nodded and lowered his hand. "I'll help in whatever way I can." He looked to Fuery and back at Roy. "You not going to send him in, are you? He doesn't have much experience in the field."

Roy considered that for a moment, "I'm going to need him here, in case call for help." He decided.

Fuery nodded his head in relief, "I'll listen to all the radios and be ready for your call, Sir."

Roy turned his attention back to the matter at hand. "Here's the plan," He met everyone's eyes, "We're going to need a distraction in the front of the gates while Alphonse and I sneak over the fence and into the house." He said. "In order for us not to be seen," He turned his eyes onto Breda, "You're going to be our distraction."

Breda slowly nodded his head, "What am I going to do to make a distraction, exactly?" He asked, unsure.

Roy smirked, "I'm sure you'll figure it out once we get there." Roy said as he looked to Havoc, "Do you have your gun?"

Havoc nodded, "Of course I do. There was only one time I left it behind and you won't let me forget it!" He whined.

Roy felt like rolling his eyes, "Alright, just making sure." He looked to Alphonse, "Are you prepared for this?"

Alphonse nodded in determination, "Lets go rescue my brother."

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