A Cat's Story

Chapter Twenty Three

Roy pulled the car to a stop just as the house came into view and turned his head to everyone in the car. "Well there it is."

Alphonse shuffled against the door and Breda, trying not to shove into him too much. He gazed outside at the large fenced in property. It reminded him of a prison with its high fences and barbed wire. There was even a guard up by the gates.

"Are you guys ready?" Roy asked with a serious expression. "Once we go into this, there's no going back."

Everyone nodded.

"Okay, then lets go rescue FullMetal." Roy said as he stuffed his gloves into his pocket and opened the door, stepping out in the light rain.

Alphonse made sure he had chalk handy before following Roy's lead and opening the door. He stepped into the rain, sending pitter patter sounds into the air.

Havoc sighed and put out his cigarette. "This is going to be a long day." He cocked his gun and stepped out, followed by Breda.

"Alright," Roy turned his eyes onto Breda, "Go cause a distraction with that guard." He pointed to the man standing by the gate.

Breda swallowed nervously, "Yes Sir." He started walking towards the guard.

Roy watched him leave then turned his attention back to Alphonse and Havoc. "Lets go." He gestured towards the fence.

They stalked off quietly, avoiding the guards gaze as they snuck up to the high fence. Roy looked up at it with distaste. "Havoc, I need your coat." He said with a whisper as he held out his hand.

Havoc frowned, "But I like this coat." He complained before being silenced by a harsh glare. He took the coat off and reluctantly handed it over to Roy.

Roy tossed it over the barbed wire. "You can have it back once we're done." Roy said quietly. He glanced over at Breda who was making a fool out of himself dancing over by the guard.

"Lets go before Breda gets arrested." Roy started scaling the fence, trying to keep quiet as he swung his leg up and over, landing stealthy on his feet. He waved Havoc on who landed next to him.

They both frowned at Alphonse's hulking form as he looked sullenly up at the fence. "I can't make it across without someone hearing me." He said.

"Can't you just transmute a hole in the fence or something?" Havoc asked, glancing nervously around.

Alphonse shook his head sadly. "They'd see the light. Just go without me." He said, "I'll be here if you guys need help."

Roy and Havoc nodded before sneaking the rest of the way through the court yard and up to the large doors.

"Did you plan for these?" Havoc asked, pointing to the looming doors. "I don't think we can kick them in." He whispered.

"Shut it, I'm thinking." Roy thought for a moment before smirking. "Looks like we'll need another distraction."

Havoc frowned, "What do you mean?" He asked in confusion, not liking where Roy was going.

"You're going to pose as a sales man and when the person answers the door, we'll take him down and sneak inside." Roy explained quietly. "I'll be off to the side, waiting for the right moment." He stood off to the side of the door and just Havoc a thumbs up.

Havoc scowled and took a deep breath before knocking loudly on the large door. It opened and he was greeted by a man in a suit.

"Yes? Who are you and what are you doing here?" The man asked, "I don't remember Madam Lust saying we were having guests today."

Havoc smiled brightly, "I'm here to, uh, sell bibles to you!" He grinned. "It's never too late to decide your fate!" He awkwardly laughed.

The man scrunched his brows in confusion. "How did you get through the front gate?" He asked.

Havoc could feel sweat dripping down his back as panic set in. "Oh, um, me and ole Frank go way back." He chuckled.

"That's not the guards name." The man narrowed his eyes, "Who are you?" He demanded.

Roy jumped out and put the man into a choke hold until he went unconscious. He gently set the man on the floor. "Really? A Bible salesman?"Roy raised his brows.

"What? I panicked." Havoc said, "You were awfully slow on your entrance, you know." He huffed. "I think I did good..." He grumbled.

"Whatever. Let's just keep going." Roy said in a hushed voice as they snuck inside and gently shut the door.

"Well, well, well." A voice spoke, echoing around the large room.

They snapped their heads towards the voice and narrowed their eyes.

"Lust, I should have known you'd be here." Roy hissed, "Where's FullMetal?" He glared as Lust descended from the stair case off to the side of the room.

"Do you honestly think I'd tell you where we're keeping him?" Lust chastised him, "I thought you were smarter than then." She smiled at him with her red cherry lips as she came to a stop on the stairs.

Roy pulled out his gloves and yanked them on. "Give us FullMetal." He demanded, raising his hand and aiming at her.

She laughed, "Oh what? You'll try to burn me?" She shook her head with a light smile, "I don't die so easily." She outstretched her arms, "Of course you can always try." She said, "But you'll regret ever picking a fight with me." She promised with cold eyes.

Havoc kept his gun pointed at her, "What do you want to do, Boss?" He asked, watching Lust closely.

Roy sighed, "If she won't hand over FullMetal then we have no choice but to kill her." He said. He quickly snapped his fingers, sending white hot flames at her.

Lust dodged the flames by a hair and they flew into the wall, melting it on contact. She sent a cold glare at him, "You'll regret this!" She snarled. She leaped over the railing and bounded onto the floor, lengthening her nails into long daggers.

Havoc sent a bullet flying at her chest. She blocked it and it embedded into the cement wall. She slowly turned to him with a wry smile. "Oh Hun, you shouldn't have done that."

She charged at him, missing the fireballs Roy sent at her. She clawed down at Havoc who jumped to the right, missing the claws by a second. His gun scattered across the floor and slammed into the wall.

"Now you'll die!" She yelled, running at Havoc with nails pointed at his heart and fell onto the spot where Havoc lay.

Roy yanked him out of the way just as Lust fell onto the hard floor, burying her sharp nails into it. She looked up at him with icy eyes, slowly pulling her claws out of the floor.

Roy felt shivers go down his back when she set her eyes on him. He shot a white hot flame into her face, sending the smell of burning flesh into the air.

Lust let out heart stopping scream as she fell to the floor in a flurry of smoke and flame. Roy snapped again, letting another fireball fall onto her.

Havoc scrambled for his gun and snatched it up, taking aim at the charred lump on the floor. "Is it over?" He asked with uncertainty.

Roy stood still aiming at her. His breaths heaved in and out as his eyes took in the sight of the charred body.

"Think again, Sweet Heart." Lust's voice rang out. She rose from the ashes as her body took form again. "Like I said, I don't die that easily." She grinned madly at them.

"Dammit! Why won't you creatures stay down?" Roy shouted, snapping again. The fire raged at her, engulfing her once again.

She screamed and fell to her knees. Her skin melted from her bones and only the glowing of a red stone was seen.

"There!" Roy pointed at the Philosophers Stone buried in her chest, glowing brightly despite the burned body it rested in. "Shoot that and she'll go down!" He called to Havoc.

Havoc nodded curtly and aimed his gun before pulling the trigger, sending the bullet flying through the air and into its target.

Lust shrieked and collapsed to the floor with a thud, laying motionless.

"Is it over?" Havoc asked, lowering his gun and walking over to Roy's side. He looked at the creature, looking for any sign of life.

"Only one way to be sure I suppose." Roy said, walking cautiously to the woman laying on the floor. He poked her with his boot. "I think we killed her."

Havoc grinned and jogged to his side. He looked down on the woman, "Shows you not to mess with us, you Bitch!" He roughly kicked her side.

In an instant, Lust roared to life and stabbed her sharp nails deep into Havoc's gut. Blood dripped around her nails as she sweetly smiled at him. "I warned you."

Havoc gagged as he shoved her nails further in.

"You Bitch!" Roy yelled, snapping his fingers and sending a roaring fire into her face. Her face popped from the intense heat and she jumped back, ripping her nails free of Havoc.

Havoc fell to the floor and landed in a pool of his own blood. It bubbled out of his mouth as he lay staring in shock.

"Havoc!" Roy screamed. He took a heaving breath in and set his teeth. "I Will Kill You!" He roared and charged the woman, sending blast of fire at her.

She dodged one ball of flame just as Roy sent the next. It hit her and engulfed her in a white hot fire. She fell to the floor in ashes as the red stone rolled softly out of her chest and stopped in front of Roy. It dissolved at soon as it touched his boot. He glared at the remnants of it.

He quickly turned away from the smoking body and ran to Havoc's side, skidding onto his knees and stopping next to the man. "Havoc?" Roy spoke softly.

Havoc slowly shifted his eyes to Roy's face and sadly smiled. "I don't think I'm gonna make it out of this one." He said.

Roy shook his head, "No, you're going to survive this fight. You always have before. We've been in worse then this, right?" He smiled down at him. "I can't lose my right hand man, now can I?" He said as he pulled up Havoc's shirt and scowled at the deep wounds. Blood trickled from them and joined the large puddle forming under Havoc.

Havoc weakly grabbed Roy's wrist and shook his head. "It's no use...I'm gonna die..." He coughed out, "Just promise...you'll save...the Chief..." He met Roy's eyes with a silent plea. "Make...my life...worth something..." He breathed.

"Don't worry," Roy said, "We're going to save him together." He felt his heart breaking. He could see the life draining out of Havoc's eyes.

Havoc let out a violent cough and blood flew onto the cement floor. "Never thought...this would be...how I die..." He said softly, blood bubbling from his mouth and leaking down his chin.

Roy desperately thought for anything that could save him. He scanned the room and his eyes fell onto his gloves, an idea struck him. He quickly yanked up Havoc's shirt and aimed his finger at the wounds. "This will hurt."

Havoc grabbed Roy's wrist again and weakly shook his head. "Won't do...any good..."

Roy's hand dropped down, "What do you mean? I might be able to save you, just let me help you." Roy said frantically.

"Save...the Chief for me..." Havoc breathed out. His hand went slack on Roy's wrist as his eyes slowly drifted shut.

"Oh no you don't! Don't do this to me!" Roy hunched over him and lightly slapped his face. "Don't you dare die!" He cried out. His eyes scanned Havoc's still body. "That's an order..." He said desperately.

He felt his heart fall piece by piece as he looked at the motionless body laying in front of him. Years of friendship and memories flashed through his mind as a gaping hole ripped through his chest.

Hot fire burned in him. Hotter then anything he had ever felt before. His cheeks burned as a silent tear fell down and dropped onto the body below.

"Dammit..." Roy muttered, another tear falling free. He reached down and carefully closed the eyes of his best friend.

He felt a super nova explode in his chest as he stood. He clenched his fists into tight balls. "Those Bastards will pay for everything!" He spat with cold onyx eyes. "They'll wish they'd never been created."

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