A Cat's Story

Chapter Twenty Four

Ed flinched in pain as light flooded the room and Envy marched in, followed by Pride. "We have to move him." Pride said with distaste, scowling down at Ed.

"Dammit! Why do human's have to ruin everything?" Envy hissed, walking over to Ed and grabbing him up by his hair and glaring at him. "Get the chain off," Envy glanced at Pride, "Before he gets here."

Ed vaguely wondered who "he" was but his mind was fuzzy from pain. He reached up and tried to knock Envy's hand from his hair only to be slapped against the hand. His hand fell back to his side with defeat.

"I hope Lust took care of him." Pride muttered, unlocking the chain from Ed's neck. It dropped to the floor with a thud. "Do we need to put him out before we carry him?" He frowned at the boy.

Envy chuckled, "Seriously? Look at him. He's not going to be attacking us." He promised, slinging Ed over his shoulder like a sack of potatoes.

Ed grunted, staring down at the floor from his awkward position. His stomach shouted in pain as Envy's shoulder roughly pushed into it.

"Come on, we need to leave." Pride said, holding the door opened and glancing nervously out.

Envy stood and laughed at Pride's concerned look. "What's got you so riled up? Scared you can't take him?" He grinned, making his way through the door and into the narrow hallway.

Pride shook his head as he closed the door. "It's not that, I just want to avoid fighting if possible. This is a new suit." He gestured at his attire.

"Whatever, "Envy said, "Personally I wouldn't mind a fight." He said, walking down the hallway.

"Well then you're going to get one, you son of a bitch!" A voice rang out behind them, making them halt and look back.

"I didn't expect to see you. I would've figured Lust took care of you and your friend." He sneered, dropping Ed to the floor.

Ed landed hard onto the cement floor, pain exploded through his side as he gasped. He lay dazed trying to make out the figure.

"You'll pay for everything you've done!" The voice spat out with such hatred it made Ed flinch.

"Hey," Envy glanced around, 'Where is your friend anyways?" He beamed. "Did Lust finish him off?"

"You Bastard!" The deep voice yelled out as a fire ball was cast towards Envy. It flew over Ed's head and hit its target.

Ed blinked, feeling the intense heat of the fire that engulfed Envy. He tried to roll away from it and towards who he now knew was Roy.

"You killed my friend!" Roy roared, taking a step forward and sending another blast of fire towards Envy.

Pride stood off to one side of the Hallway, frowning in disgust at the burning Envy. He sighed, "I had hoped to avoid a fight but you leave me no choice." He stepped away from the wall and closed his eyes. Shadows flew out like bats in the night and hid behind Roy.

"Watch...Out..." Ed rasped, trying to alert Roy of the incoming danger but his warning wasn't heard.

The shadow grabbed at Roy's leg, pulling him off balance and pushing him to the floor. He slammed down onto it, finally noting Ed laying not far in front of him.

The shadow dragged him backwards, clenching his foot until painful spasms came over Roy. He twisted around and snapped his finger at the darkness, only eluding it for a moment.

Pride chuckled and shook his head. "It's hopeless you know." His eyes became cold as he looked at Roy. "You can't fight shadows."

Roy swallowed, trying to think of anything to get him out of danger. He kept snapping his fingers at the dark, sending his blazing light into it and vanquishing it for the moment.

Envy heaved a breath in and out, shakily rising to his feet and sent a bitter glare at Roy. "Don't you ever do that to me again."

Pride crossed his arms, "He won't if you'd just kill him already." He rolled his eyes, willing his shadows to hold Roy in the air by his foot.

Envy turned to Pride, "Why don't you kill him? You've just been toying around with him while I was burning!" He screamed in fury, pointing to Roy hanging.

Pride laughed, "Because, I don't want to get dirty." He looked Envy up and down, "You on the other hand, are always filthy."

Roy saw his chance. If he could take out Pride then the shadows would fall with him. His head was getting dizzy as it filled with blood. He had a hard time aiming his finger at Pride. His hand swayed back and forth before he finally got control over it and snapped.

A white hot fire grabbed Pride and burned him. His skin popped and blistered as it melted onto the floor. His skeleton slowly turned its grinning face towards Roy.

Roy felt fear grab his heart and his hand shook at the evil that resided in those eyes. He set his teeth and snapped his fingers at the blaring red light looming out of the skeletons chest.

The fire ball impacted in a great ball of light, melting the Philosopher's Stone on contact. It leaked to the floor in an oozing puddle of fire and the skeleton fell onto it, splashing the red liquid onto Envy.

Envy stood gaping at the red life force of Pride on his black pants. His head shifted to Roy's face and he barred his teeth like a wild animal. "You'll die for that."

Roy felt the grip of the shadows hand let go of him and he dropped to the floor. He rolled as he hit the floor and rose into a standing position, quickly aiming his fingers at Envy once more.

"You monsters are responsible for so much pain," Roy snarled at him. "Lust killed my best friend!" He shouted with rage.

Envy snickered, "I hope he suffered." He grinned madly, charging at Roy just as he snapped his fingers. Envy ducked the blast and kept coming at Roy.

Roy sent another fire ball at Envy, trying to stop the incoming danger. Envy dodged it and sneered at him, growing his arm out into a sharp point. "You'll meet the same fate your friend did!"

Roy felt rage burning inside him as he ducked to the right and struck out at Envy with his left boot, just nicking him on the leg.

Envy glared at Roy as he streaked past him and skidded to a halt. He looked down at his leg where Roy had kicked him and frowned. "You touched me." He stated, looking up at Roy. " I hate it when people touch me!" He hissed and lunged at Roy, pointing his sharp talon at Roy's heart.

Roy didn't have time to raise his hand as he watched his impending doom and held his breath.

A spear rose from the ground and went through Envy's chest. Envy glanced down at the object and frowned, blood leaking from him.

"You're not...killing Roy..." Ed breathed hard with his hands on the cold cement floor. He blearily looked up at Roy, grimacing in pain.

Roy met Ed's golden eyes and gave a curt nod. He had to survive for Ed. He roared to life and raised his foot in the air, slamming it down on Envy's back. Shoving him further down on the spear. Envy sputtered as blood flew from his mouth.

Roy leaped back and snapped his fingers madly at the beast, not stopping until a familiar red liquid split from Envy's bare skeleton and dripped to the floor.

Roy watched as the smoke cleared, seeing Envy's blackened skeleton on the floor. He gave a small smiled before rushing to Ed's side.

He scowled at Ed's battered body and gently laid a hand on his shoulder. "Fullmetal..." He mumbled as he took in the dark purple bruising on Ed's face.

Ed looked up at him with half lidded golden eyes before his head loped to the side and his breaths slowed.

"FullMetal?" Roy lightly shook his body, "Come on, wake up." He shook his head, "Don't do this to me. You can't die." He leaned his head down and rested it against Ed's chest. He felt Ed's small breaths rising and falling.

"You're still alive!" Roy jerked his head up and beamed down at Ed. "I need to get you to a hospital." He reached under Ed softly and picked him up bridal style, making sure to hold him close to his chest as he stood. He was secretly glad Ed was unconscious as Roy carried him out into the court yard. He could only picture what the boy would do if he woke up to this.

Sirens greeted his ears as Breda and Alphonse rushed over to them. "Sir, what happened?" Breda asked frantically and glanced around behind Roy. "Where's Havoc?" He frowned.

Roy looked up and shook his head, "He's gone..." He whispered. His heart clenched as he remembered Havoc taking his last breath.

Alphonse gasped, "What do you mean gone?"

Breda shook his head, "No, that can't be true! Havoc would never die like that." He looked at the ground with wide eyes, "He wouldn't."

Roy walked past a stiff Breda and towards the Ambulance that was waiting for them outside the gates. Two men rushed over and scowled at the sight of Ed.

"Come with us, Sir." They gestured to the gurney that sat outside the Ambulance. Roy rested Ed onto the gurney, brushing his hair out of his face as the E.M.T's looked him over.

Alphonse ran over to Ed and frantically looked him over, "Oh Brother! Are you okay?" He spoke quickly, "Answer me!"

One of the men rested a hand on Al's shoulder, "He'll be okay, he's just unconscious."

Roy stepped back and looked over at the Police cars with lights flashing as the guard that was at the gate was being hand cuffed and pushed into the car.

"It's over..." Roy muttered to himself, "It's finally over."

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