A Cat's Story

Chapter Twenty Five

Roy stood with his dark eyes downcast as the funeral came to a close. He glanced up as he heard someone walking over to him.

Ed looked at him with a bandaged head and bruises covering his face. His golden eyes were glazed over."He was a good guy and I'm glad I had the chance to be his friend..." He sniffled as Alphonse came walking up to him and rested a hand on his shoulder in an attempt to reassure him.

Roy felt the heat behind his eyes as he took a deep breath, trying to hold back the pain that filled his heart.

The clouds were gathering and swelling with sadness, dripping their tears onto the freshly buried casket.

People were starting to leave as the rain fell onto their sullen faces. They opened up black umbrellas and slowly walked away from the man they knew.

Roy felt tears prickling him as rain dropped on his face and he frowned. "Yeah. He was a good man..." He agreed quietly, watching the rain fall onto the tombstone.

Ed's eyes stung at the tears he kept hidden away as they tried to escape. He felt his heart ache at the thought of never hearing Havoc speak to him again or playfully call him Chief. He looked down at the grave as tears fell down his cheeks, joining in the endless rain.

Hawkeye walked over to Roy and laid her hand on him, looking down at the grave with a scowl. "He gave up his life to save his friends. He was a wonderful friend." She said softly.

Roy looked up at Hawkeye with a small nod, "Shouldn't you still be resting?" He asked softly, noticing her still bandaged shoulder.

"I couldn't miss the funeral," He let out a deep breath and straightened herself, "He was my friend too."

Roy gave a small smile. "He was an idiot and smoked like a train." He shook his head sadly, "And I'll miss him because of it." He clenched his teeth in sorrow. Why couldn't he have seen Lust's plan? He could've stopped it. He closed his eyes and took a breath.

"Come along, Sir." Hawkeye gripped his shoulder comfortably, "It's not good to stand in the rain."

Roy nodded, staring at the tombstone. Havoc always did get himself into trouble, he thought.

Ed set flowers on the grave and wiped the tears from his face. "Idiot, you didn't have to die for me." He muttered gently before standing and storming off towards the car. Alphonse frowned and followed after him.

"I'm going to go and speak to Edward." Hawkeye said, watching the young boys walk towards the car. She patted Roy once more before following after them.

Roy stood over his grave, feeling the rain hit his face as he looked towards the clouds. They rumbled in distress, echoing his own feelings.

He looked down at the grave and crouched down, laying flowers next to the tombstone.

He smiled sadly at the lettering on the tombstone. "Brave Solider and best friend. Gave his life in battle for the sake of a friend. Loyal to the very end." He softly shook his head as rain dripped into his face.

"You always were an idiot and put yourself in unnecessary danger." He said quietly, rising up. "But you were my best friend..." He felt a single tear fall and hit the grave as he started to walk away.

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