A Cat's Story

Chapter Three

"This is going to be a long walk home.." Roy grumbled to himself, thunder rumbled overhead and the wind ripped at the tails of his coat.

His boots landed in a puddle of water, soaking his warm socks. "Hmpf, I hate the rain." He stated as he folded his arms tighter against his chest, he felt the little bundle under his arm.

"Maybe It'll be nice having a pet again. How hard could this little guy be to take care of anyway?" He questioned out loud as thunder rumbled again, a crack of lighting streaked across the dark sky.

He put his head down, letting his short black hair fall into his face; lightly shielding him from the harsh rain.

Finally, he could see his house in the distance. He jogged towards it, rustling the tiny bundle in his coat.

He felt claws sink into his chest as the cat tried to stable himself against the rough shaking. "It's okay, we're almost home." He said out loud, partly to soothe the cat and partly to remind himself that he'd be in the warm comfort of home in a moment.

He took one hand off of the warm bundle under his hand and reached into his pocket, drawing out the key and opening the door. He stepped inside and slammed the door roughly into it's rest. Sighing, he kicked off his heavy wet boots and trudged farther inside.

He stepped up to the coat rack and gently took his coat off, making sure to support the fluffy orange cat. He hung his soaked coat there to dry.

He leaned down and set the small cat onto the floor, it looked up at him with big golden eyes. Roy shivered. Those eyes! He'd seen them somewhere, but where?. He shook the thought clear from his head.

"There you go kitty, have a look at your new home. It's not much, but I bet it's nicer than anything you've ever had before." Roy smiled softly to the cat hunched tightly against the floor, its ears were back and its tail twitched with annoyance.

"Are you hungry?, I'm sure I've got something for you to eat." The cat looked up at him with a sudden interest, it stood up onto its paws and waited for Roy to show him the kitchen.

Roy headed for the kitchen, glancing back to make sure the tiny cat was following him. They entered the small kitchen, Roy opened the fridge as the cat sat on the floor looking up at him with wide golden eyes, its ears twitched as it waited.

"Ah, here we go!" Roy exclaimed as he pulled something from the fridge. He grabbed a white bowl from the cupboard and set it on the counter. He filled the dish and set it on the floor. The cat approached it and stuck its head into the bowl. It withdrew its face quickly and it glared up at Roy with such hatred it made him shudder.

"What, you don't like milk?. What normal cat doesn't like milk..." Roy mused to himself as he picked up the dish and put it in the sink. He opened the fridge again and dug through old and moldy food that'd been there who knows how long.

Edward glared at Roy. He so badly wanted to claw his eyes out but he thought better of it.

Milk, how could he think I'd like milk. Of course he doesn't know it's me. He just assumes that every cat must like milk. Well, I'll teach him how to treat a cat like a king!, Ed thought.

Roy looked away from the fridge as a sudden purring came from the fluffy cat, it looked pleased with its self.

"What're you so happy about?." Roy mumbled as he shifted his onyx eyes back to the open fridge and shifted through the food in there.

Finally, he came across some tuna he hadn't eaten and it was still fairly fresh. He smiled to the cat as he plopped the fish into a bowl and set it on the floor. The cat looked at him with uncertainty as he approached the bowl and sniffed the food.

I guess tuna's better than nothing, Ed thought.

The cat stuck its head into the bowl as it started chowing on the food with an amazing speed. Roy gave a sad smile, it reminded him of Edward and his inhuman ability to eat so fast. He shook his head clear of the thought. There was still no evidence that Edward was gone. He would find him, he had to.

"Enjoy your food, it's all you're getting for the night." Roy shifted his gaze away from the animal and back at the fridge, now he had to satisfy his hunger. He reached in and grabbed some leftover noodles.

He flopped them onto a plate then reached into his pocket and pulled out his white ignition gloves, he shoved them on his right hand and snapped.

The food was now hot and steamy, he smirked at his handiwork. Yes, flame alchemy was good for many things, heating up food was one of them.

He grabbed the glove and stuck it back into his pocket. He planned to sleep without those on from now on, he didn't want to flame this cat as he did the last one.

He sighed and picked up his food then turned towards the living room. He stepped over the cat that acted like it was starving and proceeded to the living room table.

He pushed a stack of papers over and set down his plate, a feeling of dread coming over him at the sight of all the papers he had to sign. There were mounds of them stacked over his table, all threatening to fall at any given second.

He plopped down on a wooden chair and pulled his food closer to himself. He twirled his fork in the noodles and raised them to his mouth. He felt their heat warming his lips as he took a big bite of them and sighed with content as he closed his eyes.

"Meow" Roy opened his eyes as a sudden sound filled the room. He looked down at the small cat that was sitting next to his chair.

Ahh, did that annoying sound just come from me?!, Ed thought.

Roy smiled down at the fluffy little thing, it looked confused at the noise that came from its small mouth. "You need a name. But first, are you a boy or a girl?" Roy wondered out loud, he examined the cats face and small ears.

"Just meow if the answer is yes, okay?" Roy asked the cat, he stared up at him with large golden eyes.

"Girl?" No sound.

"Boy?" Roy rubbed his chin.

"Meow." The cat answered with a tiny mew.

Roy smiled, "Alright, good. Now you need a name." He thought for a moment, looking around the room trying to find something to name the cat.

"How about Earl?" A hiss sounded from the cat, he earned its harsh golden glare.

Roy raised his hands up in surrender, "Okay, okay. Geez.."

"What about Edward Scissor paws or just Ed for short?" Roy grinned, then waved the idea away as he thought about the real Ed. "Nah, doesn't fit you.."

How could my name not fit me!?. If only he knew how close he came to my identity...Idiot, Ed thought.

"How about Oliver?" No hiss came to Roy's ears. "Alright, Oliver it is." Roy picked up his fork again and shoved food into his food.

Oliver is better then nothing I guess. It won't be long until I get out of this form anyways, a few days isn't going to kill me, Ed thought.

After Roy had finished eating, he shoved the plate out of his way and grabbed up a pen. He pulled a stack of papers closer to him and pulled out a page then started neatly signing his name on each one.

Well, this is boring, Ed thought as he watched Roy sign paper after paper.

Edward hissed loudly, trying to bring attention to himself. He refused to sit there doing nothing all night.

Roy glanced down at him and groaned as he rubbed his temples. "Oliver, go play or something, I'm busy." He shooed Edward away from the table.

Fine, if he won't pay attention to me then I guess I'll have to make him!, Ed thought wickedly.

Stepping back, Edward positioned himself onto his haunches. He wiggled a little, focusing his golden eyes onto the stack of papers on the table above his head. He launched himself into the air and onto the table, papers flew into the air as he skidded onto the flat surface.

Roy jumped out of his chair with a furious look on his face, he looked ready to snap. "Damn cat!, get down!" He grabbed Edward by the scruff and hauled him into the bedroom, throwing him in.

"Stay! Go to sleep or something but don't touch anything!" Roy exclaimed as he rested his hands on his hips in anger. He glared at the kitty once last time before shutting the door with a loud slam.

Fine!, I will go to sleep..I'm tired anyway!, Ed thought heatedly.

Edward glanced around the room, a large bed towered over his head and a dresser was off to the side. He considered sleeping under the large bed but he decided against it.

Stepping back, he launched himself onto the bed and walked over the soft surface until he reached a pillow.

He curled himself up and laid his head down gently against it. His golden eyes slowly fluttered closed as he let the soothing feeling of sleep wash over him.

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