A Cat's Story

Chapter Four

Roy walked into his room and noticed the small lump of fur on his pillow. Sighing, he quietly tip toed to the the dresser in the room and pulled out his sleep ware. He glanced over to the bed when he heard a faint yawn from Oliver, his golden eyes dull and weary.

Roy faintly smiled to the young cat. He was just a big ball of fluff sunken down in a large white pillow. Roy rolled his eyes and started unbuttoning his shirt, earning him a wide eyed look from the cat.

Is he doing what I think he's doing?...Awkward!, Ed shouted in his head.

"What's wrong Oliver? Have a bad dream or something?" Roy frowned as the cat jumped from its perch on the pillow and onto the cool floor below. His paws tapped on the floor as he pattered to the door. "Meow.."

Let me out of here you damn old man! Or else I will have nightmares .This is so awkward!, Ed screamed in his mind.

"Hang on a minute, just let me change then I'll let you out." Roy focused his onyx eyes back to his task of unbuttoning his shirt. He flopped the shirt onto the floor and flipped his night shirt on.

No, let me out, let me out, let me out!, Ed screeched in his head.

Roy looked up the cat as it started frantically clawing the door, its hissing filled the room.

"Okay, okay!" Roy slipped his night pants on and walked to the door to let Oliver out. He opened the door and the cat skidded through the hall towards the front door.

"I can't let you leave this house you know. How about I take you out on a leash instead?" Roy frowned at the cat and turned to the living room table looking for anything that could be used as a leash. Finally, he found a long string.

"Okay, here kitty kitty!" He called sweetly, bending down on one knee and holding his hand out; gesturing the cat forward into his arms.

Oh hell no!, you ain't getting a rope around my neck!, Ed thought as he looked at the long piece of string dangling from Roy's outstretched hands.

Oliver started growling as Roy put his hand near the cat, its big golden eyes focused on his hand.

"It's okay, now come here!" Roy demanded sternly. He put his hand closer to the cats face.

Oliver slashed his paw towards him, claws extended and glinting in the faint light of the moon that cast through the window.

Roy quickly pulled his hand back, a furious glare on his face. "Fine you stupid cat!, sit there then 'cause you aren't coming back in my room!" He shouted as he stood. He gave one last glare at the cat before heading back to his room and slamming the door, the loud sound made the cat shiver.

Fine, it's not like I wanted to be anywhere near you anyways!, Ed thought harshly.

He looked around the dark room. The faint light that managed to enter his eyes helped him move around in the dark room.

"What's even in here, anyways?. Wonder if he has any more food, I'm hungry." Ed thought as his paws patted the floor as he walked. A loud growl emitted from his stomach, he glanced back at his furry belly and rolled his eyes.

Fine, lets see what the Colonel has in his fridge, Ed thought.

He turned his head and looked around the large living room. He trotted past the long white couch and jogged past the table that had paperwork still scattered over it.

Ha, looks like I really made a mess there!, Ed thought as he saw the messy paperwork on the table.

Feeling quite proud of himself, he held his tail high and flicked it around. His paws lightly hit the floor as he quietly approached the kitchen. The large white fridge was looking at him, inviting him to open it and get a glimpse into heaven.

Alright, now how the hell am I gonna open it?, Ed asked himself.

He flopped down on the black and white titled floor as he swished his fluffy tail back and forth.

Ah ha!, got an idea!, Ed thought.

He stood back up and trotted to the fridge door. He leaned his weight back onto his hunches and lifted his paw, extending his sharp claws.

He wedged his claws onto the seal of the door and started clawing at it trying to get it opened.

Finally, it slowly opened. The light of heaven came on and shone into his wide golden eyes. Wonderful smells of food drifted past his nose, he inhaled with pleasure.

Alright, Mustang. Lets see what you have in here!, Ed thought happily.

He stood on his hind legs as he peered into the fridge, his eyes landed on the milk carton.

Disgusting cow juice! DIE, Ed screamed in his head.

He hooked a claw around the carton and pulled, it fell to the floor and spilled its contents all over the clean floor and onto himself.

The milk expanded and washed over his paws, soaking them with the cool white liquid.

Eww, gross!, Ed scowled down at his paws and he flicked them, splashing more milk over the floor.

Glaring, he looked back into the fridge.

His eyes focused on a ham sandwich, it was half eaten but it looked delicious. The smell drifted over to him and into his nose.

With his mouth watering, he reached a paw into the fridge and hooked a claw onto the bread. He gave a yank and it fell out onto the floor, he scowled.

I usually don't eat things off of the floor but, I'm hungry so just this once isn't going to kill me, right?. Plus, there's the five second rule!, Ed thought.

He ducked his head and started gnawing on the soft bread, letting its beautiful aroma drift into his nose and the wonderful taste fill his mouth with each bite.

He lifted his head as a familiar sound caught his ears, he flicked them and looked up.

"Oliver!, what have you done!?" Roy shrieked, his hands on his head in shock. "Look at this mess!" He pointed to the milk on the floor and the sandwich now nearly soaked in milk.

"That was my lunch for tomorrow!" He moaned as he stepped up to the cat, "Come here right now!" He demanded.

Gulping down the food in his mouth, Ed slowly approached Roy with his body hunched close to the floor.

"What do you have to say for yourself, huh?. Just look at this mess! It's three in the morning and now I have to clean you up and the kitchen as well!" Roy's eyebrows knit up in anger as he put his hands on his hips.

Damn, he sounds pissed. Maybe now is a good time to practice cute puppy, err, kitten eyes, Ed thought.

He looked up at Roy with golden eyes the size of dinner plates, "Meow?" He slowly came up and rubbed Roy's leg gently with his head.

I can't believe I'm doing this! He might as well just kill me right here and now, because I think I'm gonna die of embarrassment!, Ed thought.

Roy sighed in defeat, his face lost all anger. "Alright, come on. Lets just get you cleaned up, okay?" He reached down and hoisted the fluffy little cat into his arms, holding him close to make him feel safe.

Put me down!, Ed yelled in his head.

Oliver hissed and crawled onto Roy as he looked frantically at the long drop to the floor.

Roy flinched as the cats claws dug into him. "It's okay Oliver, no need to be afraid." He tried calming the kitten down as he walked to the bathroom and closed the door. He gently put the cat onto the floor.

Oliver's wide eyes fell onto the bathtub and realized in a shock what was going to happen.

Crap, the bathtub, Ed thought in realization.

Roy walked over and turned the water on, testing it on his wrist to feel the heat. When it was the right temperature, he looked at the cat cowering next to the door.

"Come here, I need to get you cleaned up." He said and walked up to the cat. "Are we doing this the hard way or the easy way?"

Hard way, you bastard!, Ed thought.

A deep growl filled the small room, Roy sighed. "The hard way, huh?. Fine." He reached for the hostile cat, missing him by an inch.

Hell no!, I'm not getting in water!, Ed thought.

He darted past Roy's legs; nearly making the man trip then he jumped onto the toilet and leaped onto the sink; ripping the toilet paper on the way.

"Come here you damn cat!" Roy grabbed for him again, getting clawed in the process. He held his hand as it slowly bled, he sent a rueful glare at the cat.

Serves you right, Bastard!, Ed sneered at him in his head.

"You're gonna pay for that!" Roy shouted and quick as a bullet, he latched onto his the cats golden tail; making him howl in pain as he yanked the figure closer to him.

Edward clawed him with everything he had, sending blood erupting from all over Roy's tall body.

Roy held him close to his chest, preventing an escape and lessening the amount of scratching the cat could do.

Roy managed to get him to the water and throw him in. No matter how much Edward howled in displeasure and distress, the man wouldn't let up as he roughly scrubbed the cats fluffy orange fur.

He squirted soap onto the small body of the cat and started scrubbing the bubbly substance into his wet fur, earning him a fiery hot glare from narrowed golden eyes.

Finally, they were done and Roy pulled the dripping wet form out of the water and into a large towel.

He held him close to his chest as the cat shivered with distress. Roy gently rubbed the cats fur.

"There, that wasn't so bad. Was it?" He walked out to the living room and sat down on the couch, rubbing the cats small head with the soft towel.

For your information, yes. It was horrible! Stop rubbing me!, Ed yelled in his mind.

Roy sighed as he watched the cat rabidly glare at him as he licked his long golden fur dry.

Just then, a loud ringing interrupted Roy as he dried the cats fur. "Who could that be?" He asked out loud as he stood and made his way over to the phone and picked it up. "Hello, Roy Mustang Speaking."

Roy's shoulders scrunched and his onyx eyes narrowed in irritation. "Maes..."

Ed's attention raised at the mention of Mae's name and he listened with interest.

"Hey buddy! How's babysitting going?" Mae's laughed through the phone.

Roy rolled his eyes, "Yeah well, next time you're taking the stupid cat!. It ruined my kitchen and it ate my lunch for tomorrow! It's such a spiteful little runt!"

At that remark, Edward rocketed off the couch and sprang onto Roy leg, hissing and clawing.

"Owww!, Get off of me!" He shook his leg and hoped awkwardly around on the floor trying to make the cat release.

"Get off or I'll flame you!" Roy screamed, his hand squeezed the phone tightly as his face scrunched up with pain from each scratch.

Finally, the cat let go and trotted back to the couch, lightly yawning as if nothing happened and laid down, curling gently into a tight ball.

"What's wrong Roy, having a heart attack?" Mae's joked. Roy could practically hear his grin though the phone.

"No, that damn cat just attacked me for no reason!" Roy groaned into the phone, his free hand lightly touched the small cuts on his leg.

"Well maybe he's mad because you're acting like you don't care for him. Have you even named him yet?" Mae's asked.

"Yes, I named him Oliver. Although, I don't know why. I don't plan on keeping him." Roy sighed.

"Did you do something to get Oliver mad at you?" Mae's asked after a moment.

"I don't know why he attacked me!, I called him a runt then all hell broke loose!" He glanced back at the small cat sleeping soundly on the couch, his long orange fur flowing around his small form.

"Well I don't know what to tell you, Roy. Maybe try being nicer to the kitty." Mae's said.

"Something bothers me though. He reminds me of Edward." Roy frowned, "I called the kitten a runt and it attacked me, remind you of someone?" He asked Mae's.

"Come on Roy, that's ridiculous! It's just a cat, nothing more." Mae's sighed and his tone of voice dropped. "Look I know you're worried about Ed, we all are. But don't look for him in places he couldn't be, alright? Lets just stick to what we know." Mae's said.

"Yeah, you're right. I am being rather stupid right now. Look, I'm gonna get off of here and get the cat dried off. He got a bath and he's still a little but wet. I'll talk to you later." Roy said as he drummed his fingers against the wall, waiting for Mae's to let him hang up.

"Fine, I see how it is then. You don't want to talk to me. Just do me one favor, don't kill the cat." Mae said lightly into the phone.

"I won't kill him." Roy promised, "I gotta go, I'll talk to you later." He said as he hung the phone up with a deep breath. He lifted his onyx eyes back to the sleeping form and walked over to it. He gently patted the kitten on the head and slid his hand over it's soft body.

"Yeah, you remind me of Edward..." Roy muttered softly as he watched the cat's gentle breaths fall in and out.

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