A Cat's Story

Chapter Five

Roy wearily blinked his eyes open. "Damn it, I feel asleep on the couch.." He mumbled, his voice still heavy with sleep. He turned his head as a small movement caught his onyx eyes.

The little orange ball of fluff was as far away from Roy as he could be. His little body was snuggled up to the arm of the couch as his golden eyes glared steadily at Roy.

"Nice to see you still have your personality, I thought you might be in shock from last night." Roy chuckled, he stretched his arms above his head in a wide yawn.

"Lets get you some food before I have to go to work." He stood and waited for the little cat to follow him.

Fine you old Bastard, but it's only because I'm hungry!, Ed thought.

Oliver arched his back and stretched his paws in front of him in a toothy yawn then sat up and jumped onto the floor.

You going or do I have to get my own food again? 'Cause we all remember how that turned out!, Ed said in his head.

Roy snorted as Oliver swished his tail back and forth in annoyance. His golden eyes flicked to the kitchen.

"Alright, alright. I'm going! Geez.." Roy rolled his eyes at the cats impatience as he tromped to the kitchen.

"You know it's been awhile since I've had a pet so go easy on me." Roy glanced back at the cat following him, he could of swore the cat rolled its eyes. He smiled and shook his head clear of the silly thought. Cats can't roll their eyes.

"Looks like I might have to go shopping for some food soon." Roy mused to himself as he rummaged through the fridge, pushing old food aside trying to find something edible for them both.

Finally his hands found a small bowl of tuna, it still looked good.

"Here, eat this. It's all I have for you until I can pick up some food, okay?" He set the bowl on the black and white tiled floor.

Seriously?! Tuna again!. Don't I get a say in what I eat?!, Ed hissed in his mind.

A low growl came from the small cat. He glared at the opened can then up at Roy.

"Like I said, it's all I got for you. So eat it or don't, I don't really care." Roy looked away from the cat and back at the open fridge. He sighed and closed the fridge then started digging through the high cupboards, he yanked out some bread and flopped it on the counter.

He smiled and pulled out his ignition gloves again, his put them on and aimed for the bread. In one small snap the bread was toasted and steaming with warm goodness.

"There, breakfast!" Roy bellowed, a small smirk tugged at his mouth. He grabbed up the bread and took a large bite, slowly crunching on it.

"Could be a bit warmer but it'll have to do." He mumbled then looked down at Oliver who was still stubbornly glaring at the food.

"Alright then, starve!" He reached down and swiped the can away and set it on the high table.

"I have to get ready for work." He stated then turned and headed for his bedroom so he could change into something more suitable for work.

Oliver stood up and started jogging after Roy, his little paws piddling across the floor.

Hey you bastard, where do you think you're going!? I'm hungry, feed me!, Ed complained in his head.

The door slammed in the Oliver's wide golden eyes and his body went rigid.

You can't get rid of me that easily! I'll make your life a living hell!, Ed screamed in his head.

Oliver clawed at the door, growling and hissing as loud as he could. He scored his claws over the wooden door, leaving his mark with every blow.

You hear me! Feed me!, Ed growled in his mind.

The door burst open, letting the cat smack his head into the floor with a low hiss.

"Knock it off you damn cat!, or else I'll lock you in a cage until I get home!" He stated with crossed arms.

The look on Oliver's shocked face must have been enough because he uncrossed his arms and closed the door with a small "Hmpf" and walked to the front door; grabbing his military coat on the way.

"Now you just be a good little cat and go sleep somewhere, don't make a mess!. Or else you won't like what I'll do to you." He snarled at the car then yanked open the door, a blast of cold air hit them both in the face.

Freedom!, Ed yelled happily in his head at the sight of the outside world.

Oliver shot off towards the open door, only to have to roughly slammed in his face. He put the skids on and slid right into the closed door.

Damn it! stupid freaking door!, Ed thought.

He slowly stood and shook his long orange fur. He glanced around the strangely quiet house.

Wonderful, I'm stuck here with nothing to do, Ed sighed.

His golden eyes met the paperwork sitting on the table, many of the pages were finished and stacked neatly.

Or maybe there is something to do!, Ed thought.

He could feel an invisible evil smile come onto his fluffy face as his eyes danced with mischief.

Lesson number one Mustang.

Never leave an angry cat alone with your valuables!, Ed thought menacingly.

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