A Cat's Story

Chapter Six

A light breeze blew through Roy's short black hair, making him shiver.

"Hope that damn cat doesn't get into anything." He sighed, that's the last thing he needed. He had enough to worry about with work and, the most important thing, Edward.

"Stupid kid, he never did listen to anyone!." He growled with annoyance. His onyx eyes flicked to the people pushing past him on his way to work.

The only thing he had to look forward to was stacks of paperwork and his childish team.

"I guess Hawkeye isn't too bad look at though." His eyes widened at the thought and he shook his head.

"Why did I say that? She's just a friend, that's all." He mumbled out loud, trying to convince himself; earning him curious glances from passerby's.

He sighed and pulled out his pocket watch, he had five minutes to get to work or he'd be late. He stuck the pocket watch back into his pocket and sped up with a new found speed.

Finally, he saw the large building and he ran through its doors; running down the long hall to his office and barged through.

"Good morning, Sir" Hawkeye saluted, her caramel eyes danced from the light streaming through the window. Her soft smile flooded his heart, making it pound as it tried to break through his chest.

"Good morning Boss!" Havoc cried, breaking the beautiful moment Roy was caught in.

"Yeah, yeah. I wouldn't really call it good." Roy sighed, he eyed the rather large stack of paperwork on his desk.

He still hadn't finished all the paperwork at home, but he did manage to get some of it done.

He worked most of the night on them, at least he could show Hawkeye he was working!.

He stepped forward and plopped down on his office chair and sighed as he rested his intertwined hands on his desk.

"Something the matter, Sir?" Hawkeye glanced over at him, she raised a brow in question.

"No, well I mean, kinda...I don't know.." Roy felt mixed up. He partly wanted to dump the stupid cat on someone else. The cat was much harder to deal with then he had imagined. But the other side of him said he had grown attached to the kitten.

"Is it about the cat, or the paperwork?" She questioned, she looked like she wanted to roll her eyes.

"Both! Last night the cat tried to mess with my paperwork then it wouldn't eat this morning either! And to top it all off, it attacked me last night for no reason!" He complained, he could feel his anger burning within him almost like his Flame Alchemy did.

"Sir, with all due respect, it's a cat. They do that. You just have to show it love and understanding, and please make sure he eats!." Hawkeye said to him quickly.

"I'm sure a man with your talent will be able to care for a single little kitten. I bet you've already named him, haven't you?" She smiled evilly, her eyes stern and hard.

"Well, yeah but what does that have to do with anything?" He questioned, rubbing his forehead in confusion.

"It means you're a little bit attached to him, am I right?" She smiled then picked up her pen and started signing papers.

"I guess.." He mumbled halfheartedly. It seems like everyone wants him to keep the cat but he wasn't sure if he could care for it correctly.

"What'd you name it anyway?" Havoc spoke up, a cigarette hanging limply from the corner of his mouth.

"Oliver." Roy responded without much thought.

"Oliver? Couldn't you have named him something cool like Mr. flames or Claw?. Why Oliver?" Havoc scratched his head.

"Well for the record, I was going to name him Edward Scissorpaws but it didn't really fit him so the next thing that came to mind was Oliver. Although, now that I live with him, I'm beginning to think Oliver doesn't really fit him either. A more suitable name would've been killer or little devil spawn, or maybe even Lucifer!" Roy hissed and rubbed his temples, his hand was already starting to cramp from sighing three papers.

"Sir, he's a cute kitten. I'm sure he isn't that bad to live with. He just has to learn the rules and you're the one who needs to teach them to him." Hawkeye barely looked up from her paper.

"You don't live with the thing! He's no cute little kitten. He's evil. He's already scratched the living shit out of me! " Roy growled, just thinking about what that little creature could be doing to his house made him shiver.

"Anyways, enough talk about the damn cat!. Have you found any news on FullMetal? How's Alphonse holding up?" He asked, a sense of dread came up whenever he thought about Edward. What if he's really gone? No, he couldn't be. The little brat was much too stubborn to die like that.

"He's holding up as well as can be expected. And no, we haven't found anything on Edward's disappearance." Hawkeye sighed and closed her eyes, she held her forehead and tapped her pen on the desk.

"Well we will, until then. Just keep looking, ask anyone who might have seen what happened around there." He commanded, his hand resuming the the annoying task of signing papers.

"Yes sir. But you might have to bring Oliver in here some time for testing so make sure nothing bad happens to him, understood?" She glared up to him with her hand rested gently on her pistol.

He gulped, "Yeah, I understand." He focused his gaze away from her threatening gun and back to his paperwork. He figured it'd be best if he started working before she decided to pull that gun out and use it on him.

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