A Cat's Story

Chapter Seven

Golden eyes focused on the large stack of paperwork on the wide living room table, it towered over his head.

So Mustang, you think it's okay just to ditch me at your house? Well I'll show you that's it's not okay!, Ed thought twistedly.

Lowering his haunches to the floor, he positioned himself. His eyes focused in on their target.

In one swift movement, he launched into the air and onto the table. He gently rested his extended claws on the finished paperwork.

Lets have a party!, yeah this'll be fun! but wait, Ed paused.

He looked down at the precious papers below his paw, his eyes playfully glinted in the light.

What's a party without the confetti?, Ed asked himself with a smirk.

He hooked a claw in the middle of the paper and tugged, purring with delight at the sound of the papers Roy worked so hard on ripping with each tug of his sharp claw.

He tore their delicate pages and shredded whatever remained. He hooked his paws around the pile and threw the shredded papers into the air. His golden eyes wide as the shreds fell around him and settled onto the table like snow on a winter day.

Well, that was fun!, what else can I ruin?, Ed thought.

It was a nice vantage point where he was standing. His eyes scanned the small living room trying to find his next victim.

His golden eyes landed on the pristine couch, its black leather looked appealing to him.

Heh, perfect!, Ed gave a toothy grin.

Slowly trotting across the big table and over the ruined paperwork, he leaped down from the table and pattered across the floor towards the couch.

What is it that cats love to do again? Oh yeah!, claw furniture!, Ed thought.

He examined the leather of the couch, trying to decide on a nice place to claw.

Oh the hell with it! I'll just claw the whole damn thing, that'll teach 'em!, Ed thought.

He carefully extended his claws and flexed them in the air, noting the strange feeling of claws; he laid them gently on the leather of the couch.

He racked his sharp claws over the leather, leaving his marks on the once pristine couch. The stuffing was now showing through the claw marks.

This feels wonderful! Now I know why cats do this! One, to get back at their owner for something done wrong and two, it feels good!, Ed thought.

An evil feeling of joy came into his heart. He could finally get Roy back for everything he'd done; like all the short jokes he'd always deal out. Yes, finally Edward could repay him for everything!.

Aright Roy boy, what else do you have in here?, Ed asked himself.

Golden eyes focused on the large door as a knock flooded through the empty space, it echoed off the walls and into Edward's small ears.

He twitched his tail with annoyance. Who could that be?, Ed asked himself.

He glared at the door then got up from his seat on the floor and jogged over to the door just as another knock sounded through the house.

"Hello, anyone here?!" A high pitched voice asked, you could almost hear the grin in the voice.

Great, now what? Just go away!, I don't need you knocking at the door for who knows how long!, Ed yelled in his mind.

"Roy Mustang, are you home?...No? Wonderful!"

The door came flying open and in walked a familiar figure, long black hair fell around his shoulders and a terrifying grin was on his face.

Envy?! What're you doing here?, Ed asked to himself.

A hiss escaped his lips as he glared at the large figure. What the hell am I gonna do, he's huge! And I'm a worthless cat! A stupid worthless cat!, Ed thought to himself.

Envy glanced down at the cat and grinned. "So it actually worked, eh?" He mused to himself as he looked Ed over.

What do you want, you bastard?, Ed asked in his head.

"Awe, no need to get yourself worked up over little ole me!" He gestured to himself, pointing at his chest with his thumb. He grinned down at Edward, an evil glint in his dark eyes.

"Now, I was sent here to get you. So make this easy for the both of us and don't struggle!" He started bending down, his hands outstretched aiming for Edward.

Crap! Damn it, damn it!, Ed thought. Not only did Envy appear to understand him somehow, he was also here to kidnap him!

Edward turned tails and fled past Envy, running as fast as his little legs could carry him. He darted out the open door and into the streets. His paws felt weird on the cold cement but he didn't let it slow him down.

He could hear Envy running after him but he didn't chance a look back as he sped past people on the sidewalk.

Damn it, where do I go!?, Ed asked himself frantically.

Roy, I'll go there! He'll know what to do!, Ed realized in an instant. A new surge of energy charged through him, making his paws fly over the cement in a blur of movement.

His eyes were focused on only one thing; get to HQ and find Roy.

He could feel his heart thudding at his chest with each stride as his tail flew out behind him in a flurry of orange.

"Get back here! There's no escape from me and you know it!" Envy shouted behind him, he was closing in fast.

Damn it!, Ed hissed in his head.

He slowed when a person stepped in front of him, blocking his view of HQ. He had two choices; stop and wait for Envy to catch him or run into the alley way and find another way to HQ.

He chose the alley.

He turned tails and sprinted towards the alley. His heart beat heavily in his chest and he could feel himself tiring. His energy was fading as his breaths came in gasps and his eye site was going blurry.

Damn it, just run!, Ed told himself.

He could see a tall wooden fence up ahead. He slowed and looked at the giant wall in front of him.

"Well well well, looks like you're at the end of the road..." He turned his orange face towards Envy and scowled at him.

The hell I am!, I'm not going down without a fight!, Ed shouted in his head.

With that, he charged Envy and clawed his bare legs; earning a pleasant yelp from Envy.

"You're going to pay for that!" Envy growled and grabbed Edward by the scruff just as he was darting by.

He brought the cat up to eye level and grinned, his horrible breath flooded into Edwards nose.

"I'm actually surprised that the Transmutation worked to be honest with you. But enough with that, lets get you to your new home!. I'm sure we'll have lots of fun!" His evil grin filled Edwards golden eyes. Edward shrank into his body as if trying to make himself invisible.

"Yes, we'll have lots of fun!" Envy sneered.

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