A Cat's Story

Chapter Eight

Golden eyes slowly creaked open. Ed was sprawled out on his side on a bitter cold cement ground.

Where the hell am I?, Ed groaned to himself. He painfully lifted his head from the icy ground, his paws burned from the bitter air.

It was dark in the small room. The walls were cement and moldy, dead bugs hung from abandoned spider webs that stuck to the walls.

There was a small table in the corner of the room, things were scattered around on it but he couldn't make them out in the darkness that flooded the place. His only source of light came from across the room, it looked like a door was there. A light shun under the closed door and into the dark room, giving Edward at least some light to work with.

He twitched his ears, trying to detect any sounds that might alert danger to him. Not hearing anything, he slowly rose from the floor and balanced on unsteady paws. His vision was a bit blurry, why it was he had no clue.

Uhhhh...my head hurts, Ed thought to himself.

He slowly took a tentative step forward only to be stopped by a tightness on his neck.

What the hell?!, Ed said. He glanced down at the cause of the tightness. A chain was hooked around his neck, preventing him from moving very far around the cold room.

It squeezed uncomfortably with each movement he made, anger and confusion started bubbling in his chest.

What happened!?...Wait a sec, I remember now. Where's that asshole Envy?, Ed asked himself.

He tugged strongly against the chain, but his attempts were in vain for the chain was hooked in the cement wall.

A light that streamed from the other side of the room rolled in, stopping him in his tracks.

"Well Well, looks like you woke up. Sorry if you have a bit of a headache, I had to drug you so I could put that on you," Envy pointed to the chain and grinned as he stepped farther into the room.

"How about I turn on a light?" Envy felt around on the wall and flicked on a light switch, sending blinding light blaring into Edward's sensitive golden eyes.

"Oh sorry about that, forgot what form you're in." Envy sneered and approached the only table in the room. He picked up a collar and admired it.

"I suppose I should put this on you, it's a special kind of collar so you can speak to me. But the question is, do I really want to hear your voice?." He smiled evilly at Edward as he scratched his head in thought.

"Well, I guess Father did tell me to put this on you...I can't really disobey him, what a shame.." He flipped it over in his hand and started walking towards the dazed cat hunched tightly against the floor. His ears were laid back against his head and his tail twitched with irritation.

Oh hell no, you're not putting that thing around my neck! Wait a minute, did he say I'd be able to talk if I let him?, Ed asked himself.

Maybe I should allow him to put it on me, Ed thought.

"Good little kitty," Envy drawled out the 'little' just to annoy Edward more. Envy bent down and wrapped the collar around the cats small neck and locked it in place. It was kinda hard to do when there was already a chain around Ed's tiny neck but Envy managed to lock it in place.

He pushed the button on the collar as a few lights bounced around on it before they settled to a steady green light.

"There, that looks good." Envy stepped back with his hands on his hips and admired his work, making sure he was out of reach of Edward's sharp claws.

"Try to speak, shorty!" Envy taunted.

"You bastard little palm tree! How dare you chain ME, the famous state alchemist Edward Elric, to a cement wall!" Edward panted, his chest heaved with each breath.

"Calm down. Wait, did you just call me a palm tree?" Envy narrowed his eyes and glared down at the cat, he was so tempted to kick him but Father said he must not risk killing him. Much to his annoyance...

"Yeah, I did. Have a problem with that?" Edward hissed, his golden eyes narrowed dangerously as he felt his claws slowly escape their sheaths and scrape the cement ground.

"You're lucky I can't kill you right now, or you'd be dead! And I'll tell you what, I'd enjoy bathing in your blood!" Envy spat then his turned and walked back to the table in the room. He picked up shiny sliver tools and turned them so they glinted in the light.

"Why can't you kill me then?" Edward asked as he sat down and watched Envy for a moment before scanning the room trying to find something to aid his escape.

Better keep him talking, who knows what his plan is with me. And I don't have my alchemy. At least I can talk though, that feels wonderful!., Ed thought.

"Well you little twit, remember that book you read when you were changed into that pathetic tiny form of yours?" Envy shifted his eyes from the tool his had in his hand and focused on Edward.

"Well I placed it there, knowing you'd be stupid enough to actually follow what some old book would say. Honestly now, did you really think all the secrets to a Philosophers Stone would be in some book of which you've never even heard about?. How stupid are you. Please, we placed it there knowing you'd follow it to a T, and you did!." Envy sneered and looked back at what he was doing.

"What was the purpose of changing me into an animal?" Edward wondered out loud. He shivered as the bitter air bit through his once warm coat, it soaked into his skin and chilled him to the bone.

"Well, I'll be honest there. It didn't work quite the way intended but, every person we've ever tried it on always died. You're the only one who's survived such a harsh change to a body, I mean in order for that to work, bones had to be crushed and squeezed down; shifted to form a smaller body. If I were a human, I don't think I'd even be able to do it. Yet here you are, alive. I was actually hoping you wouldn't make it, but alas, here you stand. What a shame."

Envy picked up a vile from the table and swished around the contents inside. He looked from it and smiled cruelly at Edward.

"I need to run more tests on you though, hope you don't mind." Envy laughed, a horrible sound that bounced off the closed in walls. "The contents of this vile will tell us just how strong the effects are on you from being a cat and how long they should last." Envy said as he looked at the vile.

"We don't want to use the Mutant Alchemy only for people to just go back to being human the very next day, now do we?" He sneered.

It made Edward shiver with dread.

Crap, what's he planning? How am I gonna get out of here?, Ed asked himself.

"What's the purpose of changing people into animals?" Edward growled, a sickening feeling came to him at the thought of his friends and little brother being changed into animals. Stupid, worthless animals.

"Oh we don't want animals, we want mutants!. You're a failure, nothing new there but you're the closest thing to a successful test we've had." Envy frowned, "But to answer you question, imagine a world of mutant people. People with the abilities of animals and they all obey one king, my Father! I'd be a prince in this world, a prince of a new and better world! A world were Homunculi rule! It's going to be fantastic! All thanks to you and your stupidity!"

Envy laughed, the contents of the vile in his hand rolled with each movement.

Edward cringed. This is all his fault?.

"You won't get away with this Envy, I'll stop you!." Edward yelled confidently, his fur rose along his back as if trying to make him appear bigger. His little tail fluffed out behind him, giving him the appearance of a cute fluffy kitten.

"If you're trying to scare me, it's not working. Now then, lets do some tests!" Envy grinned as he grabbed up a needle from the table. The shining sliver caught in the light as if trying to show everyone in the room its evil beauty.

"Hell no, that's not happening!." Edward yelled, he started thrashing around on the chain, trying to dislodge it from its position in the wall.

Envy started walking towards Ed, holding the needle out in front of himself.

"No, keep away from me!" Edward screamed, his golden eyes wide with fright.

"Sorry, can't do that. But if you hold still, maybe it won't hurt too bad." Envy sneered as he approached the cowering cat.

"Take another step and I'll claw your eyes out!" Edward hissed in defense. His eyes darted around trying to find something to help him defend himself.

"Yeah you do that. I don't know if you've forgotten or not, but you're a cat and I'm a Homunculi." Envy rolled his eyes, "And I thought he was supposed to be smart..." He mumbled under his breath.

He's right, damn it!. These puny little claws aren't going to do anything against him, it would be a waste of time to try. But I have to do something!, Ed thought to himself.

Edward lunged at Envy with his claws extended. They glinted in the faint light of the room as they scored over Envy's arm.

"Why you little!" Envy hissed as he held his arm from the tiny scratch. He kicked towards Edward, who barely dodged it. The heavy chain was slowing him down and his little cat body wasn't helping any.

Ed dodged another kick from Envy. His eyes focused on Envy's leg. He charged towards it and clawed him, he heard a satisfying yelp from Envy before Ed scratched him again.

He felt like he was winning this fight, but that thought came a moment too late as Envy's foot collided with Edward's side, sending him skidding across the floor.

He lay dazed and panting, watching helplessly as Envy approached him and sunk the needle into him. The sharp prick of the needle made him feel sick.

"Hope you enjoy that, you little bug!" Envy spat before turning and storming out the door and slamming it shut, leaving Edward alone once again.

Thankfully though, Envy forgot to turn out the lights.

Edward could feel the contents of the needle cursing through him. His vision was starting to go black.

His body ached from the harsh kick Envy delivered, it begged for him to give in to the dawning sleep his body wanted so bad.

With one last look at the door, he gave in to his body's wants. He let his eyes flutter close as the darkness once again took over.

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