Central City Murders

Chapter Three

The cold wind hit Roy in the face as soon as the door shut behind him. He could tell winter was on its way. What a horrible time to have to deal with a murder case.

He trudged down the sidewalk heading for the big building. All the while thinking about what clue Maes may have uncovered.

Hopefully something that would break the case and let them find this "Shadow". However, Roy knew that was very unlikely to happen. He sighed, it seemed like these sorts of things always happened either in the rain or in the winter. Why couldn't someone kill in the summer?

Roy shook his head clear of those strange thoughts and focused on the building looming in front of him. He was almost at his office and about to see just what clue Maes had uncovered.

He took the stairs up to his office and walked through the doors, not expecting his team to be in yet. Which he was correct about. Too early for those lazy guys.

"Hello Sir" A female voice said from the corner, making Roy jump a little.

He turned and saw Hawkeye straightening some papers into a neat pile. "You scared me." He said to her and frowned. "Is Maes here yet? He told me to meet him here."

"I haven't seen him since yesterday. What did he want to talk to you about?" She asked as she dumped some papers onto Roy's already over piled desk.

Roy scowled deeply at the papers he had yet to work on in the past three days. He'd been bombed with so much paperwork he couldn't even keep up with it anymore.

Roy looked at Hawkeye. "It's a clue about the murder cases. Or I guess it's now called The Shadow Case." Roy sighed, "It feels like we never really get a break with this case. We can never get anyone to talk!" He told her in frustration.

"Don't worry about it so much, you have the best team on this case. You'll figure it out just as you always do. Besides, didn't you just say Maes found a clue? Maybe that's your break." She smiled at him as she sat back down at her desk.

Roy walked over to his desk and plopped down onto his chair. "I also have a kid staying at my name's Edward Elric." He said out of the blue.

Hawkeye looked at him and raised a brow. "A child? Why?" She asked in confusion. It wasn't like Roy to allow anyone in his house.

"He showed up at my doorstep asking for a place to stay. It was cold out and I couldn't just send him away so I let him stay." He set his face into his hands.

"Now it looks as if he's going to be staying for awhile since the murderer is still at large. I can't just send the kid out into the streets to fend for his own. He's just a little boy." Roy exhaled loudly. "But to be honest, I really don't know what to do with a kid around." He admitted as he looked up at Hawkeye.

She smiled at him. "I'm glad you took him in, Sir. I think you'll learn what to do with a kid. If you give them a chance, they can be pretty fun you know." She smiled at him.

"Yeah you're usually right." He gave in with a sigh. "I'll give it a try. I'm not much of a fatherly type of person though." Roy said.

"What does he look like?" Hawkeye asked him after a moment, "Have you tired finding his parents? I'm sure they're worried about him."

"He claims all his family died some years ago, leaving him to living life on the road." He told her.

"He also has these weird colored eyes I have never seen before. They're golden, kind of like a cat's eyes would be. They're kinda scary in a way, to be quite honest." He admitted.

"Hmm, I've heard of a race of people with brilliant golden eyes. I just can't recall the name of the race. They were supposed to have died out a long time ago." She stated.

"Well clearly not all of them died. Guess the kid's rather lucky then. I'm just surprised he's survived this long on his own out in the streets with murderers and who knows what else roaming about." Roy shook his head.

Hawkeye smiled, "Well then I guess he was pretty lucky he stumbled across your house and not someone else." She said.

Roy heard foot steps echoing along the hallway outside the office.

"Guess Maes must be here." He looked up at the door, waiting for his long time friend to come in.

Maes burst in through the door with a big grin on his face. "Hey buddy! Good morning!" He practically skipped over to Roy's desk, nodding to Hawkeye on his way.

"What's this big clue you were going on about already?" Roy stared at him, he didn't get up early for no reason.

Maes nodded, "I'm getting to that! Just hold your horses!" He sat down on the couch that was in the room. "Okay, so I manged to get a witness to talk-" He started.

"Okay? And what did they say?" Roy interrupted with peaked interest.

"I was getting to that!" Maes held up a finger as he took in a big breath. "So apparently they saw a guy named William Hawtorn stalking around the murder scene." He told Roy excitedly. "I think we have a suspect!" He beamed.

"Ya think?" Roy said, "Now we just need to find this William character and bring him in for questioning." Roy said with some thought. "Any idea where he lives?"

"Yeah, the witness gave me his address." Maes held out a piece of paper to Roy, which he took.

"South end of town? Shouldn't be too hard to find, there's not a lot of houses in that area." Roy said as he stood up. "Hawkeye, could you go and check on Edward for me please? I can't help but wonder what the kid is doing in my house..." Roy shook his head clear of the invading thoughts.

Hawkeye stood up and saluted him. "Yes Sir. Good luck on the suspect." She said as she dropped her hand at his nod.

"Thank you, see you soon." Roy started out the door, followed by Maes.

"Who's Ed? What's a kid doing in your house?" Maes asked quickly, "Who's kid is it?" He raised a brow.

"I've never known you to be a kidnapper." He joked with a toothy grin.

Roy frowned at him. "Do I really look like the type to steal someones kid? Trust me, if he had a family to go to. He'd be there." Roy said as they made it to the parking lot of the building.

"Guess we're taking your car then?" Roy asked Maes, "I walked here."

Maes shook his head and put his hands on his hips. "What am I going to do with you." He rolled his eyes and smiled. "Yeah we'll take my car." Maes unlocked it and got into the drivers seat.

Once Roy was in and shut the door, Maes turned on the engine of the car and started down the road. "So, you never did tell me about the kid in your house."

Roy glanced over at him, not really feeling like repeating the whole story to him. "Just some kid showed up at my house and had no where else to go so I let him stay." Roy briefly explained.

"That's not like you." Maes looked over at him, "What, are you thinking of maybe starting your own family soon? They're worth it you know!" He beamed at Roy.

Roy looked at him in shock, "How did you even come up with that?" Roy shook his head. "No way am I having kids. I'm just not the fatherly type." He set his head in his hand then leaned against the window.

"You don't need to be a certain type to be a good father. You just need to be willing to try." Maes smiled at him as he pulled down the street of the suspect.

"Good, we're here." Roy was relieved to have dodged that weird subject and get back to the matter at hand. He'd deal with the kid later. There were more important things to do now.

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