The Demon Priestess

Chapter 2: Changing of Time

Present Day.

Akira’s POV.

I stood my ground barely, but I wasn’t going to lose my companion, my best friend. The only family that I had left, to Naraku. My brows knitted together as a growl left my lips, my ears turned back, and tail flickered behind me. My body started to shake ever so slightly in rage and exhaustion from blood loss.

“Naraku...” Kanna spoke up.

“Hm?” Naraku puffed, taking a glance at her, his body unmoving.

“Lord Sesshomaru is close to finding the castle,” Kanna said, as she remained completely emotionless.

My eyes widened slightly as a slight gasp left my lips. Sesshomaru? He’s looking for Naraku too? If I fail, at least I know, Sesshomaru will not. Naraku frowned as his crimson orbs darted back to me, with an evil glare and malicious smile.

“It seems you get to live another day, next time you may not be so lucky,” Naraku said.

I growled as I kept up my barrier. A raging fire burnt behind my blue eyes, which were only set on one person. Naraku.

He let out a faint chuckle as he turned on his heel.

“Leave the wolf, we have an important matter to see too,” Naraku said.

“You can’t run forever Naraku, if I don’t kill you, then I’m sure Lord Sesshomaru will take your head with no problems.” I snapped.

“I highly doubt that,” Naraku puffed as a mist started to surround them. “Farewell, Akira.” Naraku says, his voice trailing out as the three of them disappeared with the mist.

I turned around and knelt beside Takara. My barrier came down, as exhaustion hit my body.

“I’m so sorry, Takara,” I panted.

She whimpered as she shakily stood up, hobbling over and crawling onto my lap. She nuzzled against me slightly, as I held her close in a light but comforting grip. Meanwhile, I struggled to keep myself composed and awake.

“We can’t stay here; we have to leave,” I muttered under my breath.

I stood and started to head east as I was doing before Naraku and his followers showed up. Shooting pain started to run through my trembling body, forcing me to limp my way towards the forest. I had no choice but to clench my jaw shut trying to grit through the pain, my ears back tucking back. My eyes narrowed in an attempt to find a safe spot, somewhere we could rest for the night. I wasn’t sure how much longer my legs would hold out with the growing pain and burning sensation. The forest seemed to have other ideas, forcing me to walk further than I planned. When I came across a hollow, I let out a gasp of relief. Large tree roots littered the area and offered a sense of protection.

I sighed, “It’s better than nothing...” I puffed.

I hobbled around the hollow, taking a glance around, sniffing to make sure it wasn’t claimed. The hollow seemed untaken, allowing me to remain safely. It was enough space for us to stay the night, undetected while we rested. I let out a heavy sigh as I made myself comfortable, leaning my back against the hollow’s walls. I placed Takara on my lap, then grabbed out a small tin that I kept in a pouch of my pelt, filled with a made-up herb paste.

I tended to Takara’s wounds first, the best I could, laying her beside me after she was treated. My eyes drifted over my wounds, from the bruises and small cuts to the big gashes. I treated all the wounds I could with what I had to work with. I placed the tin away when done before picking up Takara up and laying her on my lap. My eyes flutteringly open and closed until my consciousness finally slipped away.

A whimper rang out making me groan as I tossed to my side slightly. My hand was being pulled from my wrist band, making a groaning growl leave my lips while I tried to wave my arm free. A sharp pain shot through my hand as fangs sunk in, causing me jolt up.

“Ow!” I yelped as my eyes snapped open, darting to my hand, seeing Takara let go and give me a look, “What is it?”

She sat down and moved one paw as she looked to her stomach before looking back to me and giving a whimper.

I sighed heavily as I rubbed my hand, “Sorry Takara, I guess that fight yesterday took it out of me.”

I looked to Takara, seeing her needs as much as mine. The sleep helped, but everything still ached. At the same time, she probably was as hungry as I was. Yesterday really took a lot from us. The wounds started to heal on us both. I carefully looked out of the hollow, my guard, and senses both on high alert. Everything seemed quiet enough. I gave a look to Takara, one that brought a slight smile to her face, a look she recognized immediately.

“Alright, let’s go get some food, but stay on guard, who knows where Naraku and his followers are, I said.

Takara gave an agreeing growl as she kept near me. We started walking east; minutes quickly flew by, turning into an hour. The sun, now high in the sky, and the forest coming to an end to reveal a hilly clearing. A river was not far off. I looked down to Takara as she eyed the river off, I smiled as my ears twitched and tail flickered.

“Come on Takara, let’s go get some food,” I said.

Takara yapped happily as we raced off towards the river. Racing side by side playfully nudging eachother along the way. Our luck perked up seeing it was full of fish, grins automatically forming on our faces. Takara changed into her big form and leapt into the river. Dunking her head under and flicking her head up and towards me, throwing a pile of fish towards me. More food than we’d seen in a long while.

I laughed, “Takara!” I exclaimed as I was hit by fish here and there while still trying to catch one.

Takara gave a playful growl. She quickly leapt from the water and shook the water off. We took our time and gathered the fish up. It felt like a good idea to move away from the river, knowing others were out there. Takara sat up proudly before we dug into the pile of fish. She knew this was all her work, a slight hint of pride escaping with her first breath. One by one, the collection of fish slowly decreased until there was nothing but bones left.

We both paid back, a yawn escaping my mouth while she walked around for a moment, still proud of her fishing ability. I shook my head, letting her show off, keeping to myself and enjoying a full stomach after the awful events yesterday.


I looked at Takara in awe, “Takara…” I puffed.

Her ears bent back as she gave an apologetic look with a slight whimper.

I puffed a laugh, “Well, I’m certainly glad you enjoyed your meal.” I said.

She gave a nod, then stood up and stretched out, then shook herself.

I followed her lead and stood up as I stretched. I looked to the clear blue sunny sky above and took in a deep breath. I sighed heavily as a soft smile rested on my face. I turned to Takara with a look of determination.

“Takara, let’s go, we have to keep our mission up until we run into Naraku again,” I said.

Takara gave a nod of her head, with a slight growl of agreement.

I smiled “Alright then, let’s clean up and move out,” I said.

Takara turned big and started digging. I leapt back before I got hit with dirt.

“Takara?” I puffed.

She just kept digging the hole. It ended up almost as deep as I was high. As she stood upright, she turned back and swiped the pile of bones over and into the hole with her paw, then immediately started to cover it up.

I shook my head, puffing a slight laugh. “Oh Takara, I can’t get over how dog-like you actually are,” I said softly.

Takara perked up and looked at me growling slightly.

I laughed, “Well, right now, you are acting more like a dog than a wolf,”

She puffed a snort then jumped into the river, dunking under to wash the dirt off. She leapt out elegantly, standing right next to me, sending a smirk.

“No…” I said then gave her a look “Takara don’t you dare.”

She then shook the water from her body, leaving me also dripping wet.

“Urgh… Now we’re both we—” I started to say.


I gasp, looking towards the sound. Just as I did, Takara growled, her fur sticking up, looking to the same spot I had. A small puff of smoke rose up in the distance.

I looked at Takara, “Takara, Let’s go, we have to check this out.”

Takara growled, giving a nod as she glanced at me but stayed facing in the direction of the smoke.

I leapt onto her back, and she took off into the sky, racing across it. Familiar, old scents hung in the air, as did the aura of certain demons. Before we got close to seeing anyone, a bright light shone out. Takara stopped. Both of us looked at it in awe. An agonising yell rang out. A moment later, the light dimmed down. Whatever caused this had immense power, and my instincts were telling me, it was bad news.

“Quick, Takara, take us there but let’s keep up our guard,”

Takara gave a growl and continued racing across the sky. Once in view of the scene, we came upon an astonishing site. The ground looked as if it had been clawed open by something big, yet nothing big was here. It must have been whatever caused that bang or the light. On the ground amongst the mark, we saw; three humans, two females and one male, a young boy who is a fox kit demon, a female Nekomata, a male half-dog demon, and... Totosai along with his companion Mo-Mo; a cow demon.

The male was a monk, that I was certain of, he has a fair skin tone, indigo coloured eyes, black shoulder-length hair that’s tied back into a small ponytail with a short puffy fringe, he stood around five foot, six inches. His clothing is that of monk robes, dark indigo almost black koromo, a purple kesa, a tekkeou on his right forearm with Mala. He wore waraji footwear while carrying a shakujou in his right hand.

The woman in the kimono carried a Hiraiktsu, so I could only assume she was a demon slayer. She has a fair skin tone, brown eyes, long brown hair tied loosely with a white ribbon, a straight puffy eyebrow length fringe, with two short side fringes that reach her jawline and is around my height; five foot, five inches. She has on a light and medium pink patterned kosode with a blue and white detailed furoshiki around her shoulders, a green mo-bakama with medium pink trim at the bottom. She has black coloured tekkou on both forearms, a black coloured kyahan on both calves. She’s wearing zori footwear while carrying her Hiraikotsu on her back that she has a black cloth tied around her body.

The other woman there was wearing strange clothing. Nothing like I had ever seen before, but she had spiritual powers, I knew that much. She has a fair skin tone, brown eyes, mid-back length black hair left out, a puffy fringe. She is definitely the shortest here, standing at around five foot. She had on a white long sleeve weird-looking western type top, with green detail along with a red tie, a short mid-thigh green creased skirt, white mid-calf length socks, with brown covered footwear.

The Nekomata is yellow with black markings and in a similar form to Takara. The young fox kit has a human-like torso, and a fox-like lower have, cream-golden coloured legs and tail. He has a fair skin tone, green eyes, orange puffy mid-length hair tied in a high ponytail tied with a turquoise ribbon, has a short puffy fringe. He stands around one foot, five inches roughly. He has on a dark blue sashinuki hakama, a turquoise happi coat patterned with leaves, with a tan fur vest.

The half-dog caught my attention the most, other than the young, strangely dressed spiritual woman. He has a fair skin tone, amber eyes like Sesshomaru, however, his eyes looked dulled like he had been blinded or poisoned at the very least. Also, like my lord, this half-dog has the same glistening silvery-white hair, but his hair goes to his waist-length, and he has a puffy fringe at eyebrow length. Though unlike my lord, this half-dog has two side fringes that reach just below his collarbones, and on top of his head sits a pair of fuzzy dog ears.

The half dog has a red fire-rat haori robe on, and in his hand, he held a sword that radiated of power. It just might have been the cause of what happened here. One thing I was sure of is that this half-dog smelt like my lord. I frowned, I feel like I should know him, no doubt I’ll find out soon enough.

“You there! Friend of Lord Sesshomaru!” Totosai called out.

I looked at him, so I was right about the familiar scent, about him. My lord was here, after all. It looks like no better time than now to get my answers.

“Takara, stay close but guard up,” I said softly.

I leapt off her back, landing with one knee and hand to the ground. I kept my gaze on the old man as I stood up. Takara landed not far off me.

“What do you know of Lord Sesshomaru? Where is he?” I questioned.

“Heh, dead,” the half-dog puffed.

I shot a glare his way, looking at him in slight awe.

“And if you’re with him, and about to attack us for my sword, or for him, I’ll run you through!” He snapped.

I frowned, “Lower your sword, I will not fight unless I have a reason too,” I said.

“You’re a wolf demon,” the woman in the kimono said.

I looked at her giving a nod, “I am Akira, wolf demon priestess.” Then gestured to Takara, “This is my companion and loyal friend; Takara. The wolf version of your Nekomata,” I then took an alpha stance as my father had taught me, “And we roam Japan helping those in need, now please, would you give me answers to what happened here.” I said, giving a cold stare to them all.

Takara let out a slightly threatening growl, to which, the Nekomata replied in kind.

“No, Kirara, stay here for now,” the woman in the kimono said as she went to the Nekomata’s side.

“It would be my pleasure to answer your question, Lady Akira, I am Miroku. I am a monk, and Sesshomaru was here to take Inuyasha’s sword or kill Inuyasha and destroy the Tessaiga.” the monk explained as he stepped forward with a smile.

I could smell and sense the lecherous intent on him. However, I had better things to attend to than his lustful intent.

“I see…” I said as my eyes drifted to the half dog.

The half dog, Inuyasha, was rubbing his eyes. I hadn’t officially run into him, but my brothers and father had. To what I had been told, he had a bad temper, ego, and liked getting his way.

I sighed, “You will only make your eyes hurt more by rubbing them. We should go elsewhere and get you treated properly.”

“Tch, I ain’t letting a flea-bag like you, touch me! You wolves, you all stink!” Inuyasha growled.

Takara growled at Inuyasha taking a step forward.

I looked to her, “That’s quite enough, let us speak with them then make our judgement.” I say as I go to her side and stroke her head, to which she nuzzled against me.

“You’re going to help us? But Totosai said you are a friend of Sesshomaru, why would you help us?” the strangely dressed woman asked.

I sighed, “As I said earlier, I help those in need, right now, Inuyasha needs his eyes treated or he could stay blind permanently since I gather it was Sesshomaru’s poison that is the substance affecting him.” I replied in detail.

“So, you don’t hold a grudge for Sesshomaru being killed by Inuyasha?” Miroku asked.

I smiled, shaking my head, “Not one bit,” I replied earnestly.

My lord wields the Tenseiga. The sword that brings the dead to life once more. I knew that if he had that sword, he was fine. He always kept it on him, though he swears it’s useless. Perhaps now, he might realise that I was right, along with his father.

“So, you aren’t friends with Sesshomaru anymore then?” Inuyasha asked in slight confusion.

“Oh, my lord and I are still very close, we travelled together for a while, some years ago, although it’s been quite some time since either one of us have seen my lord, though he will not attack you if I am with you,” I said.

“You say that as if Sesshomaru is still alive,” the woman in the kimono says

I shrugged, “I guess that is something for us all to find out,” although, I knew he was alive, and I’m sure Totosai does too.

“Well, if he is out there and you know him well, then you’re tagging along, wolf, Inuyasha said with a grin.

I gave a slight growl, “Pardon?”

“You’re coming with us since you know him so well, and like you said, he won’t attack us when you’re around, so you are coming with us.” Inuyasha snapped.

“Dim-witted and eager for death too, I see…” I muttered under my breath.

“WHAT WAS THAT?!!! COME ’ERE AND SAY THAT!!! YA NO GOOD STINKING FLEA-BAG!!!” Inuyasha exclaimed as he waved his sword about.

I raised a brow, “What a bother.” I muttered, then sighed, reclaiming myself, “Calm down Inuyasha, let’s get you somewhere more comfortable to get your eyes treated.”

“Kirara, come ’ere.” Inuyasha puffed.

The Nekomata leapt over to him and helped him to walk. Takara growled, asking the Nekomata why she helped the hanyo when he never said please. The Nekomata roared back, to which Takara gave a snort of slight praise in reply.

I looked to her, “We help others expecting no praise or manners in return, thus why should we think others do any differently.” I said.

Takara nodded and walked by my side as we went over to the strange group.

“It’s nice to meet you Akira, I’m Sango, a demon slayer. The Nekomata is Kirara, my companion.” The woman in the kimono said.

I gave a nod, “I gathered as much that you are a demon slayer, you carry a Hiraikotsu. I’ve hardly seen anyone, but demon slayers use such a weapon.”

“Akira, thank you for helping us, I’m Kagome and this here, is Shippo,” the strange looking woman said, gesturing to the fox demon kit that hung off her shoulder.

“Pleasure to meet you all,”

“Akira, unsheathe your katana,” Totosai ordered.

I turned around as fast as lightning, unsheathing my katana, aiming it at him. The tip of my blade landed in front of his face. Everyone else but Inuyasha and Takara stared in awe. Totosai moved his head slightly, looking the blade over.

“It’s well taken care of, as you can see,” I said.

He nodded as he studied over the blade from different angles. “Very impressive,” he said, then looked away. “Unlike a certain someone here.” Totosai muttered.

“What was that?!” Inuyasha bellowed.

I sheathed my katana. “We should leave this area. The fuss caused will no doubt warrant visitors.” I said.

“I agree, it would be wise to distance ourselves, especially if Sesshomaru is still alive,” Miroku said.

Sango and Kagome both gave nods to his words.

“Kagome, Shippo, why not come with me on Takara,” I said, looking at them then turned my attention to Miroku and Sango. “Sango and Miroku you could take Inuyasha on Kirara, we’ll head together to a nearby water source.”

“What about my bike?” Kagome asked.

Takara and I looked at each other in confusion then back to her.

“What is a bike?” I asked.

“Uh, this is,” Kagome said as she brought pink and white two-wheeled metal contraption out from near the tree.

I looked at Takara, she gave a growl. I gave a swift nod of my head in return, and then faced Kagome.

“Takara will hold it for you while we fly, no harm shall befall the bike,” I said.

She smiled. “Thank you so much Akira,” Kagome said.

I gave a bow of my head. “No problem, now let us all take to the sky and leave this place,”

Takara and I walked over to Kagome and Shippo. Meanwhile Miroku and Sango hopped on Kirara. Sango sat infront of Inuyasha while Miroku sat behind him. Totosai let out a yawn as he got comfortable sitting on Mo-Mo cross-legged. I hopped on Takara’s back, Kagome, hopping on after myself while Shippo clung to her shoulder. Takara lightly grabbed Kagome’s bike in her jaws, giving a soft growl.

“Alright, let’s take to the air, everyone,” I said, I turned my head back ever so slightly “Please hold on, just in case I don’t want you or Shippo falling off,” I said.

“Right,” Kagome said, giving a short, swift nod of her head, she held Shippo close to her chest while she placed her free arm around my waist.

Takara took to the sky, Kirara and Mo-Mo following right behind us, and was soon at either side of us. The height grew as did the distance from the area. A good fifteen minutes passed until we found a safe location by a river.

“Alright, let’s head down, that area by the river looks good,” I said aloud.

Takara, Kirara, and Mo-Mo all flew down and landed. We all hopped off our companions. Takara let go of Kagome’s bike, placing it down carefully.

“Thank you, Takara,” Kagome said.

I went over to Inuyasha, Miroku, and Sango while Kagome rolled her bike over to a nearby tree.

“Alright, let’s get you over to the river, washing your eyes is the first step,” I said.

“Don’t touch me or tell me what I already know, wolf! I ain’t stupid!” Inuyasha barked and stormed off a little disoriented, towards the river bank.

Miroku sighed as he went with him, though he didn’t last long with him, and came back over to Sango and myself.

“Inuyasha, let me have your sword, I must test it and tend to it,” Totosai said.

“Totosai knows what he’s doing, Inuyasha, let him have your sword. It will only get stronger once it has been tended to,” I replied.

“Fine, if it’ll strengthen the Tessaiga then tend to it, but I want it back.” Inuyasha puffed as he unsheathed it.

Totosai took the Tessaiga and placed it on a nearby slab of flat rock, and started getting to work on it. I’d seen Totosai work a few times before. But it’s the masters of swordsmithing, like Totosai, that I really admired, them and their handy work.

Kagome went over to Inuyasha, as he started washing his face again. The rest of us made ourselves comfortable around the area we were in. Seconds turned to minutes until roughly five minutes had passed.

“So, that’s the wind scar?” Inuyasha muttered out loud to himself.

“You did it, Inuyasha, you discovered Tessaiga’s secret, and now you can master it,” Kagome said.

“So, does that mean Sesshomaru is really dead?” Shippo asked.

“Most likely, I don’t know how he could have survived, he received a direct blow from the fully empowered Tessaiga,” Miroku said.

“I didn’t see Inuyasha make a direct blow, all he did was wildly swing his sword around because his eyes were blinded with poison,” Totosai said.

“Unf.” Inuyasha puffed as he wiped his face while he got up, “What are you trying to say?” Inuyasha said giving Totosai a look.

“Hmpf, listen Inuyasha, you discovered the wind scar I’ll give you that much, but all that means is that you now know what your brother knows, you are still not his equal and he is even more formidable than he was before,” Totosai said, glancing over the Tessaiga.

“You refer to him as if he were still alive,” Miroku said.

Here we go, Totosai will come forward and tell them, after all, he knows more about the two swords than anyone else. He created them.

“Sesshomaru is still alive, and even though he despises the Tenseiga, it protected his life,” Totosai said.

“It protected his life?” Sango said in awe.

“Do you mean that Sesshomaru is still around somewhere?” Shippo asked.

I smiled slightly as I just listened to their conversation. Totosai has this, there’s no need for me to butt in.

“Inuyasha, when you used the wind scar against Sesshomaru, you didn’t feel it strike him, did you?” Totosai asked.

“Is that true, Inuyasha?” Kagome asked.

Inuyasha groaned as his brows creased together while he averted his gaze to the river. “Hard to say, I was blinded, his body felt like it disintegrated in the blast from the Tessaiga. I didn’t pulverise him or nothin’, he just sort of disappeared-evaporated” Inuyasha replied in detail.

“Tenseiga protected Sesshomaru against the power and light of Tessaiga, it acted on its own accord,” Totosai said.

“It has a will of its own?” Kagome asked.

“And here Sesshomaru called the Tenseiga a useless sword, and he despised it as his birthright,” Sango said.

“Tenseiga is the sword of life, and when Sesshomaru’s life was endangered, despite his dark soul, the Tenseiga chooses to save him, and that is what makes him invincible,” Miroku said.

“So, how do you defeat a foe like that? I have no idea, it’s beyond me,” Totosai questioned.

“The Tenseiga and Tessaiga were given to Sesshomaru and Inuyasha for a reason. They both must trust in their weapons, and find their purpose in life. That was their father’s wish,” I spoke up.

“Heh, and how would you know what my old man would have wanted?” Inuyasha puffed.

My ears pricked back slightly as I puffed a slight sigh, “Inuyasha, I travelled with Sesshomaru for a long time, and I’ve seen a side of him that no one has yet to see. He’s hurting, as are you, I just ask you both to talk this out, next time.” I said.

“How do you suppose they talk, lady Akira? They always seem to lunge into battle immediately with little words spoken,” Miroku said.

I looked to Miroku then to Inuyasha, “Demand you talk, not for yourself or him, but for your father, for the sake of his last wishes, for you both.”

Inuyasha frowned, looking away, “I didn’t know him...” Inuyasha puffed.

“My father met him, and I have been told stories by my father and by Sesshomaru, about your father, if you wish to know, then ask,” I said.

“Tch,” Inuyasha puffed as he folded his arms across his chest and clenched his eyes shut in thought and agitation.

I sighed softly, this is going to take a lot of work to get through to him, his walls are up around his heart.

Totosai finished tending to the Tessaiga, “Finished!” he said as he stood up.

“Good, I’ll take it back then,” Inuyasha said as he walked over hastily and snatched the Tessaiga from Totosai.

Good grief… That attitude and his manners seem to have gone too. It’s no wonder Sesshomaru gets irritated.

“Hmpf,” Inuyasha puffs as he looks it over.

I looked to Totosai, seeing him hop on Mo-Mo and start riding off.

“I’ve sharpened the sword to perfection, now you just have to train yourself to defeat Sesshomaru’s Tenseiga, like he was trying to defeat the Tessaiga,” Totosai called out, as he kept his gaze ahead.

“Akira, Totosai, and yourself have very different views on Sesshomaru and what Inuyasha should do,” Kagome said.

I looked to her, “Totosai has been through this before, Sesshomaru looks for a sword to be made to his preferences and Totosai makes one, but it’s not to Sesshomaru’s liking, of course. However, Totosai never gives Sesshomaru a chance, but I-” I started to say when my ears picked up.

I stood still looking towards the East, I sensed something, but what it was I couldn’t be exactly sure though I got a bad feeling from whatever it was.

“Lady Akira?” Miroku questioned.

His words snapping me out of my thoughts, “Sorry.” I puffed as I opened my eyes, “I sense something further East, I’m sorry, but I must see to what this is.”

“Perhaps we can join you then, we could be of help to you,” Sango said.

“Mhmm, and we are searching for fragments of the Shikon Jewel, it’s my job to find them,” Kagome said.

“I see, so, do you see and sense them then?” I questioned.

“Yes, Kagome is a Priestess like yourself, Lady Akira,” Miroku replied instantly. on her behalf.

“I’m still new to being a Priestess though,” Kagome said.

“I will teach you then, but on the way, I must see to what has occurred further East,” I said.

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