The Demon Priestess

Chapter 3: New Companions

Akira’s POV.

I looked to Takara, giving a slight gesture of my head, “Let’s move out,” I started walking. Takara instantly at my side with the others following us. They soon matched our pace easily.

“I’m curious, Lady Akira, just how did you find out about being a priestess?” Miroku asked.

“Yes, I heard tell of demon priests and priestesses, but it is always a scarce case that a demon is born with spiritual powers,” Sango said.

“My parents told me, they said that I am a reincarnation of the original wolf demon priestess, I have yet to have found her name or any trace of her resting place,” I replied.

“Oh? And how did they know of this?” Miroku asked.

“The tribe elder or leader usually passes traditions down in demon tribes, did they inform your parents?” Sango said.

I shook my head as my ears perked back slightly “My family lived away from wolf tribes, we lived by ourselves, in a hut, in the western region.” My eyes gazing to Miroku “My parents prayed to the gods asking for an answer, they were greeted by an apparition of the original wolf demon priestess. And she told them, of what I am, and what my purpose is.”

“I see, well perhaps we could ask your parents where they saw this apparition of the wolf demon priestess, then try summoning her ourselves for answers,” Miroku said.

“It’s worth a shot,” Sango said.

“The thought is kind, but that will not work,” I said.

“Have you already tried?” Kagome asked.

I sighed as Takara came to my side, whimpering as she rubbed lightly against me. I felt almost everyone’s gazes on me, all but Inuyasha. “The day my parents told me of who I am, and my purpose, Takara and I had gone for a walk. I needed time to think.” A frown crossed my face as I placed my hand on Takara’s head, stroking her fur. “When we returned, we came home to see my mother slaughtered, and my father was barely alive...” I said, holding back the waver that wanted to escape.

“Did your father say who killed your mother and injured him?” Sango asked.

I shook my head “He didn’t get the chance. He was run through while in my arms,” my rage built up inside, changing my whole aura. “The one who killed them. He stood there so smug in his disguise, he laughed, saying he wanted my help, but there was no way I would help him, even if he hadn’t killed my parents his intent was pure evil.”

Everyone grew on edge, and now, I felt even Inuyasha’s eyes on me.

“Did you get his name?” Inuyasha asked.

I looked at him, nodding, “He said his name was Naraku,”

The air grew tense and filled with hostility, instantaneously. I knew Naraku had hurt others, and it seems that my fate has brought me to others with a deep hatred for Naraku. Perhaps this might be an essential mission in my calling, to not only avenge my parents but help these people.

“You all seem to know him somehow, I know he’s hurt others, and you don’t have to share your stories, but I would like to know if you intend to kill him for whatever evil deeds, he has done to make you all hate him so much.”

“Yes, Lady Akira, we have joined together because he has hurt each of us in some way; thus we set out to collect the jewel shards to destroy the Shikon Jewel, and along with it, Naraku,” Miroku replied in detail.

I gave a nod as I reclaimed myself, “Then would you allow me to join you all? I have fought Naraku countless times before, and I have even been lucky enough to get into his lair a couple of times,” I said.

“Of course, it’d be nice to have you join us,” Kagome said happily.

“Mhmm, it’ll be nice having you around, perhaps we can do some training together if you’re interested,” Sango said.

“Sure, I haven’t sparred with someone in a long while,” I said with a smile.

We all chatted getting to know each other as the day went on. They each had unique skills and talents of their own. They also stated they had a place to stay when not travelling, which was in a village, in this region, the Eastern region. Where a Priestess called; Kaede ran the village. Miroku made me a little on edge, and needless to say, Inuyasha’s attitude was annoying, but it isn’t the worst thing I’ve ever had to put up with. However, Kagome’s items and some words that were said had confused me from time to time. Though she is a lovely girl, kind-hearted and pure, just like a priestess should be.

Hours had passed, and the night was now upon us. We finally had the camp set up, not long after night dawned on us, not long after, we all sat around the fire, enjoying some cooked fish. I had to admit this felt just like the old days with the guys. I smiled slightly at the thought of them, though even though they are gone, I have new comrades—Hopefully, ones that I will not lose this time.

“Um Akira, I’d like to ask about your shards,” Kagome said.

“What?!” Inuyasha exclaimed as he stood up “You have shards?! Hand them over fleabag!” he growled as he put a hand on the hilt of the Tessaiga.

I frowned, Miroku had stood up calmly and hit Inuyasha over the head with his staff, in one swift movement.

“Lady Akira is on our side, Inuyasha,” Miroku said, then sat down.

Inuyasha sat back down reluctantly, glaring at me the whole time.

“I have five shards, one in each calf, and one in each forearm, then I have one in my katana,” my eyes darting to the fire “I got them from Naraku a little while ago, last I saw, Naraku has almost half a jewel,” I explained.

“Then we must try to gather as many shards as we can, and if you’re using the ones you have that means Naraku will have to capture or kill you to get them, so you have to be careful,” Sango said

I nodded, “I realise, at the time, I was on my last legs, and there were a couple of shards nearby, so I took them adding them to my body, it was the only way I survived my last encounter with Naraku.”

“Lady Akira, I realise you said that we do not have to state our stories; however, I would like to share mine, because of the cursed mark,” Miroku said.

I looked to him as he looked to his right hand with the Rosary wrapped around it.

“Naraku placed a curse on my grandfather, one which has been passed down, from father to son, and it will not stop until Naraku is dead,” Miroku said as he frowned.

Miroku’s pain was obvious, but the sorrow and hate were radiating off him intensely. I kept quiet, seeing how emotional he was.

“He cursed my family with a Kazaana. It marks our right hand and grows until it overgrows our hand then, it swallows us,” his indigo eyes locked with mine “I can still use it, and at times the Kazaana is a blessing, but ultimately it will lead to my demise if I do not stop Naraku.”

“Don’t worry, we will stop him, Naraku has hurt a lot of people in Japan, he will pay for his crimes.”

“Do you know if any demon slayer clans are left anywhere?” Sango asked.

I looked to her “The main village, the yōkai taijiya village is where you find most, but I know there are a couple of demon slayers who roam around.”

Sango sighed, looking down as Kirara jumped into her arms, she stroked her gently, “Naraku’s demons slaughtered everyone who lived in the yōkai taijiya village.”

My ears twitched back, as Takara whimpered and went over to Sango rubbing against her in sympathy. Sango smiled as she patted Takara’s head, then returned to her sad expression. So much pain and sorrow radiated off Sango more so than Miroku.

“Naraku set a trap; only the best of us were summoned to a lord’s castle. The Kagewaki’s castle, to take care of a spider demon. My father was the chieftain, so he took the lead; it was also my little brother’s first demon-slaying mission.”

I could just imagine what would have happened. Her eyes showed such grief, but behind that sorrow, I sensed the raging fire. However, she held that hate back.

“The spider demon controlled my little brother, Kohaku, and ordered him to kill us all. Naraku behind the whole thing, Kohaku ended up killing everyone...” she said with a wavering voice as she tried to hold back her anger. “I saw the man Naraku. Who was doing this, I went to stop him, but Kohaku had struck me down,” she looked down, “I blacked out, though when I came to, a man in a baboon mask and pelt told me it was Inuyasha that I should be acting my revenge on.”

“Baboon mask and pelt, that is Naraku’s disguise,” I said with a slight growl.

Everyone nodded their heads.

“Naraku had planted a tainted shard in my back, and if it weren’t for everyone here, I might be a lot worse off right now,” Sango said.

“Don’t doubt yourself, everyone here has survived this long not just because of their own will, but because of their loved ones, each of us walks a different path,” I said then looked over everyone. “Fate may have tied us together, but our strength, along with the love we have received and give out to our loved ones is what helps every one to get by,” looking back to Sango giving a reassuring smile.

Sango smiled slightly “Do you—Would you know if it’s possible to take a shard from someone who has been resurrected by it and have them live?”

I frowned in thought “Hmm, not that logic states, but I will look into it, I believe there’s always hope,”

She smiled “Thank you, Akira,”

I gave a nod “Of course, but you know sometimes, the dead should remain dead.”

“Yes, I know, but if there’s a chance I wish to save my little brother, Kohaku. Naraku still uses him as a puppet.”

“If there’s a way I’ll find it, but we must handle this situation with caution, dealing with the dead is a fragile thing,”

“We are grateful to have you join us, Lady Akira,” Miroku said.

Kagome yawned as she stretched, then let out a groan “I’m going to start on some work since we have peace and quiet for a little bit” Kagome said.

I looked at her seeing her open her big, yellow bag and took out a couple of books and a slim case of some sort.

I tilted my head to the side slightly “Forgive my rudeness Kagome, but what is that you have?”

“Oh? Right, uh, guess I haven’t explained where exactly I’m from” Kagome said.

“Bah, this is pointless, who cares about backstories, we’re together for one reason, to kill Naraku and that’s it” Inuyasha puffed.

“I did say everyone did not have to tell me, but it is their choice to tell their stories, and you should be respectful to them, especially seeing as they are your friends,” I said then looked to Kagome “Tell only if you want too.”

She smiled and nodded, “Well, you know how we told you that, we go back to Kaede’s village for breaks and whatnot, right?”

I gave a nod, “Yes,”

“Well, I came from the well near that village,”

I blinked in awe “The well…”

Kagome nodded, “I come from the future era. You see, I came here on my fifteenth birthday. I got dragged down the well and into this era, by Mistress Centipede. She was after the Shikon Jewel that was in my body.”

I looked at her in awe, my ears perking up and tail twitched, “The Shikon Jewel came out of you? You had the jewel all these years?”

“Well, I’m the reincarnation of Priestess Kikyo. The priestess in charge of looking out for the jewel, priestess Kikyo, was killed by Naraku’s trickery and she ordered before she died, for the jewel to be burnt with her body,”

“I see… It all makes sense then,”

“You get it all?”

I smiled giving nodded, “Being her reincarnation, means the jewel that had been burnt with her body, had appeared in yours, and that jewel must have allowed you to pass through to this era, our era.”

“Wait! So, you don’t mean that Kagome might never come back here once the jewel is gone?!” Shippo exclaimed in worry.

I smiled patting his head “Don’t worry kit, I believe Kagome is meant to be able to come here, to help out in this era, if not then why would she be here without a single shard in her grasp?”

Shippo smiled happily as I smiled back then looked to Kagome.

“I understand how you must be feeling though, the comparison to someone to who you are meant to be a reincarnation of…” I sighed “It can be a heavy burden to bear, but don’t feel you have to live up to her, be yourself, that is the only way we should be.”

Kagome smiled “Thanks Akira,”


Takara and Kirara started to curl up together by the fire and drift off, while I look to Inuyasha.

“Inuyasha can you take the first watch, and I’ll take the next watch,”

“Tch, we don’t do watches, if you’re so insecure, then you stay awake all night” Inuyasha barked.

My ears went back as I frowned then shook my head, “Well then, I’m going to get some sleep like Takara and Kirara, who knows what we will face tomorrow, goodnight everyone.”

I curled up with my back to the fire and started to drift off as everyone bid me goodnight. It seemed like only moments that I had shut my eyes when a wet tongue sliding across my face brought me out of my sleep.

“Urgh” I groaned as I opened my eyes to see Takara with a grin. “Morning Takara,” I sat up stretching out, while she yapped happily in return.

“Now that you’re up, you can cook breakfast to wake the others, so we can all get going” Inuyasha puffed.

I looked over to him to see he had a small pile of fish near a freshly stocked fire, I gave a nod then got to work on prepping then cooking the fish. I may not have liked Inuyasha’s attitude, but he was right about moving onwards. The feeling I had from further east isn’t as threatening as yesterday, but it was concerning, and I was afraid that we might come across something ghastly.

Just as the fish started cooking thoroughly through, the others began to stir. The smell woke them all, one by one. Takara and Kirara had been side by side talking. They seemed to have built a good relationship. Kirara seemed to have lived a long life just as Takara has, I kept out of their conversations, not wanting to pry.

“Mmm, that smells delicious, Akira!” Shippo exclaimed with glee as he raced to my side.

I puffed a laugh while Inuyasha let out a growl.

“It’s the same as what we had last night, that I cooked” Inuyasha puffed giving a glare to him.

“Leave him be, Inuyasha, let him be a kid, not everyone has a chance to act like one,” I said.

Inuyasha puffed a grunt, turning his back on me as the others, stumbled over sleepily to sit around the fire and wait for breakfast. It wasn’t long before the fish had cooked, and I served everyone a portion. Breakfast was quiet and over quite quickly.

“Alright, let’s get going, we got shards to find, and Naraku to kill,” Inuyasha said in a huff as he leapt to his feet.

I sighed as I put out the fire while everyone grabbed their things. Before long, we were walking again, through the forest heading towards the presence I sensed. Inuyasha took the lead after I pointed out the direction, Kagome walked by his side with her bike. Shippo clung to Miroku’s shoulder as he walked beside Sango, Kirara and Takara were happily pouncing around us all, playing as we walked. I stayed at the back, just in case.

I felt my bad feeling intensifying, and with it, the strong pull of a shard or shards. “Keep alert, I sense a few things up with the direction we’re going in,” I said.

“Want to share with us?” Inuyasha asked in irritation.

“Bad feeling of something that’s happened and the sense of a shard, but we still have a ways to go before we get anywhere near,” I said.

Inuyasha picked up his pace; the others sighed as we all followed his lead, picking our relaxing walking pace up to a brisk walk. We walked for almost an hour or so, like that.

Kagome slowed down, coming to a stop. She looked like she had only just sensed what I had. Sango stopped beside her as Miroku kept walking, catching up with Inuyasha. While I went to Kagome’s other side, stopping by her.

“Is something the matter, Kagome? You seem very quiet, today” Sango asked.

“It’s very slight, but I’m sure I sense a jewel shard nearby, possibly the one you sensed, Akira” Kagome replied as she looked at me.

I nodded, but before I could say anything, Inuyasha jumped in as he and Miroku stopped, spinning around to look at Kagome.

“Are you serious, Kagome? Which direction? Can you tell?” Inuyasha questioned.

Kagome pointed the direction out, and it was in a slightly different direction but not too far off the direction we were headed.

“That’s not where you said it was, Akira,” Miroku said.

“We should check the bad feeling I get, that may lead us to who has this jewel shard, and if that person has done whatever bad thing I sense has happened, then we just might get a heads up on our opponent, besides what if someone or a lot of people are hurt?” I said.

“Akira has a point, I say we check that area out first before following the shard,” Sango said.

“I agree, especially if people are in danger, we should help them before doing anything, and we may learn something in the process even if it isn’t about the shard, this could involve Naraku,” Miroku said.

“Alright then, let’s go!” Inuyasha exclaimed.

Kagome hopped on her bike as Kirara turned big. Takara turned into her second form running to my side while Sango and Miroku hopped on Kirara. Inuyasha raced off; I ran after him with Takara at my side, Kirara raced just above the ground on the other side of Kagome who was riding her bike.

We raced as fast as we could as if it were a race against time, a village started to come into view. Only it seemed to be deserted. A breeze blew our way, bringing the scent of wolves and blood. As we neared the village, Kagome stopped her bike as Kirara landed, letting Miroku and Sango off. Kagome got off her bike, placing it near a hut, while Kirara changed small. We all sprinted into the village with caution.

“A massacre” Miroku puffed in awe.

“Hey! Is anyone here left alive?!” Shippo yelled out.

I frowned as I looked around at the countless bodies. My brethren, they slaughtered these innocent people, they did this, but why? I need to find answers from any one of them that’s left around here.

“Was this done by a pack of wolves?” Sango asked.

My ears went back, “Yes, sadly,” I puffed.

“They left their tracks everywhere,” Shippo said.

“There must have been a great deal of them, think they were possessed by the jewel shard that Kagome and Akira sensed?” Miroku says.

“Probably, this slaughter has demon, written all over it.” Inuyasha puffed.

Before I could comment, Takara growled and got on the defensive, as had I. Both of us sensing something approaching. I looked back to see a pack of wolves.

“Stop this! What on earth are you thinking by slaughtering an entire village?” I asked, giving a slight growl.

Everyone looked to where I had. The wolves snarled and growled, stating the pack they were from and that they had permission.

I growled “That does not make this right, where is this leader of yours? We need to talk to him.”

“Ah! Look out! The wolves are surrounding us!” Shippo exclaimed in fear, as he leapt into Kagome’s arms.

I turned slightly and gazed around to see more wolves, and they already had us surrounded, using the natural pack hunting tactic.

“Heh, let’s teach these wolves a lesson, they’re stray, it looks like their leader isn’t even here, they’re useless in battle unless they’re in a pack, with a leader” Inuyasha puffed and raced off to attack.

“No! Inuyasha, you idiot! I’m trying to talk things out peacefully!” I yelled.

Inuyasha didn’t stray from his path and cut wolf after wolf down, Takara whimpered as she came close to me, I glared at Inuyasha when some wolves racing off caught my eye.

“Oh no…” I puffed.

Wolves raced to the hill, howling for their leader, spreading the word of some of their comrades’ death.

“Damn you, Inuyasha!!! They’re calling their leader!!!” I exclaimed as I turned to shoot an icy glare at him. I suddenly sensed the jewel shard close in and fast and turned to the direction it was in.

Kagome gasped “I can sense the power of a sacred jewel shard, and it’s coming at us extremely fast.”

“I sense the same,”

A whirlwind came our way and fast, it stopped a little way away from us all, near the wolves. Out of it, jumped out a handsome, young male wolf demon. His tanned skin emphasised his ocean blue eyes and long silky, flowing black hair tied in a high ponytail, with a puffy fringe sitting just above his eyes. He stood around five foot, nine inches, and wore the standard wolf demon attire of a mix of fur pelts and metal armour. A brown fur pelt, leg bands, shoulder pads and armbands, the right only a short wrist band while the left armband covered his forearm. The metal chest armour was two-toned, the top part silver and the bottom part black. A katana is hitched to the belt of his pelt, and he also has a brown wolf tail flickering behind him.

The wolves rushed to him and whimpered, telling him precisely what Inuyasha had done. He looked around at the slaughtered wolves, then stepped forward a pace, “Just who are you? Explain yourselves, why are you killing my wolves?” he said.

I looked the young wolf demon over to see three shards: one in each leg and one in his right forearm. Kagome must have noticed the same thing; I grabbed her arm, making her look at me. I shook my head, giving her a look to stay quiet; she gave a small nod in reply.

“Inuyasha he has three shards…” I started to say.

“So, you’re the one who controls this bloodthirsty pack,” Inuyasha snaps, cutting me off.

“And you’re their executioner?! Damn you all for murdering my underlings! You’ll pay with your lives!” the wolf demon yells.

“Go on, try it! How many innocent people have you and your mongrels killed?! You reek of human blood!” Inuyasha barked.

“They needed to eat, gotta problem with that mutt-face?”

“Did you just call me a mutt?”

“No, you’re right, that would be an insult to canines, you smell much worse!”

“Don’t like my smell? Then maybe I’ll solve your problem by slicing off your nose and stabbing some air into your belly” Inuyasha yells then throws himself into combat.

I shook my head “That idiot is going to get himself killed, he shouldn’t just rush into battle like that…” I puffed.

“He’s always like this,” Shippo says.

“Inuyasha! You idiot, just apologise and let’s go, he’ll kill you!” I yelled.

“Shut up, ya stinking wolf” Inuyasha yelled back.

I growled as I picked up and rock and threw it at him, “You bastard! I’m trying to help!”

The rock hit him on the head. Inuyasha shot a glare my way, before turning his attention back to his opponent, slicing down his sword. The wolf demon dodges, jumping into the air and kicks Inuyasha, sending him flying across the ground.

“Unreal” Miroku puffs.

“He’s fast,” Sango says.

“Inuyasha, be careful! He—” Kagome exclaims.

I covered her mouth “She’s right, Inuyasha! You should be careful he has jewel shards! One in each leg, and one on his right arm!”

The wolf demon looks back at me as Inuyasha stands up. I could feel the others’ gazes on me as well, but if Kagome were to say she could see or sense the shards, she could be in trouble.

“Why didn’t you say so earlier? I thought you were acting tough, but it’s only because you got jewel shards, you haven’t got any power on your own, do ya?” Inuyasha barked.

That stupid idiot, I would have said so earlier if he would actually have listened rather than blindly raging into battle.

“Heh, well you gotta know how to use the power, you whining whelp.” the wolf demon replied.

“If only you could fight as fast as you can talk, then we’d get somewhere,” Inuyasha puffs.

Massive amounts of furry just radiated off the wolf demon. Inuyasha just didn’t know when to shut his mouth and this wolf demon. He looks like he also has a short fuse, which only makes this whole situation worse.

“Shut up, albino runt!” the wolf demon yelled.

“You ought to be put down for rabies” Inuyasha yelled back.

“They’re well-matched when it comes to fowl behaviour,” Miroku muttered.

“Uh-huh,” Sango puffs nodding her head.

“I’m Kōga, the new leader of the Yōrō wolf demon tribe, and your destroyer!” the wolf demon yells.

Inuyasha leapt at Kōga, and the two of them went back to battling again. While the wolves started to circle us then close in around us.

“Ah! The wolves are closing in from either side” Shippo shrieks.

“Stop this, it is Inuyasha who killed your packmates, and now, Kōga, your leader, is taking care of him, do not attack us for no reason, please back off,” I said pleadingly.

They shook their heads as they growled more furiously while moving in. Takara stepped forward growling protectively and tried reasoning with them too. However, the wolves seemed only focused on attacking us, and following the word of their leader, Kōga.

“Kirara!” Sango exclaimed in a firm voice.

Kirara changed big jumping in front of us and roared. The wolves jolted back in a fright; they gave whimpers as they looked at each other then raced off.

Shippo jumped on Kirara’s back, smiling “They ran off with their tails between their legs, looks like the rest is up to Inuyasha.”

To which we all focused our attention back to Inuyasha and Kōga. To no surprise, for me, Kōga was winning hands down.

“Tsk… What a joke, you can barely keep up on the defensive let alone the attack” Kōga smirked.

“I told you Inuyasha, just give up, you won’t beat him!” I yelled.

“Shut up, or I’ll put you and your runt down too!” Inuyasha yelled, shooting a glare, my way.

I growled, what a jerk, his attitude stinks, it’s no wonder Sesshomaru doesn’t like being around him. Kōga took the chance seeing him not focused and raced at Inuyasha, though, Inuyasha brought the Tessaiga up, raising it high above his head. I felt the air swirling around the sword.

“The wind scar… No...” I muttered in awe.

“Tessaiga!” Inuyasha yelled as he was about to swing the sword down.

I got a chill down my back; the power is so intense. I darted my eyes to Kōga; he didn’t stand a chance against this attack. Kōga instantly backed off, jumping away. He’d sensed the same thing that I had.

“Something’s wrong… Let’s retreat; this is too dangerous” Kōga yells, a whirlwind appearing around him, as he runs off into the distance while his wolf underlings follow behind, as quickly as they can.

“Did he just run away?” Inuyasha questioned in awe.

“He did,” Sango replied.

“What do you know, looks like you’ve been jilted,” Kagome says.

“Inuyasha? Were you about to use the wind-scar in battle with him?” Miroku asks as he walks over to Inuyasha.

“Yeah, but they coward up and ran away, I guess he was all talk and no action,” Inuyasha says as he sheathed his Tessaiga.

“Makes me wonder…” Miroku puffs.

“Huh? What do you mean?”

“Well, I wonder if Kōga sensed the power of Tessaiga before it hit him… Maybe his instincts told him he was in danger,”

“If that’s the case it’s not just brute strength that we’re up against,” Sango says.

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