Two Ninjas, One Family

Red Will Die

Kate's POV

I went to the game room, and knocked on the door. "Lloyd? You in here?" "No, I'm right behind you." I looked behind myself and found Lloyd walking towards me with a bowl of popcorn in his hands. "I was just making snacks, how have you been?" "Fine, how 'bout you?" "I'm good, thanks." I opened the door and kept it open to let Lloyd come in.

After about 30 minutes of playing video games, I looked at the clock, and it was 4:30. "Hey, when are we going to have dinner?" "Why ask? You ate half a bowl of popcorn 15 minutes ago!" I asked, laughing a little. "I have a big apatite..." Said Lloyd, giggling a little, as well. "Do you get that from your dad?" "Uh... I'm not sure. Wait, does he eat a lot?" "Have you seen how much food he's eaten last night?" "Uh, no..." I giggled a little, covering my mouth, trying to stop. "Does he really eat that much?" "Yea, pretty much." We both started laughing, ignoring the fact that we didn't pause our game.

"Lloyd! Kate! Dinner's ready!" shouted Kai. "We're coming!" replied Lloyd, then realizing we didn't pause our game, "Oh, oops. I think we lost three lives already..." "Eh, that's ok, we can always restart it." I said, putting the controller down.

As we were walking, we started to smell something burning. "Uh oh, Cole's cooking today..." said Lloyd, frowning. "Don't worry, I have a plan." I said. When we got to the dining room, everyone had sick looks on their faces. "Oh hey you guys, what's up?" asked Kai, trying to look excited. "Alright guys, I made roast beef, dig in!" said Cole, smiling. It didn't look like roast beef at all. It looked like mushed mud that was cooked in the sun for two days. "What's your plan?" whispered Lloyd in my ear. "Uh, excuse me, but, me and Lloyd were hungry before dinner, and we grabbed a big snack, so, we're kinda full." I said. "You shouldn't have eaten a snack before dinner, Kate and Lloyd, you'll miss out on the main course!" said Cole, taking off his mitts. "Sorry Cole, we'll remember not to do that again." I said standing up from my chair. Me and Lloyd walked away, and when no one was looking, I used my telikenisis powers and grabbed a party- sized bag of Nacho Cheese Doritos and 2 soda bottles of Mountain Dew.

"Nice plan you did there, Kate! Now we'll be able to live for another week!" "Heh, thanks. But I still don't understand how Cole's cooking is deadly. It may look unedible, but deadly?" "Well, let's just say when it was Cole's first time cooking here, Jay was the first one to try it. He shoved a whole spoonful in his mouth, but when he tasted it, he ran straight to the bathroom. If he had swallowed it, he probably wouldn't be here right now." "Were you here when that happened?" "No, Kai told me what happened right when I was about to put a spoonful of that deadly meal in my mouth."

It was 6:00 PM. We ate all of the Doritos and drank all of the Mountain Dew. Just to make sure Cole didn't know we ate them, I crushed them with my telekinisis powers and put them in the trash can. "Oh my god, really?! Again?!" complained Lloyd. "Guess I'm pretty good at this game, huh?" I said, smiling at Lloyd. "Yes you are... and I thought I was supposed to be the champion..." "Eh, you can't be the champion of everything." "Yea, I guess you're right..." said Lloyd, sighing.

Lloyd's POV

I can't believe she beat me! Especially for the third time, now! "Oh my god, really?! Again?!" I complained. "Guess I'm pretty good at this game, huh?" said Kate. "Yes you are... and I thought I was supposed to be the champion..." "Eh, you can't be the champion of everything." "Yea, I guess you're right..." I let out a yawn while covering my mouth. "Tired?" asked Kate. "I guess, some day we had today." "Yea, we weren't even expecting it." I stared at the screen, then at my controller in my lap. "You wanna sleep here for the night?" I asked, looking at Kate. "Sure, but why-" Kate paused when she already saw me sleeping peacefully.

Kate's POV

"You wanna sleep here for the night?" asked Lloyd, looking at me. "Sure, but why-" I paused when I already saw him sleeping peacefully on the been bag chair. I smiled at him, putting my controller down as well. I turned off the TV and closed my eyes.

Next morning, Sensei Garmadon came into the game room, and hit a gong with a mallet. "*GONG!*" "AAHH!" shouted Lloyd, jumping out of the bean bag. "Daad..." said Lloyd, moaning. I also heard the big bang and woke up as well. "Sorry to interrupt your 'beauty sleep', but it's training day, and Misako's here to help us, and she wanted to see Kate. "Okay." I said, walking out the door, following Sensei.

When I got to the bridge, I saw Nya, Sensei Wu, and Misako. "Hi mom!" said Lloyd, waving his hand. "Hello, Lloyd. And is this girl the destined purple ninja we speak of?" asked Misako. "Yea she is." replied Lloyd. "Hello, my name's Kate." I said. "Why hello there, Kate. I hear you still have a long way to go to for fill the prophecy." "Her training has been going well, and she's already unlocked her true potential." said Sensei. "Why, that's wonderful! And you've battled this 'new threat' before?" I got nervous and rubbed the back of my head. "Well, this 'new threat' is actually my sister." "Oh, I see. I've had that feeling before." said Sensei Wu, putting his hand on Garmadon's shoulder. "Yes, I remember it all. Such tragic memories." "What happened to you two?" I asked. "I was once the ninja's number one enemy, known as Lord Garmadon. My body was corrupted with darkness, and I once had four arms. My younger brother here banished me to the underworld so there would be peace again." "Wow... How did you return to normal?" "My son defeated the Overlord and then the darkness came out of me."

After we were having a conversation about prophecies and stuff (I don't think you would want to hear a long conversation about prophecies, pretty boring). When I went to the training room, I could see a white peice of paper lying on the bench. I picked it up and read it.

Dear Kate,

You've been such a great help on our team, and we want to thank you. You were brave and very loyal. By showing our thanks, we gave you something in the basket to your right.

From: Cole, Jay, Kai, Lloyd, Nya, Sensei Wu, and Sensei Garmadon

I turned my head and found a basket with some muffins. "Oh, cool! Muffins! my favorite!" I said, picking one up. I felt so relaxed, yet so worried. We don't know where Nova is, and god knows what she's doing... I tried to find her while meditating, but no luck. I've been trying to for 3 minutes now, but when I was about to quit, she appeared. "Hello, sis. Want to hear a story?" asked Nova. "No, sis. What are you up to, now?!" I asked. "Oh nothing, just world domination." "You will soon be destroyed, and you will never succeed!" "But I already have! Jay's in the hospital! One down, many to go! Next will be unexpected- I will destroy each ninja one by one! I will make them suffer with pain! They will die in their own blood! Not in a hospital bed, not in your HQ! Just on the cold, hard ground and blood! They will all die!"

"NOOOOOO!" I screamed, waking up. Hopefully no one heard me. Oh god, what can I do? I don't want my friends to die! Should I tell the others? Maybe I should just to get it out of me. "Oh, and I want to ask you a question sis. What's the first color of the rainbow?" asked Nova. "Why do you ask? Where are you?!" I said, looking around. I saw her appear right in front of me, then she was walking towards me. "Just answer my question, sis." "Red." I answered. "Red is blood. Red is fire. See you soon!" "No!" "Oh yes! If you don't shut up, I'll go right to green!" said Nova, pulling out a knife. I suddenly shut up, gulping. "Now you have fun meditating, and just remember. This is my rainbow: Red, Black, Blue, Grey, White, Dark grey, Orange, Green, and Purple." "That's the worst rainbow I've ever heard of!" "Just think of it as a chart. Red first, black next, etc." said Nova, disappearing in a puff of black smoke.

Okay, now I have to tell everyone. This is urgent! I ran out of my room, but then bumped into someone. "Woah, speedy! Why are you in a rush?" I looked up, and I bumped into Kai. "Meet me in the bridge in 5 minutes! And call everyone else to come!" I said, running past Kai. "Wha..?"

It's been 5 minutes, and Kai brought everyone in here. "What's the problem, Kate?" asked Cole. "I- I had a dream. And Nova was in it. She asked me a question. She asked, "What's the first color of the rainbow?" I answered red. Then she said, "Red is blood. Red is fire." Everyone looked at Kai. "What's that supposed to mean?" asked Kai. "She's going to kill you first." Everyone gasped, "She said she made her own rainbow. Red, Black, Blue, Grey, White, Dark grey, Orange, Green, and Purple." "That's the worst rainbow I've ever heard of!" said Cole, crossing his arms. "I said that too, but she also made it like a chart or to do list. Example: Red first, black next, etc." "Anything else before I die in my own blood?" asked Kai, crossing his arms. "Please stop talking about that- it scares me." said Nya, covering her eyes. "How are we supposed to know when she's going to strike?" asked Lloyd. "She said it will be unexpected, so maybe tonight, or tomorrow, maybe right now. No one knows except her."

Kai's POV

I was scared to death. Why me? Why does red have to be at the beginning of a rainbow? Why do I keep asking myself questions?! All of my thoughts were swirling around my head, starting to give me a headache. "She said it will be unexpected. So maybe tonight, or tomorrow, maybe right now. No one knows except her." said Kate. Yea, that'll be great. Getting kidnapped or something and get chopped by a knife in my sleep. Sure, that's pleasant.

Nya also looked scared to death. "Anything else before I die in my own blood?" I asked, crossing my arms. "Please stop talking about that- it scares me." said Nya, covering her eyes. She wouldn't want to lose me- her only brother, her rescuer from Garmadon in the fire temple- I just felt bad. "Ok, this has got to be a dream- why the hell would I be first?!" I asked. "Because you're the only one on this team that has a sibling. And if you die, Nya would be so sad, and Jay would stay to comfort her. So that's three out." replied Kate. "Oh, so then it would be my fault for Jay and Nya to stay here, and pretty soon they'll die, too!?" I said, getting out of my chair. "No! It isn't your fault and it never will be! This is all Nova's plan!" "Then tell me when she rots in hell, because I'm staying in my room until she dies!" I ran to my room, not saying another word.

I was sitting on a chair, tossing a neon yellow bouncy ball at the wall, trying to pass time. I heard a knock at the door. "Come in." I moaned, grabbing the yellow ball. When someone opened it, it was Nya. "What do you want, Nya?" I moaned, bouncing the ball. "I have the urge to stay with you. Nova's out there somewhere, and I don't want to lose you." said Nya. "I understand, but I can take care of myself." "That's what you always say, but this is worse. Don't you remember what Nova did to you?" "Yea, I know... but this time I'm ready." "*sigh* I love you, Kai. I don't want to lose you. You're the only brother I have, and you've always protected me ever since our parents died, and now I want to protect you." "Gee, well, okay. I guess..."

Nova's POV

"It's time." I said, looking into my crystal ball. I saw Kai and Nya together.. how cute. Sadly, Red has to die, and leave Orange in tears. Mwuahahahaha. I grabbed my knife and ran out the door. After 30 minutes, I'm right at the ninja's bedroom window. I saw Kai and Nya sitting together. Oh well, more fun for me. Smart, the window was locked. I had to go in from under. I made a dark purple portal on the ground, sinking in it.

Kai's POV

I kept bouncing my ball on the wall, like earlier. Nya was looking out the window, probably thinking about Jay. Suddenly, something grabbed my leg. "AAUUGH! LET GO!" I shouted, pushing back the hand that was grabbing my leg. "Kai!" said Nya, running towards me. She grabbed the arm, and tried to pull it up. When the arm was up high enough, I knew who it was. "Nova! Let go of me!" "Oh, you finally found out who's grabbing your leg, eh?" Nova grabbed out her other hand and grabbed my other leg, getting a better grip. I fell to the floor. "Kai! Hold on!" Nya grabbed my hands and tried to pull me up. Nova and Nya both had a hard grip on me, so it felt like I was going to split in half. "N- Nya! Before I leave you- just remember- you are the best sister I could ever have, and, I love you-!" "I love you too, Kai." said Nya, forming tears in her eyes. Nova pulled one last time, and Nya lost her grip with me. "KAAAII! NOOOOO!" she shouted. My whole body went into the portal. As the portal started to close, I saw Nya crying, and shouting my name. When it closed completely, I could only see darkness.

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