Two Ninjas, One Family

Red's Saved!

Nya's POV

Oh my god... No! Kai! I started crying as I saw Kai disappear into the portal. When the portal closed, I kept crying more and more until Kate came into the room. "Nya! What's wrong?!" asked Kate, looking at me. "S- She took Kai..." I said, still sobbing. "Alright, you tell the others while I go and find out where Nova took him." I nodded, and we both ran out the door.

"Everyone! Meet me and Kate at the bridge pronto! We have an urgent mission!" I shouted. "Nya! What's wrong?!" asked Cole. "No time to explain, just meet me in the bridge!" When I got to the bridge, I saw everyone except Kate. "Nya, why did you call us here?" asked Cole. "Because Nova took Kai." Everyone gasped. "Kate's trying to find where Kai's held captive, but for now, we need a plan."

Kate's POV

I kept trying to look where Kai's held captive, but no luck. "Come on, where are you?!" "Hello, sis!" said Nova. "Where's Kai?!" "In my possession, of course!" "You know that's not what I meant!" "I know, but if you want to find him and save him, look in the same cave we fought, me and Overlord will be waiting for you! Mwuahahahaha!"

I woke up and ran to the bridge. "Guys! I found him!" I shouted, running in the room. "Where is he?!" asked Nya. "He's in the same cave we fought Nova in. Where I unlocked my true potential." "Well what are we waiting for? Let's go!" said Nya, running out the room.

When we got to the burned down monestary, the rope was still there, probably because she knows we're coming. "Alright, everyone remember the plan?" I asked. Everyone nodded and climbed down the rope. "Welcome ninja- and other people- we have been waiting for you!" said Nova. "What have you done with Kai?!" asked Nya. "Oh nothing - yet..." "Then what are you planning on doing with him?!" "Kate, you remember my rainbow?" "Yea, why do you ask?" "Remember what I said about red?" "Yea, why-" I paused what I said, then struck a glare at Nova. "You wouldn't dare!" I said, looking into Nova's eyes. "I would! And I would do it right infront of all of you!" "What does she mean, Kate?" asked Nya. "Wait, you don't remember what she told you?!" asked Nova, walking up to Nya. "Repeat it to me, then!" "Red is blood, Red is fire..." Nya gasped then had a sad expression on her face. "No... NO! I WANT MY BROTHER BACK RIGHT NOW!" "You will get him back... WHEN I DECAPITATE HIM!" "NOO! I HATE YOU! I WILL NOT LET YOU KILL MY BROTHER!" "There's a lot of pressure in you, Orange. He's in my possession now, and you can't get him back!" "What will stop me?!" "Me..." said a strange creepy voice. "Who's there?!" asked Lloyd, looking around. "Do you not remember me, golden ninja?" said the voice. "Wait- OVERLORD?! WHAT HAVE YOU DONE WITH KAI?!" "I didn't touch him, but he's somewhere away from you." "I- I want to see him..." said Nya. "Fine then- PULL THE LEVER!" shouted Nova. A warrior ran up to a lever and pulled it. A large door opened, revealing Kai tied up in fire-proof chains. "H- Help!" shouted Kai, shaking to try and loosen the chains.

"Kai, no!" "Oh, Kai, yes!" Nova grabbed out an extremely sharp knife and walked up to Kai. She sliced the knife through his left arm, leaving a large mark all the way from his wrist to his shoulder. "AAUUGH!" shouted Kai. The arm that was cut with the knife was now dripping with blood, and the blood was dripping to the ground. Nya ran up to try and save him, but Overlord stopped her. "I'm not letting you through! We're getting to the good part!" "There is no good part to this!" "Maybe not for you, but for me and Nova there is!" "GET OUT OF MY WAY!" Nya tried to push Overlord out of the way, but Overlord pinned her down to the floor. "I don't think so..." "Nya, No!" shouted Kai, still struggling. "Oh don't worry Kai, I won't get her until later, after I'm finished with you!" she sliced the knife at the same arm again, making it bleed more. "OW! Stop it!" "I can't! It's fun and I said, Red is blood!" "STOP!" "Do you want me to go to the neck already?!" Kai gulped and shook his head 'no'. "That's what I thought." "Hold on Kai! We're coming!" shouted Cole. Cole and Lloyd were running after Nova, while I tried too free Nya from Overlord's grasp. "Come any closer and he goes!" shouted Nova. Cole and Lloyd stopped in their tracks.

I tried to use my telekenisis powers to make Overlord let go, but he was just too strong! "Fool, why save Nya when your goal was to get Kai back?" "I do things my own way." I made a sword, then slashed at the Overlord, making him let go of Nya. "Thanks." "Don't mention it, now let's save Kai."

Me and Nya ran towards the others. "Nova! Please release Kai!" I said. "No!" "You asshole..." "Then screw you and I cut Kai's leg." "No!" shouted everyone except Nova and Overlord. Once again, the knife goes through Kai's flesh, making his right leg bleed. "OOOWW!" screamed Kai. I made a boomerang, then threw it at Nova. "Ow!" said Nova, rubbing her head. When she went to get the knife, I ran up to Kai and untied the chains. "I don't think so- HI YA!" Nova threw the knife at my head, but I was fast enough to duck my head. "Aw, crap!" Nova ran over to pull the knife out of the wall. "Come on guys, let's go before Nova throws her knife again!" shouted Lloyd. Me and Nya carried Kai to the Bounty, and the others got on, too.

A/N- Sorry, another short chapter... :P Also, Nova will be changing plans next chapter, so stay tuned! ;)

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