Two Ninjas, One Family

Baby Blue

Jay's POV

I'm finally allowed to go home! Even though my arm's pretty sore, I still can go home! "Alright, Jay Walker. You may go home now. Please come back in 2 weeks so we can see how your arm's doing." said the doctor. "Yea, ok."

I was back home, and my parents also went back home. I knocked on the door, and Nya opened it. "JAY! YOU'RE HOME!" Nya gave me a big hug. "I missed you..." "I missed you too, Nya." I said, ruffling her hair. I walked in, but only to find Kai with bandages on his arm and leg. "Uh, what happened to him?" "Long story..." replied Kai. "We're just glad everyone's here and alive." said Cole.

Nova's POV

"Hmm... I guess I should attack the weak, then. Since my last mission wasn't successful against the strong." I think who to kill and how to kill that ninja. "I got it! I'll attack blue! And he'll die before I met that weakling..." I grab my knife and head out the door.

Jay's POV

It was 6:00 PM. We were having dinner, until the phone rang. "I'll get it!" I said, running to the phone. "Hello! Jay speaking!" "Hello... ninja. Meet me with your other friends over at Ninjago Park... I will be waiting for you..." The speaker hung up. "Uh guys, we're going to Ninjago Park." "Why?" asked Lloyd. "Because someone told us to meet there." "I don't think we should, it might be a trap." said Cole. "Maybe we should go- there might be someone in trouble." added Kai. "Alright then- To Ninjago Park!"

When we got to the park, it was 7:00 PM. I could see a cloaked guy standing in the grass. "Are you the one who called us here?" I asked. "Yes.. That's correct..." "Why did you bring us here?" asked Cole. "Because I'm going to kill you..." The cloaked guy grabbed my neck and pulled down its hood. It was Nova! God damn it, I should've known... "Hey! Let go of him!" shouted Nya. "No! Not after what happened to my plans last time!" "Shut the hell up and give him back!" "Hmph." Nova created a portal that looked like the same one Garmadon created! "You can have your pathetic weakling back, ninja, but he's already dead." Nova dropped me to the ground and fell in the portal. "We have to go after her!" shouted Nya, running in the portal. "Nya! Wait up!" shouted Kai, running after her. Everyone else, even myself, went into the portal, too.

We fell into a floor made out of sand, which was at my parent's junkyard. Why did she make a portal here? "Why are we here?" asked Nya, getting up. "I don't know- but I have to check my parents and see if they're alright." "Jay, wait! What if this is the past? Or the future? They would be very confused!" said Kate. I ignored her and walked up to the door. I was about to knock, until I heard voices. "Are you ready for bed, my little Jay~?" I heard cooing and my mom speaking. She sounds a lot younger.

I ran to Kate. "Kate, my parents-! You need to see what's going on!" "Okay, just calm down, Jay!" replied Kate. Everyone climbed up the wall and sat on the ledge. Kate made a telescope and looked through it.

Kate's POV

I looked through the telescope and saw Jay's parents. They looked younger, strangely. "Uh, Jay? I think we're in the past..." "What?! Why?! How?!" "I don't know..." I turned the telescope to the right and saw a calendar. "Jay, when were you born?" "Uh, February 2nd, 1998, why?" "It's February 3rd, 1998."

"What?! I was just born yesterday?!" "That's right, and I think I'm starting to understand why Nova went to this timezone. She's going to kill you when you're very young. Very young..." "No- No no no no no no!" "I'm sorry Jay... but I'm thinking that's her plan..." "Don't worry, Jay. We'll save baby you." said Nya, ruffling Jay's hair. "T- Thanks Nya, but if baby me dies- then I will, too."

"We'll just wait until Nova decides to join the baby shower, got it?" said Cole. "This isn't the time for jokes, Cole!" I replied. "It wasn't supposed to be a joke, but I'll take that as a yes." As we dug ourselves in a pile of junk, we waited until Nova decided to show up. It's been 2 hours since we started spying now- and nothing's happened. "We've been waiting here for 2 hours!" moaned Kai, turning to Jay.

I saw Jay looking in the window. He probably is having flashbacks or something (Well, this is basically a flashback...). Anyway, I walked up to him. "You ok, Jay?" I asked. "Huh? Oh yea, I'm fine. I'm just worried..." "About baby you dying?" "Yea, why does this have to happen?" "I'll take care of him, Kate." said Nya. "Ok, tell me if Nova comes."

Nya's POV

I felt so bad for Jay. His baby form of himself could die, and he and his parents would be devestated. I walked up to him, and put my hand on his shoulder. "It'll be ok, Jay. We'll save you- I mean baby you." He sniffed, then hugged me. "I don't want my life to be like this.. What if I don't become the Master of Lightning because of this! What if... we never did become who we are now..?" "I understand, Jay. I won't let that happen."

I heard a rustle in the bushes. I looked out the window, and saw Nova with a knife. "Guys! She's here!" I whispered. Everyone looked at me. "Alright then- let's stop her!" As we sneak behind Nova, Kate tackles her down. "Ow! What the fu- Oh, it's you guys..." said Nova. "Leave now, or die!" "Oh no- you got it all wrong- I'm the murderer in this place!" She tried to stab the knife at Kate, but she used her powers to make a sheild to protect herself from the knife.

"WHAAAH!" said baby Jay. He was crying, and his parents were trying to calm him down. He probably heard the noise from outside. "Uh oh- baby me found out we're here.. Well, I do have a good sense of hearing." said Jay. "Shhh, calm down- mommy's here..." said Jay's younger mom. "Oh look at that- you woke up the baby." "No- you did, Nova!" said Kate. "We're going to get caught pretty soon- let's hurry!" said Cole. "Yea- let's kill baby blue sooner." "That's not what I meant- you asshole!" "Oh, shut up, Blacky. You are nothing more that a black- hearted bitch!" "Hey! I am not!"

"What's going on outside?" said Edna. "Oh shit! Everyone hide!" ordered Cole. Everyone hid in piles of scraps and junk. Edna opened the door with baby Jay in her arms, looking around. "There's nothing out here." As Edna closed the door, we all went out of the piles. "That was a close one." whispered Jay. "Let's not let that happen again." said Kai. "Now, let's get back to stopping Nova." "Whatever..." said Nova.

We've been fighting (outside of the junkyard) for three hours now, Nova never seems to quit! "My mission was to kill infant Jay! Not battle you pests!" said Nova. "You will never complete that mission! Jay will stay alive!" I said, punching Nova. "That's what you think! Maybe I should kill you, Orange! You're the one who stopped me from killing Red! Now pretty soon you're going to be the one who stopped me from killing blue!" "I would never let you hurt my brother, my boyfriend, or my friends!" "You can't choose who I should and shouldn't kill! That's Overlord's job!" Nova threw her knife, but it wasn't after me- it was after Kai! "Kai! Watch out!" I screamed. I was too late. The knife jabbed him in his lower chest- thankfully not hitting his heart. "I should've done this before!" said Nova. "AAAUGH!" shouted Kai, falling to the floor. He pulled the knife out of his body, and it started bleeding. "Kai, NO!" I ran towards him- but Nova stopped me. I pushed Nova out of the way, running towards my brother. "I thought this was supposed to be Jay's death, but it doesn't matter as long as I kill at least one of them!" "That's what you think- you selfish bitch!" shouted Jay, tackling Nova down. "I won't ever let you hurt us again!" "Pathetic. Red's losing blood, infant you will do the same- or maybe I should drop him on the floor to break his bones!" "NO!"

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