Two Ninjas, One Family

Chapter 13

Kai's POV

"K- Kai? Can you hear me...?" asked Nya. My vision was blurring and turning red, my hearing was starting to weaken. My response was, "N- Nya...?" "Are you losing conciousness?" My head nodded in response, and my head was aching more. "Hold on Kai... I'll help you!" Nya grabbed out some bandages, wrapping up my wound.

"You shall all die, ninja!" said Nova, punching Jay. "Ow! Take this!" Jay punched her back. Cole, Lloyd, and Kate ran up to Nova, using their powers to stop her. "You think you can stop me?!" Nova ran up to me and grabbed her knife. She tried to throw it at Kate, but just in time- Kate grabbed it without a single scratch. "How are you supposed to kill us now, sis?" asked Kate. "By using my own powers!" Nova created a sword out of darkness and threw shadow balls at them.

The pain was unbearable! I felt like I wanted to die, but that's just what Nova wanted. I moaned in pain as Nya tried to help me. "Hang in there, Kai!" said Nya. She did help me before- I almost died because of Nova choking me! "N- Nya... The... pain..." "I know it hurts, Kai... just hold on!" "I think I should finish him off, Nya..." said Nova with her knife. Nya looked behind her and found my friends tied up in dark purple ropes. "No... I won't let you!" Nya got up, and kicked Nova. "You're nothing more but a selfish, inconsiderate BITCH!" "That's what everyone calls me- now move over!" "No!" Nova grabbed Nya's neck! "N- Nya...! No!" I said- trying to get up. "You're just like a helpless rat! Give up! Or I will make you suffer more!" "Fine. You can kill me. But not my sister..." "Kai- No!" said Nya, tears forming in her eyes.

Nova dropped Nya and walked towards me. "You sure you want to die, Red?" "Kill me in my own blood..." I said, right infront of her face. "That's what I like to hear!" Nova stabbed her knife in the left side of my face, making in go across my eye. Blood and tears ran down my face. The pain was stinging so much- I covered my face and fell to the floor. "AAUGH!" I moaned. "You sacrificed yourself for your own sister, you sure you want to die?" "No matter how much I moan, how much pain I'm in, I'll still sacrifice myself for Nya..." "Kai..! *cough* *cough*... No!" Nya was trying to get oxygen back in her system, but she tried to ignore it and ran towards me. "Stay back- Orange! Red wanted to sacrifice himself for you, why are you coming back?!" "Because I would never leave my brother behind!" "Then sit back and watch the entertainment of Red dying!" "No! Stop this!" "Never!"

Nova sliced my arm- the same arm she cut last time- which made it hurt more. "Now- which spot should I slice next? A? Or B? Maybe C!" As Nova sliced my leg, my arm, and my chest, blood just kept pouring out. "Leave. Him. ALOONE!" shouted Nya, pushing Nova out of the way. "Kai...! No! Dear god, no!" Nya kneeled down at me. My eyes were covered to hide the wound and my tears. I sobbed in pain. "Just... kill me.. kill me to get rid of the pain... and agony I'm facing right now...!" I said.

Kate broke free from the ropes, and freed everyone else. "Kai..! What happened?!" asked Cole, running towards me. "Nova injured him badly..." said Nya, sobbing. "I'll get revenge on all of you! And my wish is to make him suffer until he dies!" said Nova. She created a portal, and jumped in it. "That's our ticket out of here- let's go!" said Jay. Everyone jumped in the portal. Nya carried me in the portal, and I saw it close behind me.

We were back at home. Everyone looked at me and Nya. "Kai... are you going to make it..?" asked Jay. Nya set me on a clean bed and started bandaging my wounds. "I.. don't... know..." I answered. "Can everyone please wait out there until I'm finished." Everyone nodded and walked out the door.

It's been about an hour. There wasn't as much pain as before, but there was still some. "How are you feeling now?" asked Nya. "Better, you could say. I'd doubt I can walk, and my left eye feels like it's been shot by a rifle." "Well I did all I can do, so your only option could be to rest." As Nya walked out the door, I fell in a deep sleep.

Author's Note:

Sorry once again for the short chapter. :( Also, were you as confused as the ninja? When Nova switched her plans?

For this other part, (SPOILERS IF YOU HAVEN'T SEEN EPISODE 35)

The ninja will be entered in the Tournament of Elements... even Kate and Nova. What'll happen then? Stay tuned to find out! ;) Goodbye!

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