Two Ninjas, One Family

Doing Our Plan

No one's POV

"Ok, we already have the plan, does everyone remember it?" said Cole. "Yes," replied Everyone but Jay. "Jay? Do you understand?" "Wait- Wuh?" "Were you even listening?" "Maybe." "I'll retell the whole plan then."

"Lloyd, you can sense light in people, right?" "Yeah." "So you can seek out anyone who might be who we're looking for," said Cole, "Me and Kai will try to find the Overlord and the new threat." "What will I do?" asked Jay. "You might be happy, because you and Nya will monitor the radar of us and pick up our calls." "Yes!" "Now do you understand?" "Yes I do!" "Alright, we'll start now, now let's go!"

Lloyd's POV

I've searched almost everywhere, but there's no sign of any kind of power source (except for electricity, which doesn't matter). Until the last location, a small house that looked like it was made out of wood (not a log cabin). I knocked on the door. Someone then opened the door, and smiled at me. It was a girl, and she must have known me. I just stared at her, spaced out, until she said hi. "Hello there, Green Ninja, what brings you here?" she asked. I stopped staring, and was back on topic. "H- Hello. May I please talk to you?" I asked. "Sure, come on in."

Cole's POV

There was no sign of the Overlord or the threat, as we know of. It has been about 2 hours since we left the house. "Any sign of anything suspicious?" asked Kai. "Nope, nothing here." "They might be in the sewers, should we check there?" "Sure, why not," I replied. There was a drain leading to the sewers, with a ladder. We climbed down, with flashlights (we come prepared). "Do you see anything?" I asked. "I see dirty water, spiders, rats, and you. Does that answer your question?" replied Kai, waving his flashlight around. "Yeah, sure." There was a long path of dirty water, and we followed it down to a wall that was a dead end. "Oh great, now what?" said Kai. I walked up to it with my flashlight, and I saw hieroglyphics. "There's writing on these walls." I looked closely at it, and trying to translate it. "The day has come to me to destroy this land. You shall perish. Who wrote this?" I asked. "Me." said a deep, dark creepy voice. I turned around to see who said that, but I couldn't get the chance. The thing grabbed both me and Kai, taking us away, leaving the flashlights behind.

Nya's POV

"Kai, Cole, how is it going?" I asked with the microphone. There was no response. "Guys?" Still no response. "Computer, show me a radar of Kai and Cole's location. "Yes, Miss Nya." replied the computer. A radar showed up with two red blinking lights. "Oh no."

I ran out the computer room to tell the others what is happening. "Sensei! Jay! Misako!" "What's wrong, Nya?" said Jay running towards her. "Cole and Kai are in trouble! We have to save them!" "Alright, I'll tell the others, then I'll go and find them, ok?" said Jay. I nodded, running back to the computer room.

Lloyd's POV

I sat down on the couch with her, smiling. "What did you want to ask me, Green Ninja?" she asked. "I wanted to ask you what is your name, mine's Lloyd." "My name is Kate, nice to meet you Lloyd." said Kate, shaking my hand. "Nice to meet you too, now, do you live with anyone, or have any siblings?" She then frowned (Did I say something wrong?). "I live on my own, and I have an older sister. Her name is Nova. She ran away after I was around 1 year old. My parents wouldn't pay attention to her, only me. She probably hates me now, since I'm the only one they cared about. I told my parents to get her back for a long time, but they refused. So, then I ran away, living here." "Wow, I, feel sorry for you, Kate. Maybe you can find your sister and be with her again." "How? I have no idea where she is, and she'd probably kill me if I find her." "Because you are the destined new ninja, and you can make your sister happy again." "Wh- What? There's a new ninja? And it's me?! But, I don't think I can make my sis happy." "You can, because I believe in you." I said, holding her hands. "I can sense power and light in you, would you like to accept the request to join me and the ninja?" I said, smiling. "Oh yes I accept!"

Kai's POV

After Cole asked that question, there was a cold breeze across my shoulder, and someone said, "Me." After that, everything went black.

When I woke up, I could see machines, and Cole was still unconcious. "Cole, wake up, Cole!" I whispered, shaking his arm. "What? Where are we?" "I don't know, but it doesn't look good. We should explore around here." I said, getting off the bed. "Hello- NINJA, do you remember me?" "That sounds like- The OVERLORD!?" I said, shocked. "How is this possible? We saw you explode into a million pieces!" said Cole. "Yes but, I have been revived by someone." "And who would that be?" I asked. "Nova, go show these ninja what you can do." "Yes master," said a girl that looked like she was twenty. "Who are you?" I asked. "My name is Nova, and I'm here to destroy you," said Nova, throwing a shadow ball at us. Me and Cole both dodged it, surprised. "I am the ninja of Darkness! Stronger than all of you pesky ninja!" Nova threw another Shadow Ball at us, but Cole got hit with it! "Cole? Are you OK? Cole!" I said, shaking his body. He moaned, and finally got up. "What the heck was that?" asked Cole, rubbing his head. Nova snuck up to us, throwing another shadow ball at us!" We got pushed back against the wall, and we were now in pain. "Ha! You've beaten skeletons, snakes, and stone warriors, but not me? HA!" mocked Nova. "Alright, that's it- Ninja-GO!" I said, doing Spinjitzu. Nova jumped up and threw a Shadow Ball while I was doing Spinjitzu! And it hurt really bad. "Even your Spinjitzu can't do anything to me!" "W-we n-never g-give up," I said, slowly getting back up. Nova walked up to me and slapped me back down to the floor. "Yea, I've heard that many times, but when you're all defeated, what will you do then?" "We'll keep fighting- because we never give up, a ninja never quits!" I said, getting up, then running towards her. Nova just looked at me, then grabbed onto my fist before I was able to punch her! "Uh oh." I said, before she punched me in the face, then threw me to the wall with her other hand. I got a black eye from that. "Nice try, hot head, but you can't stop me." Cole then stood up, and had a fierce look on his face, "Why aren't you fighting me Cole? Are you too scared, or are you too weak?" "I- I'm. Too- weak," said Cole, "we give- u-up." "Cole? Why are we retreating? We can fight her-" "No we can't- she's proven us she's too strong, we'll get her another time." "Thanks for the compliment, but I have to kill you now." "WAI-" said Cole, before he got hit with a Shadow Ball. "C- COLE- NOOOOO!" I shouted. I tried to move, but I was too weak, every part of my body hurt me! "You're next." She said, throwing a shadow ball at me, then I blacked out- again.

Jay's POV

I was looking at my tracking device to find them, until I was too late. I found Kai and Cole passed out, with a girl and- The Overlord?! "Hey! Leave my friends alone!" I shouted. "Are you another one of those pesky ninja?" "Yes I am a ninja, but not pesky!" I said, shooting a lightning bolt at her. I missed, because she teleported! "How's that possible?!" I said. "Leave here at once or you and your friends will die!" said the Overlord. "What and I just let you take over the world- no way!" "Have it your way- this place shall be your grave!" "Not on my watch!" said Nya in her Samurai suit. "Kill everyone here! They shall not be our obstacle!" ordered the Overlord. "Yes master!" said Nova, running towards us. Nova threw a Shadow Ball at Nya's Mech, but she tried to use her sword, but it didn't work. "Wow! She is strong!" said Nya. "Don't worry- we've got your back!" said Garmadon, running towards them. Misako and Sensei Wu came along too. "No! We must leave Nova! You are not ready for this battle!" "But they're just old people and little kids! I can take them!" "No! You do not know how powerful the Sensei's are!" "But I- I- UGH!" said Nova, running away with the Overlord, "We'll get you next time!" said Nova, her voice fading away while she was running.

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