Two Ninjas, One Family

New ninja has been found!

Jay's POV

"That was strange," I said, "why did they just retreat like that?" "Now's not the time to think about that, but what our new plan shall be for next time, and help our two friends." replied Sensei Wu, pointing to Kai and Cole. "Oh yeah, right."

When we got back to base, we set Kai and Cole down on a bed. "I'll get the first aid kit." said Nya. When she got back with the first aid kit, she grabbed out a stethascope, and checked their heart beat. "Good, their heart beats are still good." said Nya, putting the stethascope away. Then she checked their blood pressure, and it was also normal. "They are fine, just unconcious. Their bodies are paralyzed though," said Nya, "They cannot move until the next day, so we'll have to wait to attack." "Then we will have some more time training the new ninja," said Sensei Wu, "By the way, where is Lloyd? He hasn't come back yet." "I'll go call him," I said, walking to the telephone. I picked up the phone and dialed Lloyd's phone number. "Hello? Lloyd? Where are you?" I asked. "I'm in Ninjago City," replied Lloyd. "Have you found the new ninja yet?" "Yep, I just found her, sorry it took me awhile." "Well come home then, we need to train her, also everyone else is waiting for you." "Alright, I'm coming home." Lloyd hung up.

"Lloyd said he's coming home, so he'll be here in a little while," I said. "Did he find the new ninja?" Nya asked. "Yes, he's bringing her with him." "Good, I'll tell the Senseis."

Lloyd's POV

After I hung up my phone, I looked at Kate."That was Jay on the phone, he said we need to get back to the base." I said. "OK, what's going on over there?" Asked Kate. "There's no time to explain, now hop on." Me and Kate hopped on my motorcycle, and we drove off.

We got to the base about 10 minutes later, I could tell Kate was amazed at the base. "Wow, such an amazing base!" said Kate. "Thanks, I thought of the designs," I replied. As we walked in, Jay came running out of the main room. "There you are! What took you so long?" "Uh, I was driving on my motorcycle back home? I didn't know you're so impatient." I said. "Who's she?" "I'll tell you when everyone is together." "Well OK then," said Jay, "HEY EVERYONE! LLOYD IS BACK!" shouted Jay, turning his head to the main hall. "Geez Jay, do you have to scream like that?" said Nya, walking towards me, Kate, and Jay. Everyone else (except for Kai and Cole), came towards us, too. "Heh, sorry Nya, just wanted you to hear me." "Guys, this is Kate," I said, "She is the ninja I have been looking for, the Purple Ninja!" "Wow! Our first ninja to be a girl!" said Jay. "Welcome to the team, Kate. Before you start your training, Lloyd will give you a tour of our base," said Sensei Wu. "I'll introduce you to everyone, first." I said. "The one on the very left is Jay, then Nya, then Sensei Wu, then my dad; or you can call him Sensei Garmadon, then right next to him is my mother; or you can call her Misako." "Hello everyone," said Kate, waving her hand. Everyone else waved back at her.

Kate's POV

"Now we can start the actual tour," said Lloyd. "Over here is the main room, apparantly Kai and Cole are laying on the bed." "Do they normally do that?" asked Kate. "No, but I bet they lost a battle with the new threat." "Who is the new threat?" "I don't know, I've never seen it before."

"Next is the kitchen, but it's best if you excuse yourself when it's Cole's turn to cook, though." said Lloyd, "His food could poison you." "Tell me when he cooks, so I can order tacos from Taco Bell." I whispered. "Fine by me," said Lloyd, "Now we can go to the bedrooms."This is where I sleep. Jay, Cole, and Kai sleep here, too, but you'll be sleeping with Nya, since she's a girl, you know." "Yep, I understand." "We'll be ordering a bunk bed for both you and Nya, and now my mom can sleep on Nya's bed. At least she has a bed for once!" "Wait, she doesn't have an actual bed? Where does she sleep?" "On the couch, at least the couch is comfortable for her, or else she'd be cranky." "That makes sense." I said, moving on. "And finally, we have the training room, where we train for battles, and this is where you'll be training." "Then let's get started!" I said, running to the punching bag. "Wait! I'll tell Sensei Wu then, because I don't think you need ordinary training." "Then what kind of training will I need?" "You'll see."

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